When it comes to online learning, there are a lot of websites which offers online courses in different programs. Some online courses are taught by experts, which gives you a better chance of getting better knowledge you are looking for, while some courses are taught by claiming online tutors, who are just into tutoring business, but they do not yet have any teaching experience that makes them able to share their knowledge online. This article will uncover 10 best sites offering online courses similar to Udemy, where you should go for taking online courses. Taking online courses is very easy as you learn at your free time anywhere in the world. With an easy to use student portal, some lessons are pre-recorded, which gives you a chance for taking or watching the same course multiple times until you understand the concepts.

10 Best Udemy Alternatives

1. Coursera

Coursera.com is probably the most Udemy-like alternative, which is very popular to different students taking online courses. The site offers different online courses, which are both free and paid, and are taught by experts from different Universities. These experts include college professors and doctors or those having a Masters degree. For these university lecturers to tutor or offer online courses at Coursera they apply for publishing their courses. At Coursera, paid courses start from $15 and could go up to $200. One of the advantages of registering and taking online courses at Coursera is that, you are assured that the course which you are taking, was or is taught by an expert who has experience in teaching industry, which is quite good. This site also offers degree programs and you can pursue any program of your choice online, which you will be given a certificate and you can use it to secure a job. The fact that this site is able to offer certificates to online students makes it unique and most preferred when it comes to best online places for taking online courses.

2. Thinkific

Thinkific.com is also a common site where students should go for online courses. Courses on this site are both paid and free depending on the choice of the publisher. The paid courses at Thinkific ranges from $15 to $300. Courses on this sites are taught by different individuals and it’s very difficult to tell whether the course you are taking in is taught by an expert or not. But the site is quite good, with at least 10,000,000 online users.

3. Khan Academy

Khanacademy.org is most popular free sites, where you can join online courses for free. The site covers a lot of different courses ranging from mathematics to economics. The courses offered at Khan Academy are offered by experts and you can trust them, unlike other websites where you can not be sure as to whether the courses you are registering are taught by verified experts. As we have already said, all courses that are offered there are free. However, if you have a passion to support the site, which is a non profit organization, you can do so by donating a few dollars of your choice.

4. Podia.com

Podia.com is also one of the Udemy alternatives where you can find online courses in different fields. The platform makes it quite easy to enroll online courses. However, most of the courses that are offered at this site are paid and you should prepare a few prices, ranging from 10 to $200 depending on the duration of the online course and other factors.

5. Gumroad

Gumroad.com is also a site where you can find online courses, which are published by different online tutors. This site is made for selling products which include online courses. Some tutors publish their courses there, which are paid and the cost of enrolling a course ranges from 4 to $200 depending on the value of the course and the publisher’s intention on his/her courses.

6. Udacity

Udacity.com is also a trending website that offers online free courses. This site is not very big as it has around 100 free online courses that you can join to increase your knowledge. Unlike other sites with a majority of courses in the category of education, Udacity offers the most courses on technology.

7. Lynda.com

Lynda.com is also a site where you can go for and it has different online courses that are paid. Most of the courses which are offered at this site, focus on employability. That is to say, you will learn different skills required at work. Most of the courses offered on this sites are in the form of video recordings, unlike other sites where you can find online courses comprising of video recordings, lecturer notes, online test, in a single course. You might be wondering as to how much you should expect to enroll a course at this site. Most courses at this site, ranges from $19.99 to $50.

8. Tutor Ocean

Tutorocean.com is also an online site where you can go for taking online courses. What is different from Tutor Ocean is that you will have access to live classes through its virtual portal and the classes may be on a one-to-one basis, which gives you a chance of understanding and asking questions of the tutor through virtual interactions.

9. edX

edX.com is also a popular site for taking online courses and it has been in online courses industry for quite long. This site pools together different courses from different schools and you can enroll an online course for free. The majority of courses offered here are from popular universities like Harvard, Berkeley and MIT. This gives you confidence that the courses you will be taking are more likely taught by experts.

10. Alison

Alison.com is also a trending online course offering site where you can enroll an online course for free and be given a certificate at the end. Most of the courses offered on this site are in the category of business, health and technology. In conclusion, this article has uncovered the 10 best sites that are similar to Udemy. Some of the sites are paid, while others are free. Some sites will offer you with certificates at the end, which you can use to secure a job.

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