Some people think that having a Launcher or any third party skin on your phone will drain battery. Well, that is not the case. These launchers are very optimized and use less battery. We even made a list of Best Battery Saving launchers for android.

Why You need a Unique and INSANE Android Launcher in 2021? Mostly peoples have not good experience with using the Launchers because they don’t know which Launcher is best for their phones. There is a wide collection of android launchers available and most of them have limited customization and same features. But You don’t need to worry about any thing because in this article we will write in detail on insane Unique Android Launchers 2021.

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Unique Android Launchers 2022

Here we are reviewing Unique Launchers for Android that will give your device a new look.  If your phone have annoying default features you don’t need to worry because these launchers will give you refreshing look. Best thing about these launchers is you can uninstall them any time to get new one, beside this these launcher gives you these advantages,

Customize home screen. Create different templates. Easy to use. Unique and Cool Features

10 Best Unique Launchers for Android

Here is a List of best launchers with cool amazing features that will work perfectly on your android phone. Download these launchers and start customizing your android.

Creative Launcher – [Quick and Smart Launcher]

Creative launcher, Quick and Smart Launcher that offers you more than 1000 themes and wallpapers. This also give you light and dark theme options with unique back ground wall papers. Creative launcher launcher have App classify feature that help you to find any app easily. Because of the following unique features this come first in the list of 10 Best Unique Android Launchers. Unique Features

Support almost all icon in Play Store Icon size option App lock Memory booster Desktop search bar style App classify feature Battery saver Weather widget Support T9 search Eye protector Hide Apps

Lens Launcher – (Runner-up Unique Android Launcher)

One the second spot, we have lens launcher. I bet you may have not seen a launcher like this. As the name suggests, it gives you a unique feature like the lens works. It has a single screen where all your apps are available. You can find any app with A Graphical Fisheye Lens to quickly zoom, pan and launch apps using touch gestures. Apart from that, The Launcher is extremely fast and very small in size. Unique Features:

Equally Grid space for all apps. Apps are available on a single page. Fisheye Lens effect to zoom, pan and launch any app.

Action Launcher – (Pixel Edition)

Action Launcher have all the features of Pixel Launcher and Android Pie. Thing  users don’t like about this launcher is, it forces to use Bing as default search engine but you can change that from the settings. Or you can use chrome. Overall Action launcher is a very cool android launcher. Unique Features 

 Icon size option App Shortcut Cover ( swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder). At a Glance widget ( view the weather, date and Calendar Quickly) Weather widget

Ap15 Launcher – (Lightweight Unique Launcher)

Ap15 Launcher one of the most popular and lightweight android launcher. Many users like this launcher because it’s slim and very fast even on older hardware. Ap15 Launcher has been using for a year without any issues but have not seen any updates since Aug 2020. That’s why this launcher come third in the list of best unique launchers for android. If you are interested in other small size launchers like AP15 then do checkout our list of Lightest Android Launchers that are trending. Unique Features

Automatically manage your favorite apps Easily accessible favorite app without open an app drawer Hide top and bottom system bars Change background to a solid color or image Apps that are never used can be hidden Create custom background images directly in the launcher

Lawnchair 2 – (Best Theme Launcher)

Lawnchair is unique Android launcher with features like drawer categories, contextual data, adaptive icons etc. If you are an avid reader of google news, this launcher is integrated with Google feed and home feeder. For Android 9 running devices, this launcher should be given a shot. Unique Features

Flexible Desktop, Dock, and Drawer. Integration with Android. Automatic Dark Mode. Contextual data in At a Glance. Notification Dots. Integration with Google

Smart Launcher 5 – (Oldest Most Reliable Launcher)

Smart Launcher  is the new best android launcher, which is famous for efficiency and customization. This launcher includes adaptive icons, auto color mode, and an app drawer that is highly customizable. If you really like customization then this launcher has made for you. Because of its highly customizable this launcher come in the list of 10 best unique android launcher. Unique Features

Apps are automatically sorted in categories Automatically changes the theme colors to match  wallpaper. Completely customizable Search bar to quickly find contacts and apps Adaptive icons Built-in clock and weather widget App Lock

Rovers Floating Launcher – (Cool Unique Launcher for Android)

Rovers Floating Launcher is one of the best and unique launchers available for Android. This is the best launcher to create the PERFECT multitask utility on Android. Because of its highly customizable feature it come in list of 10 best unique android launcher. Unique Features

Full Application Drawer Clear Ram Home Shortcut Search Voice Commands Flashlight Settings Toggles (Wi-Fi, BT, Brightness…) .

Arc Launcher

Arc launcher is best launcher with elegant look with 3D themes , live and pre-made themes along with high-quality wallpapers to set on your home screen. This launcher come with 3D transition that’s why this come in the list of 10 best unique android launcher. The best thing about this launcher is that Arc AI voice assistant help you in changing the wallpaper and boosting memory etc. Unique Features

Arc AI Voice Assistant. Arc Reactors available for free Can Make Random Themes 3D themes. Custom app Icon as per your own choice. Weather Widget

Floatoo- Sidebar, Edge Screen, Circle Launcher

Sidebar, Edge Screen, Circle Launcher normally known as Floatoo is a floating launcher for Android and have features that best android launchers have and you can access it all from anywhere with just a swipe. You can  Swipe and launch any shortcut from any app/anywhere that’s why  this launcher come in the list of 10 best unique android launcher. Unique Features

Quick Action Shortcuts New Battery Bar [BONUS] My Drawer Gestures Circle Launcher Gestures Side Band Gesture Circle Launcher

Kiss Launcher

Kiss Launcher is a lightweight open-source Android launcher having simple interface  that will save time and battery power. This launcher is faster then complex android launchers that will speed up your device that’s why this come in the list of 10 best unique android launcher. Unique Features

Faster than complex Android launcher. save battery life. Smarter search. Boost Your android

 A Plus One!! Our list of best unique launchers is completed, but still I would like to add another launcher I forgot, Niagara Launcher is a great cool launcher for android. I’ve seen on almost every launchers list out there. Why I didn’t added it in our list of top 10 is because it is more of a lightweight minimal launcher than unique. After reading this article “10 Best Unique Android Launchers” you will be able to choose Insane Android Launchers 2022. We have tried to cover each aspect of the launchers and will look for more and try to add those in next update . Which launcher for  Android is best? Let us know in the comments section below.