Discord bots can be a great way to help moderate a server, increase community engagement and help provide useful insights for server moderators and admins too. We’re going to be exploring a variety of bot types to help you choose the bot most suited to your server’s needs. Let’s get started!

1. Welcome Bot

Welcome bots are used to automatically welcome users as soon as they join a server. They can be particularly useful when multiple users join each hour, for example, and the server owner or moderators can’t keep up with the number of users joining. It could be quite tiring to manually welcome each user that joins a server, so a welcome bot could be used instead. These bots can also send a DM to users when they join a server so that the user is aware of the next steps to follow in order to gain access to the rest of the server. The server’s rules could also be included in this message too. Or, image welcomes could also be carried out, where the user’s profile picture is included in a welcome photo upon joining the server. I’ve always found this to be super cool overall!

2. Trivia/Quiz Bots

Trivia and quiz bots are great for having users test their knowledge in a variety of categories. These bots send a question, then the user who submits the right answer wins for that question. If you’re looking to run more events in your server, hosting a quiz night could be a fun and entertaining event for all, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a try! One of these bots is TriviaBot, which is one of my favourite bots out there and is great for when you want to host a quiz event!

3. Media Bots

Media bots allow for users to react through GIFs and stickers, or using custom emojis too. Some media bots may also support the creation of memes, and image editing or manipulation. If you’re looking for a bot that’ll make image editing, meme creation or reacting much easier, then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at media bots! You’ll find an example below, where the bot fetches stickers based on commands. These stickers could be used for reactions in a variety of scenarios!

4. General, All-Purpose Bot

General, all-purpose bots provide a wide range of functionality spanning a variety of categories. They’re commonly used for fetching media such as stickers and GIFs, welcoming users, and so much more. Other functionality could include:

Fetching data from APIs Providing information Image editing Polls Server statistics

If you want to incorporate a variety of features and like developing for different use cases, then I’d definitely recommend developing a general, all-purpose bot!

5. Utility Bot

Utility bots are commonly used to help maintain a server, usually most used by server admins and moderators. The best utility bots are particularly effective at helping prevent spam, keep servers well-maintained and a whole lot more. If you’re hoping to develop a bot and want to help server owners keep their servers in check, you could try creating a utility bot.

6. Roblox/Other Game Bots

If you run a gaming server dedicated around a particular group of games or a single game, then it might be useful to add a bot which supports features for that game. For instance, the Bloxlink bot helps out with verifying Roblox users within a server, which can be quite useful if you’re running a Roblox gaming server. Or, the Sombra bot provides user statistics for those playing Overwatch. It can be quite useful to view in-game statistics within a Discord server, and this bot can be used for directly that. As you can see, there are dedicated bots for a great variety of games, so if you’re running a gaming server, then it might be worth taking a look at these types of bots.

7. Leveling Bots

Leveling bots provide levels-based leaderboards based on the number of messages sent by server members. They allow users to accumulate XP or points for contributing to the server by engaging in conversations, replying to others, or asking questions. They can be a great way to help boost community engagement and help server members get to know each other better. One of the most popular leveling bots out there is the MEE6 bot, which you might have already seen in countless servers on Discord. This bot also provides a nifty leaderboard feature, which allows users to see their rank in the leaderboard for that server.

8. Poll Bot

Poll bots are great for when you need to get the opinion of your server’s members on a particular topic. You simply issue a question in a command to a bot, and the bot will send the question and provide reactions for users to choose from. You could also create a “Poll of the Day” in your server in order to boost engagement, and help server members get to know each other better by discussing the poll results in the server or outlining why they answered a particular way. It’s a fantastic way to boost community spirit in a server, and poll bots can help you do this effectively and quickly. If you’d like more ways to boost server engagement, make sure to check out my article on creating a more active Discord server.

9. Fun

There are a variety of bots out there that provide in-server games and other entertainment for users, plus a variety of other general-purpose commands. For instance, there is a huge range of RPG bots, which allow users to play text-based RPGs within a Discord server. It can be a lot of fun for members and can be a great way to boost engagement and keep a server more active too. Other bots provide a range of mini-games such as quizzes and so much more. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at some of these! You can find them in the Gaming category sections of some of the bot listing websites listed here.

10. Server Statistics

Server statistics bots are great for displaying information and relevant data related to a server, such as the number of members it has, the number of members in each role, and so forth. They could also provide leaderboards, such as the users who’ve sent the most messages or those with the most points, and so forth. Many bots in this category also provide dashboards, which can be very useful in providing insights for server moderators and admins to take a look at. They can also help pinpoint how many users have left the server, or even engagement rates and so forth.

10 Discord Bot Ideas

Hopefully, You’ve Found Some Great Discord Bot Ideas!

Thanks for reading; hopefully, you’ve found some cool ideas in this guide! Discord bots can really enhance a server and help boost engagement overall. They can also automate tedious tasks too and help out in moderating your server also. If you’re looking to discover the best bots, I’d recommend taking a look at an article I wrote on the best Discord bot lists. What are your favourite ideas from this list? Make sure to let me know in the comments below, as I’d love to hear about your favourite bots or bot categories!

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