From large, popular servers to smaller or mid-sized server communities, there’s sure to be a server out there that’s for you! Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

1. The Pandemonium

If you’re looking for a server with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, then The Pandemonium is a great server for gamers and is based in the UK too! I really loved the chill and friendly vibe this server offered overall, and they host plenty of events for those interested in gaming too! They have an excellent Welcoming Committee or Team to help out with assigning roles, and so on, and they’re really friendly! I also loved the variety of voice channels offered by the server too, from Gaming channels to Social channels and so much more. I’d definitely recommend this server overall!

2. Grove Gaming

Grove Gaming is a fantastic server for those looking for great events and a positive, welcoming community. In the past week, they’ve hosted a Rocket League event, Roblox events, as well as Jackbox plus Kahoot games too! No matter what games you prefer, there’s sure to be an event that’s right up your alley! There’s a huge choice in the numbers of games available and the types of events they host, so I’d really recommend joining to see if they host events for the games you’re into!

3. Friendly Realm

Friendly Realm is a super chill server with great gaming events and discussions. I’d definitely recommend joining this server if you’re interested in super fun servers overall, with an emphasis on gaming, of course. What I love most about this server is the great attitude seen overall within the server, everyone is so friendly to each other and really welcoming overall. Some servers are likely to become very quiet after a while, with little to no activity from anyone, but this server is always so active, and there’s always something new to talk about or get involved with! They’ve got a truly positive atmosphere, which is always a fantastic facet for a server to have in general, as it leads to more fun! If you’re looking for other chill servers, I’ve also written an article on super chill Discord servers, if you’re interested in discovering more.

4. Discord Guild Discovery

Here’s a pro-tip to help you find even more gaming servers to join! You may or may not know this already, but I thought it would be helpful to include this since those that don’t know may find it useful! You can find more servers to join by going to Discord’s Guild Discovery section. They feature some of the largest Discord servers out there, mainly those in the gaming spheres. Most of the servers are the official servers for games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft and Valorant, so expect them to be super busy, with some servers having tens of messages sent every second! This is why it can often be slightly more difficult to get to know people in larger servers, but that said, it’s always worth taking a look too! There are over 400 gaming servers to explore here, so do make sure to take a look; you’ll never know which servers you may want to join!

5. Cherry Blossom Island

This server is an incredible server for those looking for gaming channels and events. With tons of cool gaming channels to choose from, this server really has a lot of choices in general! I’ve found the staff to always be available and were always proactive and getting involved in helping others out. The server also has a fantastic selection of bots too, so you can always try those out also!

6. Kronten Gaming

This is the official server for gaming YouTuber Kronten Gaming and is a super fun server to be a part of overall! I loved the great atmosphere this server provided and the camaraderie between members too. Make sure to check out some of Kronten Gaming’s videos firstly too, and see if you’d be interested in learning more. If so, then joining the server would be a great way to get to know members better!

7. Official Game Servers

If you’re a fan of a particular game and want to discover more gamers who love to play that game also, then make sure to check out dedicated gaming servers for that game specifically! To find these, simply type its name into a Discord server listing’s search box, and you should find some servers dedicated to that particular game. Or, you could also join the game’s official Discord server too! You can find the invite link using Discord’s Guild Discovery feature, or sometimes on the game’s website or social media channels too. Keep in mind, however, that these servers often have thousands of members, if not hundreds of thousands, and so the channels will be extremely active. It could be slightly more difficult to get to know others given the volume of messages being sent, and the number of members, etc., but it’s well worth taking a look at these servers even so!

8. Multiplatform Gaming

Multiplatform Gaming is a fantastic gaming server with an amazing community overall! I’d definitely recommend joining, since this server hosts plenty of gaming events, tournaments and contests, perfect if you love gaming and taking part in tournaments! I also loved the great and positive atmosphere found in this server, the staff are always so friendly and love to help make the server so organised and streamlined. It’s a rapidly growing server and definitely one worth taking a look at!

9. YouTuber/Twitch Streamer Server

Another way you can find gaming Discord servers to join is by taking a look if your favourite Twitch streamers or gaming YouTubers have their own dedicated Discord servers for their community. These can be great places to discuss new games or videos with those in the gaming community, and some streamers may host giveaways or contests too! Plus, they may host live events or gaming competitions, so you won’t want to miss out on those! To find these servers, simply list your favourite streamers out there, then check their channels for Discord server links! You should find an invite link to their server if they have one, hopefully!

10. Discord Server Listings

You can also find Discord servers to join through server listings, which consist of sites that allow servers to add a listing about their server. In these listings, each server describes the type of community they’re aiming to cultivate, as well as the interests and hobbies they focus on. Some examples of server listings include, as well as Disforge too! Make sure to check those out, if you’re interested in finding more gaming servers! All you’ll need to do is click the “Gaming” category or use a filter that filters by category, and all gaming servers should then be listed! To learn more about finding cool servers to join, I’d recommend this guide I wrote on how to find Discord servers.

Discord Gaming Servers You Should Check Out

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