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Like WordPress is the first choice of Content Management System (CMS) for building websites, Magento is the utmost choice of CMS for building an eCommerce website. About a quarter of website developers around the world choose Magento for building eCommerce platforms. There are many big shots like Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, and Nike along with smaller companies and startups who have also chosen this platform. Given such a high demand for Magento services, there must be some explanations why people have this undivided preference for it. So, if you are planning to choose it for your website look at the reasons why it would be a good investment.

1. Opensource & Community Assistance

It does have paid versions but its most commonly used version is open source. It is proud of having the largest developer community existing for eCommerce platforms. You can alter the code of the website as you want it to be and if you have any problem you have access to community help at your hands. Moreover, whatever extensions you want to install are easily available through the Magento Connect Marketplace. Its active developer community constantly works to keep the platform updated. Any bugs that are reported or any flaws that are detected are solved at the earliest by Magento support, making it extremely an enhanced and secured platform.

2. Built for eCommerce

Websites like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are CMS websites that have plugins for eCommerce. However, unlike other CMS websites, Magento has been specifically designed for building eCommerce websites. With its features facilitating user dashboards and inventory management it is an apt platform for building websites. However, with its eCommerce specific features like customer segmentation, built-in cross-selling and upselling provision and allowance of bundling of products, it is perfect for building eCommerce websites. Other than this, Magento is also highly modular and customizable. As we know, not all businesses are similar and hence not all of them have the same needs. For building the customized marketplace, Magento provides you with features which you can use to provide front-end users with a great experience.

3. SEO Friendly

The importance of SEO is well-known in the working of a website. Hence, there could be nothing better than having a platform that has SEO optimization included in its list of features. More so, for eCommerce website building platforms because they have thousands of pages to handle. Just like CMS website WordPress, Magento also has SEO friendly system. Features like sitemaps, layered navigation, meta tags, category structures are all preloaded in Magento platform. This saves you from all the hassle and efforts to make your website SEO friendly.

4. Ease of Integration

When you want your website to be all-inclusive, you have to add a lot of features to it. Coding each and every feature into your website is one way. Another way is that you link a third-party app with your website to provide you with these features. Latter is a much better option. This is so because these apps are specifically made and designed for the cause and save you from going through the trouble of building it all. Magento helps you with this by providing ease of linkage. These third-party apps can be easily integrated into your website created using Magento.

5. International Support

Nowadays, eCommerce websites get not only national but also international visits. To allow this international user base to grow the website building platform needs to be enabled to ensure that payment can be made in international currencies too. In this case, Magento is of your service! Additionally, any and every Magento eCommerce website has the feature to customize it as per the local audiences’ needs. International user base ensures higher traffic and higher stickiness!

6. High levels of Scalability and Flexibility

E-commerce websites are highly dynamic as their needs can change with a change in season. The holiday season means more product display, more orders, more payments and more deliveries. Therefore, for choosing a website building platform you need to keep scalability as a priority. Being open-sourced, Magento is your friend at such times. Add as many features as you want to and pay nothing for it. Magento just grows with you as you grow and demands no extra payment! In terms of flexibility, it allows the creation of an exclusive front end and back end structure to facilitate satisfying admin as well as customer experience. This is all due to the open system architecture provided by Magento which can be easily operated by a trained Magento developer.

7. Multi-tenant Provision

If you are somebody who has ideas for not one but many different eCommerce platforms then Magento services is what you must adapt. Magento is a platform that allows you to build multiple websites with just one back-end. Also, you need not worry about the front-end look of the websites, you can create a different look for each website that you create. It provides you one unified admin panel for managing the inventories, billing responsibilities and customer records for all your websites. This is also a boon for the businesses that have multiple niche areas within their own working division.

8. Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are nowadays not a luxury anymore. It is quite common for people to own and use a smartphone. This also means an increase in usage of all of the Internet including eCommerce websites on mobile browsers. This, in turn, emphasizes the need for eCommerce websites being mobile-friendly. If your eCommerce website does not open properly on mobile browsers then you are sure to be at a loss. Magento hence provides you with mobile-friendly website building experience on its platform. You can alter your website according to mobile browsers, enable features like image scaling, gesture-based controls, and many others with ease using Magento.

9. Freedom to Choose Hosting Services

General eCommerce specific website building platforms do not provide you with the option of choosing your own hosting platform. Magento, on the other hand, gives you this freedom. You can choose the hosting platform depending on the best deal that you are getting in the market and optimize your cost or you can choose Magento Go as your option. This thus doesn’t let you get stuck with a particular host and lets you change the same if you aren’t satisfied with the services.

10. Efficiency

Customers of this era aren’t used to slow speeds and delayed loading of pages. If your website is slow then the visitor will just close it down and that would mean a loss of potential customers. Every customer that leaves your site without even looking through the products is a loss of your revenue, such as the pressure of performance! In these conditions, you cannot afford to have a sluggish website. Magento provides you with the latest technologies like Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC and optimized databases which ensure that your website is at least fast enough to make customers stay! Other than these, Magento as a platform also provides you with analytics and reporting. You can know the performance of your website through various statistical reports on shopping carts, products, stock & inventory, customers, sales and many more. These reports are detailed and hence help you in getting a better view of the working of your website. It also facilitates monitoring of traffic through the integration of Google Analytics. Moreover, it provides a variety of templates and designs unlike some of its competitors which makes it more dynamic than them. To add a cherry on top of the cake, no special coding language is needed in order to build the website or use all the functions when you use Magento. Thus, it is not without reason that Magento has been opted by a number of giant companies as their preferred website building platform. It provides a combined package of all those features which are not offered together by any other website. Magento offers everything you could imagine will be needed for building a perfect eCommerce website. All the functions including display of products, processing of transactions, genuine customer service and running of back-end processes can be smoothly managed and beautifully done with its help. With Magento by your side, you can build all that you want to according to your business requirements and get a control over your website. Magento shall be your perfect choice for building a robust eCommerce website and to succeed in your endeavors without any issues or bothers.

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