Pexels As more businesses look ahead to prepare for this transition, they are starting to invest in AI-related technologies. One of the most rapidly expanding fields of AI technology is healthcare. The majority of healthcare companies believe AI will have a revolutionary impact on their business in the next five years. In addition to healthcare, AI is rapidly becoming commonplace across other industries. It’s hard to find any industry that isn’t using some form of AI. Finance, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, insurance, education, transportation, and government — just to name a few. We’ll take a look at 10 of the most current robots that will truly impress you.

1. Robot Operating Hotel

Guinness World Records certified it as the first hotel with working robots.Tokyo-based “Henn na Hotel” offers a comfortable stay by integrating a variety of latest technologies to satisfy changing demands and situations. From robot customer service to garment cleaning machines in all rooms, the Henn na Hotel provides guests with cutting-edge technology for a fascinating and pleasant stay.

2. Chinese Einstein Robot

Albert Einstein is most recognized for creating the theory of relativity, but he also contributed significantly to the development of quantum mechanics. I’d like to draw your attention to a robot that looks like Albert Einstein. The Chinse-speaking Einstein robot was exhibited at the World Robot Conference held in Beijing in 2021. It is one of the most intelligent androids ever created and speaks Mandarin fluently.

3. Bot Handy Helps with Household Chores

Samsung debuted Bot Handy, a robot butler/assistant, at the CES 2021. The machine employs “sophisticated AI” to “identify” things based on their shape, size, and weight. The robot was given the nickname “handy” since it helps you with housework. From operating machinery to monitoring health care facilities, robots have become indispensable parts of our society. Many benefits come along with using robots in our daily lives but also some drawbacks.

4. Flying Autonomous Bot to Pick Fruit

Farmers use autonomous robots to pluck fruits and vegetables from the ground. These robots are programmed to follow simple rules such as avoiding obstacles or bumping into each other. There are seasonal workforce shortages, and following COVID-19, farmers found it increasingly difficult to hire employees for picking. While people were losing their jobs in Europe, governments encouraged citizens to help in harvesting crops. This was done because crops needed to be moved quickly before the weather changed. Italy has even offered to let illegal immigrants work as pickers. Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, an Israeli company, has developed a flying autonomous robot (FAR) that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize and gather fruit. Developed in response to labor shortages, the robot can operate around the clock and only selects ripe fruit.

5. Robovie Reminds Shoppers of Covid Regulations

COVID-19 protocols were created to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. A robot named Robovie was hired in a Japanese store to ensure that customers donned masks and kept a social distance. Robovie was developed by Kyoto-based Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and uses camera and 3D laser beam technology to make sure that shoppers comply with the store’s Covid regulations.

6. Robots to Clean Solar Panels

Cleaning solar panels may be a difficult process, and a Belgian startup ART Robotics created Helios to handle the issue. The system incorporates both a flying hexacopter and a panel-crawling rubber-tracked robot. The hexacopter transports the robot to the panels and uses a computer vision system to identify the photovoltaic array, allowing the robot to roll onto the panels. The robot then begins cleaning the solar panels. When finished, the robot sends a wireless signal to the hexacopter, which returns it to the ground.

7. Bug-Like Robots

A team of MIT researchers developed bug-like robots as an efficient micro-robotic innovation to discover a new method for getting robots to fly. The robots use artificial muscles that can propel them into the air when a low voltage is delivered, allowing the wings to flap like an insect’s. The bug-like bots were thoroughly tested before the final design was accomplished. As a result, robots that weigh less than a gram fly long with minimal error.

8. Robotic Kitchen Assistant

Chiptole Mexican Grill’s robotic solution Chippy for combining culinary traditions with artificial intelligence to create tortilla chips is incredible. Miso Robotics assisted Chipotle in customizing the robotic invention and adapting it for cooking and seasoning the tortilla chips. Human Chipotle employees can devote their time and attention to other tasks. Chippy is a trained robot that can flawlessly fry chips before seasoning them with salt and fresh lime juice using Chipotle’s exact recipe of corn masa flour, water, and sunflower oil.

9. RoboBurger

RoboBurger is the world’s first fully autonomous robotic burger chef debuted at the Newport Centre, a Simon Mall in Jersey City, NJ in March 2022. In around six minutes, the robot chef can cook grilled burgers from scratch and serve them contactless. RoboBurger is a patented artificial intelligence with a self-operating kitchen that includes all of a restaurant’s operations in a fraction of the size. It is 12-square-feet in size, connects to a regular power socket, and is equipped with a refrigerator, an automated griddle, and a cleaning system.

10. Toilet Cleaning Robot

Giddel is the first of its kind, a cute-looking toilet cleaning robot. Its innocent-looking big blue eyes are controlled buttons. The robot spins and scrubs the toilet at the push of a button. The robot is easy to set up and lazy folks would love to use Giddel. However, Giddel’s use will be crucial for persons with disabilities who are unable to do so on their own and do not always have access to assistance.

Will Robots Make Us Lazy?

This is a question I often hear asked, but I don’t think robots will make us lazier than we already are. Robots just make our lives easier. They take away some of the mundane tasks that we have to do, allowing us to focus on more important or pressing projects. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 manhan

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