Other than monetary gains, though, you should recognize that sites like Poshmark help in saving the environment. The world of fashion ranks third on the list of the most polluting industries. Thankfully, more consumers have become more eco-conscious, choosing brands that engage in sustainable manufacturing processes. And you can make a difference by buying used clothes online that look almost brand-new and cost significantly less than purchasing them off the shelves. Whether you want to support this cause or simply want to get rid of your old clothes, it’s worth checking out these apps and sites similar to Poshmark.

Sites Like Poshmark

1. thredUP

As you search for Poshmark alternatives, you’ll find a ton of online marketplaces that focus on luxury brands. Yes, the prices may be slashed by more than half, but the average person may still be unable to afford them. thredUP stands out because they focus on brands you can see at the mall. They make things easy for the seller by offering a payout estimator on their website. This allows sellers to get an estimate of how much their clothes are worth. In case nobody buys your items, you can ask for them to be returned or have thredUP recycle them.

2. Vinted

Vinted is one of the biggest online communities for pre-loved fashion. More than 25 million members use Vinted to find secondhand clothes from thousands of different brands. You can start selling on their platform by downloading their free app. Listing your products wouldn’t cost you any money. Take photos of your clothes, put a short description, set your price, and hit the upload button. When a product gets sold, just follow the shipping instructions on the app. The best thing is that Vinted doesn’t charge selling fees, which means you get to keep all of your earnings.

3. Tradesy

If you’ve been buying and selling used clothes online for some time now, then you’ve probably heard of Tradesy. It’s among the most popular fashion resale marketplaces. The company helps millions of customers flip their wardrobe, access luxury brands at incredibly low prices, and contribute toward a greener environment. In 2019, Tradesy raked in $1 billion in sales, which says a lot about the sheer number of people who trust their platform. Due to their enormous user base, they also boast the most extensive selection of used clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes.

4. Depop

Depop works just like any other website for selling clothes. But it makes things more interesting by adding social elements, making it one of the best sites like Poshmark. Depop provides a unique shopping experience by allowing you to see what your friends are buying and selling. You can also follow other people whom you look up to in the fashion world to get inspiration for your next shopping spree. Your friends also get to see the things you’re liking, buying, and selling. Such an ecosystem has proven effective for Depop, enabling them to connect people who share the same sense of fashion and inspire creative influencers in the process.

5. Heroine

For women who want to improve their fashion knowledge, Heroine is a must-visit site. It isn’t only a marketplace for all things womenswear but also a space that features a robust content platform and encourages interaction among members. The buying and selling process couldn’t be any simpler, allowing users to find new homes for their old clothes and get cash for their next purchase. You might start using Heroine to add a new income stream, but you’d find yourself staying because of their vast community of fashion lovers.

6. Mercari

Mercari brands itself as “The Selling App.” Perhaps it’s only fitting given the ease through which you can buy and sell secondhand items using their platform. It even won the 2019 Sellers Choice Awards for “Easiest to Use Marketplace.” While Mercari is more of a one-stop-shop for used stuff, it’s still worth a look if you want to find luxury fashion brands at huge discounts. If you’re a seller, you can list your products for free. There’s a 10% selling charge, which is quite reasonable considering that Mercari’s so popular among online buyers.

7. The RealReal

The RealReal has revolutionized fashion resale by educating fashionistas about the circular future of fashion. They emphasize the value of extending the life cycle of luxury products, helping sellers to turn their goods into cash, buyers to access fashion finds for cheap, and the overall fashion industry to move forward without causing more harm to the environment. The RealReal is simply unmatched when it comes to authenticated luxury.

8. Grailed

Who says men don’t want to declutter, too? Grailed is primed to become the premier destination for buying, selling, and discovering the trendiest menswear. This website sells both brand new and used clothing for men. What makes Grailed special is that they have a strict authentication process to guarantee that every single item on their store can’t be found anywhere else. They also have a growing community of men who love and care about fashion, and many members contribute to authenticating the items as well.

9. Vestiaire Collective

Is your closet and jewelry box full of high-end brands? If so, Vestiaire Collective is the perfect site for you. It’s a trusted marketplace for pre-owned luxury goods. Getting started is easy as you only have to send photos and descriptions of your luxury items. They will be reviewed and once approved, your goods will be listed on the site for you. When someone buys your item, Vestiaire Collective will review it once more for authenticity before it gets shipped out to the buyer. The commission rate depends on the product’s value, running between 18% and 34%. There’s no better place to sell your luxury items and get them back into circulation than Vestiaire Collective.

10. Worthy

If you’re looking to sell your high-end jewelry and watches, try putting them up for sale on Worthy. While it doesn’t share a lot of similarities with Poshmark, it’s a site to consider for jewelry lovers. Worthy works a bit differently from the sites on this list because it auctions off the products to hundreds of vetted jewelry buyers. The minimum value of products listed on the website must be $1,000. Upon making a sale, the luxury watch or jewelry will be reviewed by a third party authenticator after you send it to Worthy.

Start Selling Your Clothes Online

It can be difficult to get rid of some of your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, but you can find comfort in the fact that like-minded people will be their new owners. These sites like Poshmark prove to be a lifesaver for millions of people, and you can carry on the trend of extending the life cycles of different fashion products by supporting these platforms and connecting with other fashionistas across the globe.

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