From weather stickers to super cute animal stickers, there’s no shortage of the range of stickers available! These stickers can be great to decorate Stories, add a cool effect or help celebrate occasions such as birthdays. Let’s get started!

1. Search for Specific Artists

You can search for specific artists too by name. This is great if you’re looking for a particular style or aesthetic from one artist. If you find an artist whose work you like, then it’s easy to search for new work in the future too! An artist which I’d recommend searching for is “happyal”; you can search for this artist’s stickers by typing “happyal” in the search box; this artist’s range of stickers is super aesthetic overall, containing illustrations of daisies, sparkles and so much more. Other artists I’d recommend include vipapier and greendot, these artists have some fun and beautiful stickers with a gorgeous aesthetic overall.

2. Sparkles

Sparkles can add a gorgeous effect to stories, and there are plenty of animated sparkle GIFs available to use in your stories. If you search for “sparkles” in the search box provided, you’ll find a great collection of particle effects, from confetti to twinkling stars and so much more. Make sure to try out different styles and see which work best in your story overall. Particular stickers may work better than others, depending on the overall ambiance and aesthetic you’re trying to recreate.

3. Neon

For a futuristic twist, why not search for “neon” stickers? From flashing, neon signs to cool, futuristic effects, there are all sorts of amazing stickers available under this category. These work great when you’re hoping to add a unique twist to your stories. I’ve also found glowing shapes and lines, which look very cool when applied to Stories! I’d really recommend trying these out and seeing what works best! From hearts to neon text, there are all sorts of stickers available so make sure to check them out.

4. Hygge

If you’re looking for cozy and cute Instagram stickers, I’d recommend searching for “hygge”, which is the Danish and Norwegian word, meaning a cozy mood or ambiance. For heart-warming stickers, I’d definitely recommend searching for hygge-style stickers, especially during the winter months too! For instance, if you want to add to your story during the cold, winter months, why not add some cute snowflakes or cozy, hot chocolate mugs? These are all available in the hygge category!

5. Doodles

Doodles can add a cute and creative touch to your Instagram stories. From adorable illustrations of fruit to lines and sparkles, there are all sorts of lovely doodle stickers out there for you to make use of. I’d definitely recommend searching for “doodles” in the GIF search box when creating Instagram stories, and you’ll find a fantastic array available to you there! Adding some doodles to posts can add a fun and cute touch to stories, and there are some truly adorable doodles out there!

6. Neutral

For shapes, minimalist stickers and line stickers, searching for “neutral” stickers can be a great way to emulate a more minimalist aesthetic. If you’re hoping to add some shapes to your stories in order to add some fun texture, neutral stickers can be great for this. This aesthetic is notably characterised by boho style and a minimalist chic aesthetic, so it’s great for lifestyle stories, home decor stories and so much more. These can add to a story without distracting the viewer, so they’re great in that regard.

7. Handwriting

There’s a huge variety of stickers in cursive fonts, perfect for a great array of occasions. Whether you’re looking for stickers to celebrate birthdays, or for motivational, inspiring stickers, there’s sure to be a sticker for you! By simply searching “handwriting” in the GIFs section, you’ll then discover the selection available! These GIFs span everything from fun, motivational quotes to celebratory stickers and so much more. Due to the huge selection available, you’re sure to find the sticker that says what you’re looking for, hopefully!

8. Frames

Frames can add a cute and artistic touch to Instagram stories, with a great array available. I’d definitely recommend searching for these, as they can be used in so many types of stories. There are also a great variety of frame shapes available, plus those with sparkles too!

How to Find Cute Instagram Stickers

9. Purple Aesthetic

The purple aesthetic has been trending lately and is incredibly popular on social media, Tumblr and Pinterest these days. From cute purple stars to violet hearts and so much more, there are so many beautiful purple aesthetic stickers overall. If you’re hoping to add a trendy touch to your stories, then adding some of these stickers would definitely do this! Other stickers that work well with purple aesthetic stickers include “tape” stickers or collage stickers too.

10. Vintage

For a retro and vintage touch, why not add some vintage stickers to your story? You can do so by searching for vintage stickers in the GIF search box, similar to above! From gothic roses to decorative spirals, there are all sorts of cute stickers out there to help recreate a vintage aesthetic. You could try imitating a scrapbook effect in your stories for instance, by combining vintage stickers with tape stickers also (simply search for tape in the search box and you’ll find them!). Or you could create a retro collage by combining collage stickers with other photos too, plus some tape.

Hopefully You’ve Found Some Great Ways to Find Cute Instagram Stickers!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope that you’ve found it useful! If you’d like to peruse this list again later for when you’re creating stories, make sure to Pin this on Pinterest or bookmark this page. That way, when you’re creating Instagram stories, you can check which terms to search for super adorable stickers! What are your favourite ways to find great stickers? Make sure to let me know in the comments section below, as I’d be delighted to hear your recommendations! Thanks so much again for reading! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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