Before you decide to post a listing, make sure to have some promotional materials ready such as a description of your server and some banner images! There are a variety of ways to carry our Discord server advertising, and one of them is to submit your server to server directories or websites that allow you to post a listing for your server.

1. Disboard

Disboard is one of the most popular server listing sites for Discord out there, and I’d highly recommend this site if you’re looking for a website to advertise your server. Categories Servers can be searched by category, so make sure to choose the correct category when adding your site to the listing. Whether your site is a gaming server or a music server, there’s sure to be a category for your server, and if not, there’s also an “other” server category too so fear not! Reviews can also be added, so if you ensure that you’re server entertains and provides value to its members, you may also get some reviews here too! These will definitely help you out. If you’re looking to promote your Discord server, then this is the website for you!

2. Disforge

If you’re looking to advertise a server or a bot, then Disforge is the site for you. With a sleek UI and options to both advertise bots and servers, this site allows you to submit listings for both. Similar to other sites, a custom page is created for your listing which is great for sharing on social media or with your friends. This listing contains details about your site’s number of members, a description, as well as the various categories it is listed in.

Top Tips


Discord advertising through listing your server is also possible by adding a listing to, which is a bot and server listing site. It allows you to submit listings for both your bots and servers, with a fantastic UI too. The listings contain a voting mechanism, display the number of emotes available, as well as a description about your server. Servers are categorised through tags, and these include Music, Anime, and over 40 more so there’s definitely going to be a category for your server! A cool feature of the site is that users can also comment on the custom server listing pages, so if you cultivate a community who enjoy spending time on the server, you’re sure to get some great comments here. These would definitely be great for helping get more members to your server, as they would serve as social proof in a sense. If you’re hoping to promote your Discord on a category page, this is also possible, since the site also displays servers by category name.

4. Discord Street

Discord Street is another fantastic server listing website, with amazingly designed server listings. Your server will get its own page, complete with a description, listed categories, number of votes and a share link. When crafting your description, the first sentences will be displayed to users on category pages, so make sure to write your description’s main points in the first few sentences. Long, drawn-out descriptions that don’t list the server’s aims or community aesthetic might not get as many click-throughs. Another great feature of the site is that it allows you to search for custom emoji by name too. You also get a share link which you can send to your friends, if you’d like them to see your server’s listing on Discord Street.

5. Discord

If you’re hoping to advertise your Discord server, Discord Servers (this is entirely separate to the website with the same name above) is another recommended server listing website. It allows you to submit your listing so that it’s listed on category pages, including Anime, Minecraft, Programming and other categories. I’ve noticed that the categories are slightly more specific here than in other websites, which helps immensely since if you’re running a more niche server, then you’re more likely to find a category that fits your server well.

6. The r/discordservers Subreddit

The r/discordservers subreddit is fantastic for discovering and listing your server. While most subreddits are strictly against self-promotion, this subreddit allows you to post a listing to your server. Make sure to check out the subreddit’s rules before submitting a link, as if you break one of the rules, the mods may not approve your post or could delete it. While the rules allow you to self-promote, since that’s pretty much what the subreddit is for, make sure to not spam at any costs. Pro Tip: Sending too many links in a short period of time is definitely considered spamming, so be careful! If you’re hoping to get your post approved, send a link once and don’t attempt to do so again for a while as if you do, it could be considered spamming also.

7. Look for Servers Allowing You to Share Your Server [Pretty Meta!]

There are a huge variety of Discord servers out there that allow you to share a link to your server along with a description of the types of people who’d be interested in your server (anime fans, music lovers, gamers, etc). These servers help people find new servers to hang out in, or to find servers or communities aligned with their interests. This is why posting in these servers will help you gain more members hopefully, since the audience within these servers are actively looking for new communities to join. One example of this type of server is Advertise Your Server, which is a Discord community dedicated to helping owners advertise their servers to others. It’s one of the largest servers there is, with over 50k members ready to check out new listings, so make sure to check it out! How to discover these servers? You can find these servers by checking out Disboard’s advertising category, for example. Indeed, this is quite a meta strategy but it works! Here you’ll find a whole array of servers that would love to see invites to new, up-and-coming Discord servers. Make sure to abide by the server rules upon joining a Discord advertising server and when sending messages advertising your server. You need to keep it limited to an occasional post now and again, otherwise you could be considered to be spamming.

8. DiscordBee

DiscordBee is a server listing that’s been gaining popularity lately, given the great activity it receives daily. Servers get their own listing page where the custom emoji they offer is also listed. This may be important for helping you increase the number of members joining your server; some cool emoji will definitely help, as well as a description that encourages members to join. The site also makes use of a voting mechanism, where votes can be cast for certain servers; the more popular a server is, the more votes it will receive. Also, servers with smaller numbers of members but offering a greater experience may also see a surge in upvotes.

9. Discordea [Spanish Speaking]

Discordea is a server listing site, with all listings in Spanish. Perfect for any Spanish-speaking servers! It allows you to create a custom page for your server as well as a listing that is viewable on the home page if chosen. You can add your description, server image and server rules to your custom page. You can also select a category for your server, so that users can filter servers and find the ones that match their preferred categories. Some categories include Streaming or Gaming Communities. If you wish to advertise your Discord server, you can do so by submitting a listing to the website.

10. Discord

Discord Servers is another fantastic server listing with a particularly stunning site design. Server listings can be voted upon, so while it may be difficult to get votes initially, once your server starts growing and gains more members, you’ll start to see the number of votes slowly rise hopefully! While these may help influence if your server is shown more, you don’t need to worry too much about the number of votes. What’s most important is having an attention-grabbing description and a server name that fully embodies your server’s core aesthetic or aims. You can make use of emoji and special characters in your server description too, which could be quite helpful in getting more people to view your description, however you don’t want to overload it with emoji either! I really adore the dark scheme user interface here, and the server listings stand out exceptionally well.

Bonus Sites

Discord Tree

I’ve just discovered this latest Discord server listing site called Discord Tree, which includes a wide variety of servers for users to join. It has a very seamless and intuitive interface overall, and I’d definitely recommend taking a look. If you have your own server and would like to be included, be sure to add your own listing here, as the site seems to be growing in popularity! Each server gets its own listing page which includes details such as the member count, a description, and a vote count too.

Discord Expert

Another fantastic listing site is Discord Expert, which lists thousands of servers you can search for using their great search tool. Servers are also categorised too, so you can explore a variety of servers in various categories such as Gaming, Technology, Arts and so forth. Each listing also contains detailed information about the server, including useful info such as the number of members and emotes available too. Server listings contain a description about the server, so you can get to know the server’s main aims before joining. I love the seamless user interface, and found it very easy to find new servers to join, so be sure to take a look!

Hopefully This Will Help You Promote Your Server

If you’re looking to help your server gain more members, the Discord advertising sites above will definitely help you! Your server will gain more prominence online, due to its listings, so working on your descriptions is essential. Thanks for reading and hopefully you’ve found some great sites to list your server on, and if you have any comments, just drop them below! This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2021 Susan W

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