via Canva Do you love cats? There’s no need to hide it because I know you do. In fact, I know that you love taking pictures with them. All that’s missing now is the perfect caption that will encapsulate your feline adoration and admiration. If you are genuinely passionate about taking selfies with cats, then this indulgent collection is for you! You’ve got the camera, the cat, and yourself. And now, you’ve also got the perfect caption!

The Best Captions for Selfies With Your Cat

All you need is love…and a cat. Can you see the family resemblance? Crazy cat human? I prefer “dedicated feline enthusiast.” Cuddling with my fuzzy best friend. Getting a selfie with my cat is mission impawssible! Grateful that my cat can’t talk. He knows too much! Happy Caturday from the floof and me! Having a cat is so similar to eating M&Ms. You can’t just have one. Home is where my cuddly fur baby is. I paw-sitively love my cat. If you’ll allow it, I wish to spend all nine lives with you. I’m happily owned by a cat. I’m so fur-tunate to have a best friend like mew. I don’t usually take selfies, but my kitty was so purr-suasive! I love this feline! Let’s spend fur-ever together. Look at my meow-gical cat! Meow is the time for a selfie with my furry friend. Meow is the time to chill and take selfies. My cat kneads me. My love for you is even greater than your love for catnip. My selfies are just better with you in them. No matter how bad your day is, your cat will always make you smile. Smile for the camera, kitty! Sorry, I can’t go. My cat needs cuddles. Sorry, I’m going to be late. My cat is snoozing on my lap. The more I get to know people, the more I love my kitty. The only narcissist I have room for in my life is my cat. To me, you are purr-fect. Watch out because we’re plotting your downfall. We are litter-ally the cutest! We’re both feline lucky today. We’re looking good and feline good. We’ve got cattitude! When I’m with you, I’m feline good. With my cute little friend by my side, anything is paw-sible. Wondering who’s in charge? It’s the cat. You had me at meow. You will always have a place in my heart, meow and fur-ever!

Cat Thoughts for Selfie Captions

Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here? Come on, hooman. I’m licking my groin over here. Can I have at least some privacy? Feed me, hooman! Having a good fur day. Help, I’ve been catnapped! Hey, wait…I told you I wasn’t ready! Hmm…let me think about it. Yes, I will kill you. I said give me some Friskies, not let’s get frisky! I was told there would be a duck, not a duck face! I won’t smile, you can’t make me. I’m going to scratch this human in 3…2…1! I’m more gorgeous than this human. If it’s a selfie you want, then leave it to the paw-fessional. If looks could kill. It ain’t easy being this purr-fect. Meow, let me fix the camera. Meow’s it going? Move, you’re in my selfie, hooman! Move over, hooman! I’m the one they want! No catnip, no selfie. Not this sh*t again. RAWR! Really? Selfie? Again? So tired of your crap, human. Stand aside, human! You’re photo-bombing me. Wait, meow face is not picture-ready. What a purr-fect day to sleep! What part of “no selfies” do you not understand? Hisss! What? Never seen a ball-licking cat before? You see what I have to put up with every day?

Caption Ideas for Pictures of You and Other Cats

Cat owners know that no one really owns a cat. Cats rule! Collect moments, not things. Unless those things are cats. Cuteness overload! Deep inside, we all wanted to be a cat. Dogs are okay, but cats are better. Given the chance to talk, cats definitely wouldn’t. Hey fluffballs, say meow! Home is where cats are well-fed. I paw-fer my selfies with cats. I’ve seen scholars and cats, but cats are much more superior. If I had to choose between cats and humans, I’d definitely choose cats! If only cats grew into kittens. If you don’t like cats, you don’t like me. It showed up, it purred, it captivated my heart. In their eyes, the world belongs to them. Is it just me or do they look like that they want to rip my face off? It’s the annual cat congregation. Life is better with cats. Live long and paws-purr! May the power of cats compel you! Meow is the time to worship a cat. My heart pounds whenever I see a cat. No matter how high you meow, you will never be able to keep me away from you. No matter how small, cats will always see themselves as ferocious tigers. One cat just leads to another. Paws life and relax. Tell me something that’s more soothing than a cat’s greeting. The only reason I’m here is so that I can pet all the cats! The world is their playground. These fuzzy creatures are always photogenic. They majestic creatures seem to have never forgotten that humans used to worship them. They had me at meow. They look like they’re plotting revenge. Watching a cat sleep soundly is one of life’s greatest pleasures. What a beautiful cat! Whenever I see a cat, I realize that love is actually a four-legged word. Yes, I’m madly in love with cats! What’s your point? You loathe cats? You were probably a mouse in your past life.

Other Captions for Photos of You and Cats

All visitors must be approved by the cat. Anything is paws-ible. Can you even call it a home without the pitter-patter of kitty feet? Cash meowside! Cats are the mavens of comfort. Every home needs at least one cat. Feline good! Here’s the purr-petrator who pounced on my heart. Impawssible! In a jungle of shrubs and bushes, a cat becomes a lion. Never try to out-stubborn a cat. No one owns cats. Cats own you. Not all superheroes wear cape. Sometimes, they wear whiskers on their cute little faces. Ordinary cats don’t exist. They’re all extraordinary! So fur, so good. Something about their purring is hypnotizing. Tell me there are cats in heaven! If not, then I don’t want to go. The cats are actually in charge. I’m just here because I’m their caretaker. The fluff never bothered me anyway. The road to my heart is paved with paw prints. These little furries are actually impervious to threats. There’s no such thing as waste of time when you spend it with cats. They come and go, but never leave. This is maximum happiness with meow-nimum effort. We shall dominate the world! With these fantastic creatures, the paw-sibilities are endless! You’ve got to be kitten me right meow! Zero fluffs given. 100  Best Captions for Selfies With Cats - 81100  Best Captions for Selfies With Cats - 24100  Best Captions for Selfies With Cats - 2100  Best Captions for Selfies With Cats - 25100  Best Captions for Selfies With Cats - 40