Photo by Jingjie wong on Unsplash Do you love dogs? You don’t need to deny it, because I know you do. As a matter of fact, I know that you love taking photos with your dog. All that’s missing is the perfect caption to show your love for your canine pal. If you are truly zealous about taking selfies with dogs, then this collection of ideas is for you! You’ve got the camera, the dog, and yourself. And now, you’ve also got the perfect caption!

The Best Captions for Selfies With Your Dog

All guests must be approved by the dog. Always kiss your dog good night. Be the awesome human your doggo thinks you are. Blessed and dog obsessed. Crazy dog human. Do you like our self-pawtrait? For all the times you stood by my side and made me happy, thank you. Here’s my most favorite creature in the world! Here’s the tail-wagger that gives me so much happiness. Hope you have a paw-some day. Howl you doing? I cherish this mutt so much! I melt whenever this floof looks at me. If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am. If my mutt ain’t happy, then neither am I! Life is ruff when you’re this cute. Life is too short for you to not spoil your woofer. Lifeguard on duty! Many people say that I love my doggy too much. Me and my buddy! Meet the protector the realm…err…my house. My best fur-riend ever! My best friend is well-trained. My mutt always comes first. My dog thinks I’m a catch. My dogness! My daily dose of sunshine doesn’t come from the sky. My life’s all set with this doggo by my side. No day is ruff with you around. No one understands me better than this fluffy floof. Not to brag or anything, but my presence is kind of a big deal to my doggo. Oh my dog! Petting can wait. Selfie first. Quality time with my beloved pupper. Selfie with my therapist. So fur-ocious! Sometimes, you just need to relax on the floor with your woofer. Sorry, I can’t. I made prior plans with my doggo. Thank you fur all the memories! The chances of me liking you depends on whether my doggo likes you or not. The more I get to know people, the more I love my doggo. There is no cuter dog than this one. It’s just im-paw-sible. There’s only one reason why I work so hard. It’s so my precious pooch can have nice things. This must be puppy love! To my bone-afied best friend! Warning: Cuteness Overload! We are su-paw stars! We look quite fetching. We’re bad to the bone! We’re out for a walk. What could my doggy have named me? I’m curious! Who said I’m single? I have a dog-friend! Without you, life would be so ruff! You are paw-fection! You’ll find me wherever my woofer is! Your dog may be cool, but mine is cooler! Your fuzzy paw is what I found when I needed a hand. Yup, my best friend is a dog.

Dog Thoughts for Selfie Captions

A fun day out with my hooman. Being super adorable is so friggin’ ruff. Before you can reach my master, you have to go through me. BFF selfie time! Bow-wow to us! Enough with the selfies, hooman. Feed me. Fetch? Nah, it won’t happen. Gimme a treat! Give me all your food. Having a good fur day. Hello, human! Worry no more ‘coz I’m here. Hey, no humans allowed on the bed! I enjoy hanging out with my hooman. I love you furry much, hooman! I will always woof you. I woof you so much! If I fits, I sits. If you wanted that ball, why did you throw it? Lemme lick your face. Live, love, bark! Me and my fren. Me, spoiled? Nope, my master is just well-trained! Must steal hooman’s heart. Later, I can steal the bed. No words needed, I feel so grassy. Paw-sitively adorable! Please excuse my drool. RAWR! Silly human. Stay paw-sitive, hooman! Stop bothering me, I’m working on my tan. Sun’s out, tongues out! This hooman is mine! We’re doing secret fluff stuff. What the floof! Woof, woof!

Caption Ideas for Dog Photos

A daily dose of cuteness. A puppy pup world. All my children have paws. And so, the snuggles and treats begin. Check out my loyal friends. Dogs make things better. Dogs or people? Of course, I’d choose dogs! Eat, sleep, and play…like dogs. First, they steal your heart. Then they steal your bed. Guess who gets easily distracted by dogs? Me! How would I describe my favorite people? Fluffy and loyal! I like big mutts and I cannot lie. I love woofers so much! I’m here to pet all the dogs. If you love today as much as we do, raise your paw! It’s time to get this paw-ty started! Just listen carefully and you’ll understand their bow-wows. Leaving pawprints on my heart, one step at a time. Let’s paw-ty! Must. Pet. All. The. Dogs. Not every dog is a good boy. Some are good girls! Paw prints fill the pavement of the road to my heart. Pooches really know how to turn ruff days around. Real friends have fluffy fur and a waggy tail. Stop hounding me! Studies suggest that the average pup is nicer than the average person. Thank heavens for the miraculous caretakers we call dogs. There’s no way I’m going to heaven if there are no dogs there. There’s nothing better than sloppy dog kisses? These loyal creatures ask nothing but your company. They ask for so little, yet deserve so much. They follow those who feed them. They’re a little ruff around the edges, but always fluffy! Who let the dogs out? Without dogs, life is empty. Without even trying, dogs can bring happiness everywhere they go. You can tell by the kindness dogs how a humans should be.

Other Selfie Captions for You and Your Dogs

A dog can fill your heart without trying. Beware of the dog! It will lick its way to your heart. Behold the magnificent pupper! Breath in. Paws. Reflect. Breath out. Dog is God spelled backward. Dog licks can fix everything! Happiness begins with a wet nose and ends with a fluffy tail. Have you ever wiped your dog’s eye boogers away? That’s true love. Here, hold my drink. I must pet this doggy no matter what. Home is where the floof is. I have too many dogs, said no one ever. I love how doggos jiggle their fluffy butts. If mutts knew how to talk, everyone’s secrets would be safe. If you’re not covered in dog hair, then you’re missing something. Just look at this fluffy bundle of joy! Keep calm and pet a dog. Life is always better with a doggy. Live life like a dog and you’ll never know stress. Need a friend? Get a dog. No one is ever wrong for claiming that they have the best dog in the world. Nothing is fake about this friendship. It’s fur real! Only come if you like dogs. Only paw-sitive vibes are allowed. There’s no escaping the pup-arazzi! These beautiful creatures love you more than you love yourself. Wag more, bark less. What’s up, dog? Wish it. Love it. Hug it. Woofers can make anything paw-sible! Would it even be a home if it didn’t have floof hair and foo foo pawprints? You know you’re home when someone excitedly runs to greet you. You had me at woof.

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