1. Regular Site Update

The first and very important is to keep update your site content regularly. All the search engines always love new content. Try to update your site on daily basis, but if you can’t do it on daily basis you must update site 3 times a week to get best results.

2. Optimize Website Performance

Website performance is another key feature to get search engine index site content more quickly. Use Google Pagespeed Insight tool to analyze the website performance. Implement the recommendation given by the Google to maximize website performance.

10 Ways To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

3. Create Sitemap

You must create a sitemap on your website, which helps search engines to quickly reach to all pages to your site. Mostly all the CMS have free plugins to generate sitemaps, you can use the easy and quickly generate sitemaps. They also ping to the search engines. For the static sites, you can use online sitemap generators website to create for your site. But you will need to do this every after adding new pages.

4. Use of Webmaster Tools

You must create a Webmaster Tools accounts on search engines like Google. Then submit your sitemap their. After doing this you will see that pages are index more quickly. Webmaster tools also show your all statics about your pages which help us to improve our website pages.

5. Implement Article Interlinking

This is another important part of the SEO of your website. When you write a new article, remember to link your old articles related to that posts. This helps the search bots to quickly crows to the depth.

6. Avoid Duplicate Content

Search engines are to smart. To avoid duplicate content on your website, You can use online piligram checker tools (like this) to verify content is unique before publishing the new content. Also, avoid duplicate content on your own site.

7. Optimize Images

Images are the best tool to show visual data on your website. Always remember to optimize images before publishing on any site. You can find multiple free tools to optimize images

8. Remove Errors from Site

You can use Webmaster tool to find any errors on your website. You can track all error pages like 404 page not found or any other and make a proper 301 redirect to other pages.

9. Be Social

You must create an account on all leading Social media platform and keep submitting your new website pages links theirs. This helps you to create a big audience for your blog where you can reach quickly.

10. Maximum Uptime

The maximum uptime is most important for your blog. Think that a search engine bot came and it found your site down and return back without crawling any pages. So select a hosting provider with 99.999% uptime.

11. Create Robots.txt

You must implement robots.txt file. This is the file used to tell search engines to what to index and what to not. You can block any unused site content to be indexed by search engines.

12. Implement Ping services

Using Ping service is a great way to keep connected with your search engines and keep them informed about the new content. So they quickly index your pages. You can use Ping-O-Matic to update service to update most of the popular search engines that your blog has updated. The WordPress users can use this tutorial to add more ping list URLs to automatically did this.