In this post, I have hand-picked 15 best clock screensavers for Mac that you can use - and are definitely worth checking out - from the minimalist to the darn right creative aesthetic clocks (you’ve got to check out No.7 on the list - the Fractical clock).

1. Fliqlo Screensaver Clock

Fliqlo is a minimalist clock screensaver that shows the current time against a flip-clock style background. The screensaver is available for both Windows and Mac and it’s one of the most popular clock screensavers out there. Probably the most famous of the Mac Clock screensavers, and what most people will have in mind.

2. Aura Clock Screensaver

Created by Gridfiti the Aura clock screensavers that features a clean and minimal design with a. bout of colour. The screensaver shows the current time and can be customised to how you want it. Ideal for those who are wanting an option that is a bit more colorful in nature but isn’t over the top. You can get the Twilight version for free on Gumroad.

3. Flix Clock Screensaver

Again created by Gridfiti but combines the two elements above in a lot of ways, by having the color aspect combined with the flip clock. What makes them particularly clever is that they match the range of colorful iMacs that have been released in the past year. If you want something that is both stylish and classic then this is definitely the one for you.

4. Retro Anime Clock Screensaver

This is a super cool design that takes inspiration from classic Japanese anime. The screensaver shows the current time in a retro-style font. If you are an old-school anime fan, then this is the perfect clock screensaver for you. Certainly something a bit different from what you might be used to.

5. Padbury Clock

This is a great super simple option created by Australian American designer Robert Padbury. The screensaver displays the current time in an elegant and legible font, in either a 12 or a 24 hour format. There are also options for separators to be enabled, as well as a light and dark theme. You can also opt to have it display on your main monitor only if you

6. Grid Clock

An interesting design that shows the current time on a grid. The grid is composed of words and the relevant words are illuminated to show the current time. For example, instead of “3:30 PM” it would be read to as “three thirty”. Looks really sleek and would be great for those who want something a bit different.

7. Fractal Clock

Not sure how practical this is, but it looks stunning. The way it works is that the current time is displayed using fractals. So, as time passes, new fractals are generated and added to the display. It looks amazing and would be great for those who want something a bit more abstract. However, if you want to quickly know the time, then this might not be the best option.

8. Apple Watch on Your Mac

This is a great option for those who want to see what the Apple Watch will look like. The screensaver shows a realistic replica of the Apple Watch, complete with the time and date. It’s a great way to get a preview of the Apple Watch without actually having one. Pretty clever really.

9. Pong Saver

As you can tell by the name, the screensaver shows the screen but also your Mac has a game of Pong against itself . The time is displayed in the middle of the screen. It’s a fun little screensaver that would be great for those who want something a bit more playful.

10. Analogy Clock

Displays the time in a circular fashion, literally. The current time is shown by the position of the hands on a clock face. It’s a really elegant design and would be great for those who want something a bit more stylish. Certainly not going to be for everyone but it’s a really nice option.

11. Simple Clock Screensaver

If you just want a super simple analog clock screensaver then this is the one for you. As the name suggests, it’s a very basic screensaver that just shows the current time. It’s perfect for those who want something that is unobtrusive and just gets the job done. Sam Soffes created a Braun replica theme which you can get for free on Github (see under Sources).

12. Epoch Clock

This is a really clever design that shows the current time as a Unix timestamp. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a way of representing time as a number of seconds since January 1st, 1970. So, for example, the current time might be 1414141414. It’s a bit of a geeky option but it’s still really cool.

13. World Clock

It highlights appropriate words to tell you the current time, a little bit like the grid clock screensaver. However, it also shows the time in different time zones around the world. So, if you have family or friends in different parts of the world, this is a great way to keep track of what time it is for them.

14. Clock of Clocks

This is somewhat creative take on a screensaver. It shows a number of different clocks, all displaying the current time. However, each clock is in a different style. So, you might have an analog clock, a digital clock, a binary clock, and so on. It’s a great way to see time in a variety of different ways.

15. Tudor Clasic Clock

Takes the idea above but actually showcases a classic watch showing the time. This is a really elegant screensaver and would be great for those who want something a bit more stylish. Makes up for not having the real thing? So there you have it, 15 different clock screensavers for your Mac. Hopefully, you’ll find one that you like. If not, then there are plenty of others to choose from. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not go about trying to create your own Mac OS clock screensaver? It’s actually not as difficult as you might think.


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