YouTube has contributed to the popularity of numerous worldwide creators, who have become internet celebrities at all effects: youtubers. Italy makes no exception: several funny YouTube channels have gained hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers in this country. If you want to have a laugh while practicing Italian if you’re studying it, this article will list some of the funniest Italian youtubers with the most subscribers.

1. theShow

theShow are a duo made up of Alessio Stigliano and Alessandro Tenace. They are among the most followed YouTubers in Italy, and their career is not limited to the web, as they also participated in television programs. The theShow duo has been successful by importing a trendy format on YouTube from the US: social experiments and pranks played on people met by chance on the street. Arming themselves with a lot of courage and entertaining spectators who would never want to be in their place, the theShow duo tries every unimaginable prank: they try to sleep on people in the subway, they engage in embarrassing situations like telling people on the street that they are ugly and see the reactions, or fake to have diarrhea around people, and many other things. To make it all more engaging is the format “Detto Fatto,” literally “Said, Done.” Viewers comment on theShow videos with ideas for other pranks, and the two guys will have to go around playing them. It is undeniable: Alessio and Alessandro have great courage to play their pranks on unknown people, and sometimes they even risked being beaten or reported by some impatient people. But this is the point: they are willing to do things that most of their viewers would be afraid to even think about, and perhaps this is one of the biggest secrets of their success.

2. Scherzi di Coppia

The title means “Couple Jokes,” and the channel has been the primary source of entertainment for those who love to see a couple play the most unlikely jokes between them. In the video above, for example, she cooks pasta for him using the water from the toilet and filming everything, then shows the scene to him while he eats. Luca Lattanzio and Katia Brivio conquered hundreds of thousands of fans in Italy until they decided to break up for personal reasons.


FRENCHMOLE is a group of Apulian YouTubers famous in Italy for their video parodies about typical situations at school or when hanging out with friends. The video above, for example, shows what happens when drunk.

4. iPantellas

iPantellas are a duo of youtubers who, like FRENCHMOLE, are famous for video parodies. The two guys, Jacopo Malnati and Daniel Marangiolo, have also sung several songs, thus not limiting themselves to parodies on YouTube. The video above shows what a school would be if students and teachers were always sincere. For example, in one scene, you see a professor asking a student if he has studied for the interrogation. He answers no, but he would say random things to try to reach sufficiency waiting for his schoolmates to suggest the correct answers, which is actually what usually happens in schools if one has not studied.

5. Frank Matano

“Frank Matano” is the pseudonym of Francesco Matano, an Italian-American youtuber and TV personality famous for his videos of phone jokes, but also for some pranks played, like theShow’s ones, on random people. In the video above, for example, Frank Matano fakes farting in front of people, also secretly reproducing the sound of a fart recorded on his phone.

6. Vincenzo Tedesco

Vincenzo Tedesco is an Italian tiktoker and youtuber. Born in 1997, it mainly produces short comedy videos, making fun of everyday situations and describing stereotypes such as, for example, the types of people you can meet at the beach or in the pool.

7. Tutto Spot 80

Tutto Spot 80 is a collection of vintage Italian commercials from the 1980s and 1980s. The channel has enjoyed considerable success, like several content creators, awakening both the nostalgia of those who lived through the 1980s and the curiosity of young people to watch television commercials from another era.

8. Sim1workout

“Sim1workout” is the pseudonym of Simone Carotenuto, a famous youtuber passionate about bodybuilding who creates sports-related vlogs. One of his popular formats is paying people that achieve to withstand some sporting challenges that it proposes from time to time. In the video above, he gave €1 for every 30 seconds of plank.

9. FavijTV

Lorenzo Ostuni, also known as Favij, is one of the most famous Italian youtubers ever. He is famous for making gameplay videos, and his career also went beyond YouTube by casting in two movies (Game Therapy, 2015, and Mollo Tutto e Apro un Chiringuito, 2021). He finally wrote an autobiographical book, Sotto le Cuffie (2015).

10. TheBorderline

TheBorderline is a group of youtubers famous for their extreme videos, which include absurd challenges and breathtaking adventures. This kind of video is also successful in the US, with MrBeast as the best-known content creator.

11. St3pNy

Stefano Lepri, also known as St3pNy, is a youtuber passionate about video games, mainly Minecraft. He also makes other kinds of videos, like pranks.

12. Peter Ace

Peter Ace is a famous Italian YouTuber, TikToker. and influencer who is famous for videos in which he pays something to random people or gives money to the homeless. He is also famous for videos in which he tries new challenges, like eating only pizza for a week or living a day on a penny.

13. Seoul Mafia

Marco Ferrara, also known as “Seoul Mafia,” is an Italian guy who lives in South Korea. His videos show some facts about the country, its food, and its traditions. It’s one of the best channels to follow in Italy for people curious about life in South Korea.

14. Rimoldigno

Rimoldigno is the Youtube nickname of Simone Rimoldi, an Italian guy who started making gaming videos, then switched to pranks, mainly played on his parents, like the video above, in which he simulated the police entering the house during the night.

15. Daniele Doesn’t Matter

Daniele Selvitella, better known as Daniele Doesn’t Matter, is one of the first Italian youtubers to succeed, and he is famous for his storytelling videos. The video above talks about ten vices common among people. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2022 Alessio Ganci

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