S. Hermann & F. Richter, CC0, via Pixabay Whether it’s a post, a tweet, a selfie, a groupie, or whatever social media activity you enjoy, this collection will engage you with a myriad of quotes and caption ideas. Now it’s all just a matter of choosing whether to keep it simple, short, funny, cute, creative, flirty, or festive. It’s Christmas, so follow your heart and do what you gotta do.

Short Christmas Captions

All is jolly. Bah, humbug! Believe in your elf. Blessings, peace, and love. Christmas calories don’t count! Christmas is here! Christmas vibes only. Cold but happy. Everyone happy, everything okay. Fa la la la. Feelin’ frosty. Happy Christmas! Happy Holi-yays! Ho ho ho! Hot chocolate weather. I smell presents! I’m the Christmas miracle. Making spirits bright. Merry everything! Oh, deer. Oh, fudge! Son of a nutcracker! Sweater weather! You better not pout.

The Best Christmas Quotes You Can Use as Taglines

All is calm, all is bright. All the pathways lead to home for the holidays. Christmas is in the air, and I’m living for it! Christmas is love in action. Eat, drink, and be merry. Friendship is the greatest gift; and I have received it. Good tidings of cheer and glee. Happy memories made during Christmas are extra precious. Homemade happiness feels the best! Home is the best place to be during the holidays. The true essence of Christmas can be found not in the presents, but in the presence of everyone you love. Listen to the joyful music and let it fill your heart. Live every day like it’s Christmas. Love will keep us all warm. Joyful, merry, and blessed. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! No one cares about the cold when they’re happy. Sugar and spice make the holidays nice. Treat every day like Christmas. There’s nothing more real than the spirit of Christmas. This time of the year is the most wonderful of all. What’s under the Christmas tree is nothing compared to what’s around it. You know it’s Christmas when your wallet is empty but your heart is full.

Funny Holiday Captions

All I want for Christmas is…food! Don’t blame Christmas; you’ve been fat the rest of the year. Festival of lights? More like festival of carbs! For your gift this Christmas, I’m making a donation in your name into my bank account. For your present, it’s either a warm hug or a snug choke-hold. Choose wisely! Have I been naughty this year? Well, I hope one of the reindeer eats the “naughty” list. Ho, ho, ho? More like ha, ha, ha! I like Santa Claus because he only visits once a year. Every guest should follow his example. I put the “ho” in “ho, ho, ho!” I think this selfie would be perfect on top of the Christmas tree. I want a fat bank account and a slim waist for Christmas this year. You better not mix those two up, Santa! Instead of French hens and turtle doves, just give me money please! It’s a good thing Santa didn’t see my browser history. Let’s all bow our heads before Christmas dinner for a reason other than staring at our phones. May the force to avoid holiday carbs be with you. Ready to hand out some cookies to make my friends fat. The fatter they get, the thinner I will look. The battle between me and carbs is the real war this Christmas. The reason why we should always jingle all the way is because nobody likes half-assed jingles.

Cute and Sweet Holiday Slogans

A perfect day for cuddling and snuggling. Christmas wishes and mistletoe kisses. Do you know what I love more than the gift? The giver. Gingerbread hugs and peppermint kisses to all! I don’t really want much for Christmas. I just want the person reading this to be happy and loved. If you want to feel a warm hug from the inside, just drink hot chocolate. May my stunt to lie down under the Christmas tree serve as a reminder to my family that I’m a gift. Kindness is free, so let’s sprinkle it everywhere. Let’s laugh all day, play like there’s not tomorrow, and jingle all the way! Like the Christmas lights, let’s get lit! Mistletoe, sunshine, and good times. My presence is really the only gift you need. Merry Christmas! No one can stop me from eating a whole batch of cookies today! Sweet and twisted. Does that make me a candy cane? Sweet as a Christmas cookie. The snuggle is real. Tis the day where all creatures are merry-minded. Under the Christmas tree is where I’ll be, because I’m a gift to all.

Creative and Witty Catchphrases for Christmas

All I’m saying is you rarely see a person crying and eating cookies at the same time. All my savings just disappeared! Is this what they meant by Christmas wonder? All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies. Now put your hands up! Besides the tree, guess who’s going to get lit all day? Brace your elves, Christmas is here! But first, let me take an elfie. Christmas cheer? I thought I heard Christmas beer. Dear big, fat, judgmental jerk, I just want to tell you that I’ve been naughty this year and it was all worth it! Forget about the presents, my thoughts will always be with you. After all, it’s the thought that matters. Have your selfie a merry little Christmas. Here’s my resting Grinch face. Here’s to Jesus for once again boosting our economy this December. Ho-ho-home for Christmas! I feel better knowing Santa will also be unemployed after Christmas. I’m super excited! I’ve been waiting for this merry day since December 26! I’ve decided to give everyone my opinion instead of presents this year. Be excited! Let’s go to the kitchen and whisk everyone a merry Christmas. May everyone’s digestive system handle the feast like a champ. May your regifting practice go undetected this year. My spirit animal is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Oh come let us adore me. Snowy hair, don’t care. It’s Christmas! Today, I will sleigh Christmas! Who needs presents when my presence is all you’ll ever need?

Flirty Christmas Captions

Baby, it’s freakin’ cold outside. Please warm me up. Feel free to join me under the warm blankets. Getting Christmas cozy with my baby. Guess what? I’m on the naughty list. I love big bells and I cannot lie. I’ll be wearing my ugliest sweater so you can rip it off my body. If you wanna see me jingle, just give me a present. It was love at frost sight. Meet me at the mistletoe. Naughty is the new nice! Not even your ugly Christmas sweater hide how hot you are. Now that Santa’s done delivering gifts, it’s time to be naughty. Single and ready to jingle. Taste my winter wonderland! Unwrap me, slowly. Today, I’ll be as hot as the hot chocolate. Wanna sign-up on the naughty list with me? Whatever happens between you and me under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe. You are the jingle to my bells. You are the marshmallow to my hot cocoa. You are the nut to my cracker. You are worth melting for. You’re the only thing I want for Christmas. Like seriously, get in the box!

Other Taglines You Can Use on Christmas

A toast to a bright tomorrow! December 25th is the only day I become a morning person. Drink up, Grinches! It’s Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season. Keep calm and have a merry Christmas. Keeping warm under the blanket. Let’s all sing loud for everyone to hear! May the love of Christ fill the homes of everyone. May this Christmas shine bright with the hope of God’s unconditional love. My fat pants are ready. My holiday weight gain is in no way an indication of increased jolliness. My living room is a glorious mess! Peace to everyone on earth! Sing the Christmas carols! The cold never bothered me anyway. The holiday season has cast a spell on me! Turn on the Christmas lights and make everything merry and bright. Wishing everyone the best this season has to offer! 150  Christmas Quotes and Caption Ideas - 57150  Christmas Quotes and Caption Ideas - 14150  Christmas Quotes and Caption Ideas - 61150  Christmas Quotes and Caption Ideas - 63150  Christmas Quotes and Caption Ideas - 23