Andy Hay via Unsplash; Canva There’s just no resisting the charm of donuts. The taste, the shape, the toppings, the fillings—they are so irresistible! The possible forms and flavors are innumerable. Plus, they all look so good! Besides eating them, everyone likes taking photos of donuts. And when there are photos, captions and quotes are there to complement them. So, if you have a photogenic donut that you wish to share to the world, then this collection of captions and quotes is just the thing that you need!

The Best Donut Captions

A donut in both hands is my idea of a well-balanced diet. Abs sure are great, but have you ever heard of doughnuts? After working out, I always eat donuts. Just joking! I don’t workout. All we need is love…and doughnuts! Always say “yes” to donuts. But first, doughnuts. Check out my six-pack…box of donuts. Did you know? The center of a ring doughnut has zero calories? Donuts above anything else. Don’t deny it. I know you want it badly. Doughnuts don’t judge;they understand. Exercise is proof that I love my body. And donuts? Oh, I love donuts more than anything else. Glazed, sprinkled, frosted, filled…every doughnut is special. Here’s a dozen reasons to be happy! Humans cannot live on coffee alone. That’s why donuts were invented! I licked it, so it’s mine. I love y’all, but I love donuts more. Is there actually anything that doughnuts can’t do? It’s donut o’clock! Jellied for breakfast, frosted for lunch, cream-filled for dinner, and glazed for in-between meals. Keep calm and eat a doughnut. Let it rain donuts and wait for the sunshine! Life is short; eat more doughnuts. Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections. Misery’s a pain, so grab a donut. My circle of friends consists of doughnuts. My soulmate might be a donut. Never skip doughnut day. Nothing does a quicker work of my cravings. Now this is what I call well-rounded meal! One donut can bring happiness to many people. Only doughnuts can give me “that” feeling. Pretty please with glazing and sprinkles on top. Relationship status: Donuts. Research suggests that everyone wants a doughnut. Well, except me, I want two. Rise and shine and shake your legs; it’s donut time! Saving the day with sprinkles. Shout out to my doughnut! Sorry, these donuts are not for sharing. Stop and smell the donuts. Sure, beauty has the power to excite most people. But so does a box of doughnuts! The donut squad is here! The only running I do is on the way to the doughnut shop. This is the only ring I want around my finger. This must be the circle of life. Whatever sprinkles your doughnuts. Who cares about calories anyway? Who in the world normalized sending flowers during hard times?! Donuts are far more practical. With a doughnut in one’s own hands, anything is possible. Yes, donut Is my middle name. You only live once. Devour the dozen!

Short Donut Captions and Inscriptions

A sweet treat. A treat for my senses. Another one, please. Cheaper than therapy. Conveying love through donuts. Craving for donuts. Dark roast and donuts. Delightful treats! Donut paradise! Donuts are life! Donuts, please. Dunk it better. Embrace the grease. Glazed and delicious. Gobbling up all I can. Going nuts about doughnuts. Good donuts, good moments. I love doughnuts! I regret nothing. Just got a dozen. Life happens, donuts help. Living life the doughnut way. Love at first bite. Love. Life. Donuts. Making today special. Mmmmm…doughnuts… New day. Fresh donuts. Not your ordinary doughnuts. Picture-perfect donut. Satiating with every bite. Sweet doughnuts just for me. Road trips and donuts. Taste the perfection. Tastes like magic. Think inside the box. True delights in a box. Will run for doughnuts.

The Most Delectable Donut Quotes

A donut is a sprinkled incarnate of happiness. And the doughnut wore a glazed expression as it was about to be devoured. Coffee alone isn’t enough. Have a donut! Donut lovers are the best kind of people. Donuts are a valid excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Donuts may look small, but one should never belittle their power. Everyone deserves good things like doughnuts. Everything is better with donuts. Eyes on the doughnut, not on the hole. Focusing on one’s own goal (and not on the donut hole) is what life is all about. Happiness is knowing there are doughnuts. In moments of doubt, trust your instincts and eat a donut. In order to achieve inner peace, you need to search deep inside yourself. Is there a doughnut in there? If there’s none, then you need to take action immediately. It is proven that a donut is topologically distinct from a sphere. Live life with a doughnut in your hand. Luckily, self-centered donuts don’t exist. My hypothesis is that we’re all basically just a bunch of doughnuts. Never trust anyone who doesn’t like donuts. No one can withstand the temptation of having a doughnut. One of the best ways to celebrate something is by eating a doughnut. Optimists see the donut; pessimists see the hole. Put your trust in the wonderful taste of a doughnuts! Some people are really terrible at resisting the temptation of donuts. The only circle of trust everyone should keep is a donut. What a dream it would be if I could steal a doughnut truck and go on a high speed chase with the police. When life throws a donut your way, you eat it. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy doughnuts, and that’s basically the same thing.

Pun-Glazed Donut Captions

Do or donut. There is no try. Donut forget about me. Donut give up on your dreams. Donut judge me. Donut kill my vibe. Donut let anyone tell you you’re less than astounding. Donut panic. Donut stress. Just do your best. Donut worry, be happy. Eat more hole foods! Everyone’s getting glazy! Going out in a glaze of glory. Have a dough-lightful day! Hole me close to your heart. Hole-y moley! I donut know what to do without you. I love donuts a hole lot! I only eat hole foods. I want a hole lifetime of sweet pleasure. I’m do-nuts about you! Leave me alone, I donut care. Oh, donut even. Oh, hole-y night. Please, donut disturb me. So a-dough-rable! Sweet and hole-some The hard work was all for do-naught. We weir-doughs gotta stick together. You donut want to miss this! You mean dough much to me. You drive me glazy.

More Donut Catchphrases and Taglines

A pack I will always come back to. All the donut lovers come in large numbers. Can’t get anything better than this fresh dozen. Desperate to have abs, but I also want a dozen doughnuts. Donut addict. Every time I choke on some veggie, I always think: “I bet a doughnut wouldn’t do this to me.” Feed me donuts and I’m yours. Fresh doughnuts are nigh impossible to resist. Glazed donuts are the best! Happiness is eating two doughnuts simultaneously. Hooray for jelly donuts! I love you to the doughnuts and back. I observe donuts with delicious fervor. I will never stay anywhere where I can’t freely eat doughnuts. I’m getting real sick of donuts having calories. I’m just a simple human, sitting in front of veggies, asking them to be a doughnuts instead. I’ve got ninety nine donuts because I already ate one. Just like a glazed doughnut, I’m simple but with a coat of elegance. Let change begin with a single donut. Lick the frosting off a doughnut and it magically transforms into a healthy bagel. Like a ring donut, I sometimes feel empty inside. Living a life that is made of frosting, sprinkles, and filling. Look at those vibrant sprinkles. Making life a little bit sweeter. Meetings? I only attend them for the doughnuts. Nothing can beat a good donut. Nothing comes between me and my doughnut. Once upon a time, I ate a donut without sprinkles. Cripes, diets are really hard! Sprinkles are just glitter for doughnuts. Straight out of the oven. That moment when you open a box of donuts and you forget all of your problems. The big difference between want and need is that I like I want abs, but I need doughnuts. The only ring I’ll ever need. The world is already full of bagels. Be a donut instead. These are the doughnuts that’s got everybody hooked. We go together like coffee and donuts. What I really need is an extended nap, a cup of coffee, and a box of doughnuts. What’s the difference between donuts and your opinion? Well, I asked for donuts. Who needs a workout buddy when you can have a doughnut buddy? You’re cute and all, but I’m not sharing my donut. You’re the sprinkles to my doughnut. 150  Donut Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 49150  Donut Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 62150  Donut Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 70150  Donut Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 26150  Donut Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 4150  Donut Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 37