Jay Wennington via Unsplash; Canva Since our favorite day is here, why not post something triumphant or celebratory about it? For starters, you can greet everyone with a happy-day caption or two. Then, you can go all the way by spreading the festive mood and partying like there’s no tomorrow. As for captions and quotes, we’ve got plenty of them in this collection! Feel free to pick whichever you like, and post away. Remember to put your heart and soul into everything you do today. Have a blast!

The Best Friday Captions

Alive. Breathing. Living. Blessed. Good. At long last, the busy week is coming to a close. Be happy. Be thankful. Be blessed. Best. Day. Ever. Cheers to the weekend. Current mood: Party! Did you check the news this morning? It’s all good, especially the part where it says it’s Friday today! Do you know what’s next? Yup, the weekend! Eager to do something festive this weekend? Go for it! End of the week, end of the grind. Enjoy your life. Everyone has their favorite superhero. Mine is Friday. Eyes on the prize, you’re super close to it! Feeling Fridaylicious! Fri-yay! Get up, be happy, and celebrate life! Go on, dress like you’re going to an extravagant party tonight. The weekend is upon us all! Guess what my favorite F-word is. Hang out with your friends tonight and have fun! Have a wonderful day. How quickly we rise after falling is what sets the tone for our weekends. I did. I’m done. End of story. If you see me working today, keep in mind that I’m just keeping appearances. I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! It’s Friday, so act like it. Just keep going, we’re getting really close to the weekend. Keep calm and party all night. Know your successes and make them meaningful. Let the good times roll. Let’s party all night! Live. Dream. Love. Make today worth all the effort and sacrifices you’ve made the whole week. My boss told me earlier: “Have a good day!” Thus, I’m going home early. Netflix and chill. Now or never. Oh Friday, let me hold you close and shower you with hugs and kisses. Party, party, party! Rise up and attack the day with fervor and zeal. Seize the day! Splurging on food today because why not? TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday! Thank God I’m still alive. To be happy—it’s all that matters! Tonight, we get wasted! Treat yourself today. We can all rejoice because it’s finally the best day of the week again. Well, well, well, look what finally showed up today—Friday! What a splendid feeling it is to have had survived the week! You bring the good alcohol, and I’ll bring the terrible decisions. You’re finally free! Do what your heart tells you to do.

The Most Festive Friday Quotes

A little party never killed anybody. Almost everyone is at their happiest on Fridays. Any day can be Friday if you put your heart into it. Baby steps or milestones, always remember to celebrate your successes. Be proud of the fact that you made it through the week. Be the reason someone smiles today. Cheers to the nights we’ll most likely forget with the friends that we’ll always remember. Do whatever is good for your soul. Don’t forget to rejoice in your accomplishments no matter how small. Despite the fact that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, it’s still heaps better than Monday the whatever. Every day can be Friday if you believe in it. Everything in moderation—including Fridays! Fight the fight, keep the faith, and finish strong. Food always tastes better on Fridays. Friday is proof that better days always come. Friday may fly like a bird and seem like the shortest day of the week, but it’s the most exciting one! Good things always take time. Gratefulness can go a long way. Be sure to end each day with a heart full of gratitude. Greet Friday with enthusiasm, hopefulness, and a million smiles. Happiness is knowing that you won’t be needing your alarm clock for the next day. Happy Friday to those who went beast mode during the week. May you all find something to celebrate today. Keeping Fridays confined takes a lot of effort because they always spill over. Life is good, especially on Fridays. Many people have made Friday their favorite day of the week because it’s the day almost all friends, relatives, and close people meet, celebrate, and plan even more celebratory meetings. Never forget to pause and reflect. You’ve made progress. No one is ever sad on a Friday. Occasionally, the tiniest steps we make in the right direction can leave the largest footprints in our life. On days when smiles are abundant, it’s best to indulge in happiness. People are a lot kinder on Fridays, so use the opportunity to make more friends. Reward yourself generously today, for you have fulfilled the personal promise you made last Monday. Sometimes, all you need to do is put all of your problems behind you and remember that you deserve all the best. Stay strong, the weekend is coming. Streams can cut through rock not because they are powerful, but because they are tenacious and unrelenting. The final day of the workweek deserves a celebratory feast. Though the world may be facing obliteration, you will not because it’s Friday. Today, all plans of productivity are thrown out of the window. We’re all just children posing as professionals, counting the days until Friday. What is meant to be will always find a way. And yeah, I’m talking about Friday. When you are tired, rest! Don’t quit. You will never experience this day again, so make it worth your while.

Creative and Witty Friday Captions

Abso-Friday-lutely! Ah, the golden child of the weekdays. All dressed up with everywhere to go. Be the energy you want to attract. Better days are coming, specifically, Saturday and Sunday. Boom shakalaka! Celebrate, for tomorrow you can roll out of your bed with a big smile on your face. Comfort food and tasty drinks await at the end of the day! Don’t forget that the grind includes Friday. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it! Friday’s timing is always impeccable. It arrives just in time to prevent me from resorting to violence to take all the stress and weight off my shoulders. Goodbye, multi-tasking. Hello, multi-slacking! Friday, I’ve been thinking about you all week. Fried food will be on the menu! After all, it’s Fryday! Fri-nally! Happiness, I choose you! Here’s a high five for surviving the week. Hibernating till Monday. Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, Friday! Honestly speaking, working today is just a formality. Hugs not ughs. I actually don’t work on Fridays. I only make appearances. I hope Monday comes sooner, said no one ever. If Friday was a person, I would marry him/her in a heartbeat. If Monday is to whine, then Friday is to wine. It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails. I’m automatically 90% nicer after 4pm on Fridays. Just remember that you can use “Ehh, it’s Friday” as a valid excuse for anything today. Ladies and gentlemen, the day we’ve all been waiting for is here. Logging out. May today be the Fridayest Friday that ever Fridayed. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Partyday! My emotions are in full swing today. Not feeling worky today. Now watch me sip. Now watch me lay. Out and about. Shake your pom-poms, yeah! Slay your Friday and sparkle. Time to wine instead of whine. Tonight, I’m going to date my bed. We’re definitely sleeping together. Wake up and smell the festive spirit. Wander around, you’re finally free. Watch me spend the rest of the smiling, laughing, and giggling. When the Monday is away, the Friday will play. Whoever you are, wherever you are, may today be your day! You know what rhymes with Friday? Partay!

Even More Friday Quotes and Captions

All work done! Be proud of how you are trying. Causing some ruckus tonight! Congratulations to everyone who had a meaningful and productive week. Did you fall down during the week? Now is the best day to stand up! Don’t stress too much about work. Do what you can and wrap it all up with finesse. Feels like I’ve been released from jail. Fill your soul with love and warmth today. For some reason, today reeks of fun and excitement. Forget all the bad things and just have a spectacular day. Freedom is here, at last! Fri-yeah! Give yourself some credit for surviving the week. Go all out. Now! Before you know it, Monday is back again. Good vibes only. Guess who got a lot of work done today. Not me, but congratulations to whoever did. Hello, Friday! I’ve been expecting you. Here’s to the weekend. It’s all about progress, not perfection. It’s an “add to cart” kind of day. I’ve got that Friday feeling. Just a little more, you can do it! Just survived another week. Let’s celebrate! Make this day a good one! No better time than now. No plans, no problems. Nothing can ruin my day today. On Fridays, I want my espresso in a martini. Say farewell to the week, and greet the weekend with enthusiasm. So long, weekdays. So long, suckers! Smile, you made it. Tonight, I’m drinking until I’m someone else’s problem. Trust the wait. Unproductive days like Friday demand productive revelries and partying. Well, aren’t we all happy today? What a wonderful day it is today. When you leave work on Friday, make sure to actually leave it. Whew, I made it to Friday. Yay for Friday! You’re almost there. Don’t lose your spark.

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