Kon Karampelas, CC0, via Unsplash Before anything else, I’d like to tell you that I have mad respect for people who try their best to make other people laugh. Since you’re here, you must be one of them. So, my salutations to you! Now, let’s get down to funky business! This right here is a collection of over a hundred and fifty funny catchphrases that you can use on your TikTok bio. You can straight-up plug any of these bio ideas on your TikTok profile, or improve upon them and create something even more humorous. Really, it’s all up to you! Clowns to the left, and jokers to the right. Let’s make everyone in the middle laugh until they drop!

Hilarious Bio Ideas for TikTok

Alas, I’m afflicted with “awesomeness.” And there’s no curing it. At least three people on TikTok wants to stab me, and I consider that a win. Attention: I need your attention! Behind most of us on TikTok, there’s someone rolling their eyes. Can’t seem to remember who I stole this bio from or for what reason. Clever, funny, and silly—straight up class act! Clowns ain’t got nothing on me. I should run for office in the future! Don’t look now, but your cat is judging you. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here having the usual allergic reaction to life. Fabulous has eight letters and so does meeeeeee. Free your pockets! Gimme all your cash. Getting fatter would be so much cooler if you could control where the weight goes. God bless this spicy disaster! Golly, I’m pooping a lot today. Hot as I may be, I’m not the cause of the melting ice in Antarctica. How old I am is irrelevant! I’m still going to the bouncy castle! I have mastered the art of being handful. I just want to ride a T-Rex into the sunset. I still don’t understand TikTok, yet here I am! I murmur “wtf” to myself one hundred times a day. I’d rather steal your dessert than your significant other. I’m bored and hungry and the odds are good that TikTok is going to pay the price. If you break your spaghetti in half, we cannot be friends. It’s the friends that you can call to clean up the murder that matter. Just swallowed a magnet. Am I attractive now? Keep distance. I’m the nicest rude person around here! Let me annoy you for a few seconds. Life’s a party and I’m the piñata. Marry someone who makes you laugh? Bruh, I can’t marry myself. My favorite essential oil is chili oil. My homework ain’t done, but I sure am. Now serving good looks and good laughs. One of my biggest fears is a serial killer saying something funny while I’m playing dead. Pee on them to assert dominance. Putting quotes in bios is dumb. Really hate how chocolates melt on my hands so fast, like, am I that hot?! Sometimes, I look up at the sky and wonder: “what the fcking fck?!” The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest! There’s never been a better time to be stupid. Too goofy for life. Used to think I was a tad bit indecisive, but now I’m not quite sure. Want to feel good? Then wiggle that tailbone. Don’t lie, I know you did. What is this place? And how the heck did I get here? Why cry for someone when you can laugh next to someone else? Who stole my motivation? Please return it. You’re lucky my good looks couldn’t kill.

Witty Catchphrases for Your TikTok Bio

A firm believer of annoyed at first sight. A weirdo, but I’m real though. All of my puns are intended. At least mosquitoes find me attractive. Bedtime can be anytime of day. Being in a pickle sounds nice. Cake is just eggs that got a serious glow up. Don’t follow me because I don’t really know where I’m going. Draw me like one of your conclusions. Everyone deserves a third chance. Fair Warning: Don’t. Forget the unreachable, and just hug your own damn self. Glowing with the flow. Hey, are you reading my bio again? Holding my laugh at serious times is the hardest thing ever. Humble, with just a hint of Kanye. I am very shy, it’s both my saving grace and my demise. I did the math. Nothing adds up. I don’t want a partner in crime. That’s me time. I have a funny TikTok video coming out tomorrow. Check back for laughs! I kinda feel sorry for people who don’t know me yet. I may be wrong, but I doubt it. I’m here to avoid my other social network friends. I’m just here to make it uncomfortable. I’m quitting TikTok. Change my mind. Instead of fight or flight, I nap or snack. Just got out of bed and I already regret it. Late? Too be honest, I didn’t want to show up. Left my sanity around here somewhere. Life is not smiling at you? Give it a good tickling! Like who else are you going to follow? My content is only for the pure of heart. My imaginary friend tells others that I’m their imaginary friend. My superpower? Being seen and invisible at the same time. Namastay in bed. No need to worry about descending into madness. You’ve arrived. No offense to me, but wtf am I doing here?! No one thanks me for the stuff I don’t say. Putting the “do” in “weirdo.” Rolling out of bed because not even the morning can trick me into doing a sit-up. Roses are red, I’m going to bed. So apparently, I’m funny. Some people just need a sympathetic pat. On the back. With a baseball bat. Something wrong in your life? There’s a joke for that. Sorry if I ruined this by participating. Tell your dog I said hi. Time really flies when you ignore important things till the last possible minute. Ugh, do I have to? Watching your TikTok videos makes me feel better about mine. Welcome to the circus! What a time to have to pretend to be alive! Why is it called a bathroom and not a sh*tchen? Why stare at the moon, when you can adore me instead? Y’all wanna know a secret? Too bad, mind ya own business! You don’t like me? I don’t like me either.

Cool And Amusing TikTok Bios

All the things I really like to do are either impure, prohibited, or fattening. Apparently, I look like trouble and fun. As innocent as an angel, as handsome as the devil. Bro, bruh, sis, cuz, fam. Yup, everyone is related now. Clown check! Come here and let me bug you for a while. Do you say “hi” to your pets every time you pass by or are you a monster? Doing it for the hearts. Don’t know what to do? Then start by hitting that follow button. Everyone’s a badass until they fall in love. Getting high and solving mysteries. Gonna be dumb for a while. Good sense of humor, dirty mind, and a kind heart—what a deadly combination! Happy but suspicious. Hey, who are you? Why are you watching my TikTok videos? I came, I saw, I annoyed people on TikTok. I don’t mean to be adorable, yet here I am! I may not be good-looking, but at least I’m not ugly either. I’m in your algorithm now. Get used to it! I’m like 7 percent cute and 98 percent bad at math. I’m only on TikTok to stalk. If you like water, then you already like 70% of me. In five years, I’ll be five years older. I think about it a lot. It’s never too early to get wasted. Just here for the laughs. Let’s sword fight to death to see who gets the last piece of cake. Life is too short to be updating TikTok bios. Like and subscribe. Wait, this is TikTok. Never mind. Making fun of people is my love language. More laughter, less bullsht. My craziness is not everyone’s cup of tea. My mind is in another world. My spirit animal is a hopeless romantic. No fighting in the comments, please. No one calls me a troublemaker these days. I’m losing my touch. Not bringing anything to the table is my specialty. Not to brag but I always win when I compete against myself. Passionate about napping and snacking. Putting the “ok” in “TikTok.” Remember, there would be no defecation without mastication. Scrolling millions of miles with my thumb is my proudest achievement! Single until I know it’s real. So what if can’t dance? I’ll dance anyway. Some people don’t like my TikTok videos, and that’s why I post them. The most important part of a camera is the person in front of it. These days, I only dress up for my TikTok videos. This must be the place where all the fun stuff happens. Transform me into a bird and I’ll sht on whoever you want. Whatever, I’m still fabulous. When I die, I want all my TikTok videos to be played during my funeral. When in doubt, laugh it out. You can always choose the dumpsters you dive into. You can blame global warming for my hotness. 150  Funny TikTok Bio Ideas - 25150  Funny TikTok Bio Ideas - 66150  Funny TikTok Bio Ideas - 60150  Funny TikTok Bio Ideas - 61