Brett Jordan, CC0, via Unsplash So, let’s get down to business. This collection has over a hundred and fifty pizza captions and quotes that you can use anytime you want. Think of the captions and quotes listed here as pizza toppings. Pick whatever you fancy, and enjoy the infinite pizzabilities!

The Best Pizza Captions

A slice of heaven. Are you wondering why there’s a pizza slice in both of my hands? This is what I call a well-balanced meal. After exercising, I eat pizza. Just kidding, I don’t exercise. Always great, never greasy. Being slim sounds nice, but have you ever heard about pizza? Better than a relationship. Call me a pizzaphile. Can’t top these toppings! Cheese makes everything better. Did you know that the food pyramid was inspired by the shape of the pizza slice? Don’t worry about trying to please everyone. You’re not pizza. Everything I am, and everything I hope to be, I owe to pizza. Experiencing a rough day? Here, take a slice! Fitness season is right around the corner. Unfortunately, so is the pizza place. Fitness Tip: “If you eat 3 slices of pizza without separating them, it counts as just one.” Have you ever seen anything so round and beautiful in your entire life? I can’t turn lead into gold, but I can turn pizza into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I cut carbs by dividing it into 8 slices. I followed my heart, my brain, and my soul, and they all led me to pizza. I lust for crust! If there’s pizza, then count me in! Is it hot in here, or is it just the hot sauce? It’s only during days that end with “y” that I eat pizza. Let’s get sauced! Me and pizza—it’s a match! My body is fueled by pizza. My survival depends on only two things: “Wifi and pizza!” No matter how much your heart is grieving, if you keep on eating pizza, the dream that you wish will come true. Now this is what I call the circle of life. One day, I will visit my dream destination—The Leaning Tower of Pizza! Oven-fired goodness! Passionate about pizza. People disappoint, pizza never does. Pizza for president! Pizza, hot sauce, and me—the holy trinity of hotness! Pizza is not the answer. It’s the question, and yes is the answer! Pizza tastes better than skinny feels. Saved by pizza! The biggest lie I tell myself is: “I’m going to eat one slice of pizza.” The cheesier, the better! There’s no “we” in pizza. Think outside the pizza box! This is making my face blush with the color of pepperoni. Through thick and thin, pizza has always been there for me. Torn between doing cardio and doing pizza. Wanna see me make this pizza vanish into thin air? We live in a society where pizza arrives before the police or the ambulance. What a cutie pie! When I say that love is in the air, that means I smell pizza. Who said you can’t eat a whole pizza? Scrap that negativity from your life! Why cook when you can get pizza delivered to you? Unlike promises, pie crusts are made to be broken. VIP means Very Important Pizza. Yes pizza, I will marry you.

The Cheesiest Pizza Quotes

A slice a day keeps the gloominess away. A slice on your plate is a smile on your face. All the best things are round. Be happy. Be yourself. If you can be pizza, then that’s even better! Can it even be called a party if there’s no pizza? Don’t waste your time contemplating about life. Contemplate on where you’re going to get your next pizza. From now on, I’m going to try eating healthy. Oh look, a pizza! Happiness is extra pepperoni. I dream of eating pizza even when I’m already eating one. I eat pizza because you are what you eat, and I want to be the best thing ever. I’m doing the “Ninja Turtles” diet. It’s perfectly fine to consume a whole pizza all by yourself. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your pizza closest. Less drama, more pizza. Let this pizza serve as a reminder that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter how you slice it, pizza is the best! Pizza can fix everything! If it can’t, then we’ve got a real problem. Pizza is a synonym for happiness. Pizza is an acceptable meal at any time of the day. Pizza makes my world go round. Roses are red, pizza sauce is, too. I ordered a large, and none of it is for you. Say no to drugs, say yes to pizza. Small or large, round or square, thick or thin—every pizza is special! Square box, round pizza, triangle slices. I’m confused! Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to disagree? The best kind of food is eaten with bare hands. The good thing about pizza is that you can use it as a real-time pie chart of how much you have left. The long wait is over! Pizza is here! Two pizza slices are always better than one! Viva la pizza! When it comes to pizza toppings, never limit yourself by other people’s limited imagination. Work hard and eat lots of pizza. You can’t have just one slice.

Pun-Stuffed Pizza Captions

Abra-ca-pizza! Always crust your instincts. Another one bites the crust. Blessed are the pizza-makers, for they shall be called children of God. Cheesus Crust! Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the toppings. Every pizza me loves every pizza you. Hasta la pizza, baby. Hello, slice to meet you. Holy pepperoni! I fell in love at first bite. I have a crust on you. Imagine the pizzabilities! Live free, pie hard. Love, joy, faith, hope, and pizza. Make pizza, not war. Oregano? Orega-yes! People who don’t like eating pizza are weirdoughs. Pizza be with you! Pizza comes from within. Do not seek it without. Pizzachu, I cheese you! Rest in pizza. Sending everyone a pizza offering. Seven days without pizza makes one weak. Slice, slice, baby. Spread pizzativity, not negativity. The slice is right. This must be love at first slice. You wanna pizza me, tough guy? You’re a real pizza work! You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.

More Pizza Catchphrases and Taglines

A pizza that has radius “z” and height “a” has volume equal to Pi × z × z × a. All of me loves all of you. All your curves and all your edges. Always in the mood for pizza. Because who can survive this world without pizza, right? By the power of pizza! Cheese, crust, and sauce—the holy trinity of food! Deep dish is delish! Dibs on the last slice! Every pizza topping is special. Learn to love them all. Exercise? I thought you said extra slice. Extra cheese, please! Feed the beast with a pizza feast! Find someone who will look at you the way I look at my pizza. For some reason, the symbol “<3” looks like a pizza to me. Hanging out with my home slice. Hot and ready. How do I like my veggies? On pizza, of course! I wish I knew how to quit you. I wish pizza and love for everyone! I’m in love with the shape of you. I’m not sharing. I’m sorry, abs. I love pizza more. Join me for a slice of fun. Just eat it. Just scalded my mouth eating pizza. I don’t understand why the things I love keep hurting me. Let’s get cheesy! Let’s save planet Earth. It’s the only planet where pizza exists. Life happens, pizza helps! Look, pizza has cheese, tomatoes, veggies, chicken, pepperoni, sausage, and more. It has all the nutrients I need! My heart belongs to pizza. No slice is ever too big. One bite and all your dreams will come true. Pepperoni is life! Pizza doesn’t judge. Pizza understands. Power to the pizza! Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats—pizza is a complete meal! Relationship Status: “Love Triangle.” And by love triangle, I meant pizza. Salad tastes pretty good once you add pizza and get rid of the salad. Say cheese! Stuffed crust is a must! The best proof of love is crust. The party can’t start without pizza. The secret ingredient is always cheese. The tomato paste in pizza can even mend a broken heart. There will be no sharing today. What’s my favorite position? It’s sitting on the couch eating pizza. What’s the difference between pizza and your opinion? I only asked for pizza. Who wants pizza? Will plank for pizza. You can always count on pizza. You had me at pizza. 150  Pizza Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 26150  Pizza Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 18150  Pizza Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 57150  Pizza Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 69150  Pizza Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 52