Max Bender via Unsplash; Canva How are you feeling? Are the raindrops reaching the surface of your soul? Is the atmosphere (and ambiance) invoking a change in your mood? Are you suddenly having the urge to capture the moment and immortalize it with a fitting caption? If you’re in a rainy mood right now because of—what else?—the rain, then it’s perfect that you’ve stumbled upon this place! This place holds a sizable collection of rain captions and quotes that you can use on your rain photos, rainy day musings, and whatever rain-charged mood you’re experiencing. So if any of these matches your drip, feel free to use them as you deem fit!

The Best Rain Captions

Accept the rain, not just the sun. Beautiful flowers need both to grow. And I fell for you like raindrops. Bummer! It’s raining. Coffee, books, and rain. Dancing in the rain. Drizzles offer a perfect time for relaxing walks. Eventually, the rain stops. How nice of it, huh? Every drop of rain is singing “I love you, I love you, I love you!” Finding hope in every drop of rain. Fret not, the rain is here to help you grow. Good thing my pocket is full of sunshine. Gray skies and contented sighs. Happy rainy day! I find peace in the rain. I like it when it rains and I can hear the raindrops. I woke to the sound of rain. In this filthy world, I laugh in the endless rain. Kissing in the rain. Let me be your sunshine today. Let’s kiss in the rain, where the rain is so hard that the only thing we see is each other. Live to the rhythm of the rain. Love is walking in the rain together. May this rain wash all my troubles away. Missing the golden sun and the blue sky. My best days are rainy days. Nature, morning, sunrise, and rain. No forcing; what pours, pours. Nothing like falling into slumber while listening to the sound of raindrops falling on the roof. Oh, what a chill and comfortable feeling! Playing with fire under the rain. Rain. Blanket. Popcorn. Netflix. Rainy days are best spent on a comfy couch with a cup of hot tea and a good book. Shower my spirit and water my soul. Sky, why are you so sad? Stuck indoors because of the rain. The sky is depressed, isn’t it? When you ask for rain, you got to be sure that you can deal with mud as well. You’re my umbrella.

Perfect Quotes for Rainy Days

A good rain is a reset for the world A raindrop landing on your cheek is a kiss from someone that lives in heaven and is watching over you. Be like raindrops; embrace freedom and fall wherever, without thinking about it. Behind the somber rain clouds is the sun still burning brightly. Celebrate the rain, for when it ends, the sun shall shine even brighter. Curse not the rain for it brings abundance that drives away thirst and hunger. Don’t waste time waiting for the tempest to pass. Dance along with it. Even on a rainy day, you can be someone’s sunshine. Every drop of rain is exactly how many times the soil thanks the heavens. Far from being synchronized, raindrops still create melodies worth listening to. For rain is a chance to be touched, which is especially true for lonely people. Gentle rain showers make the grass many shades greener. Inner peace will calm any storm. Just because it’s raining along the way doesn’t sunshine is absent in your destination. Like the sky after rain, open yourself up and let everyone see you shine. Many long for longevity; yet, on their own, they find it difficult to find something to do on a rainy day. More often than not, people who are willing to dance with you in the rain would also be willing to walk with you in the storm. No translation is needed for the music created by raindrops. One way to purify your soul is to soak in the rain. People, not the rain, cause mess. Raindrops are capable of poking holes in stone. They do it not through violence, but by gently falling. Regretfully, not every rain shower holds the promise of a rainbow. Someone who loves you will walk with you in the rain. Perhaps they will even play with you in the puddles. The best thing to do when it is raining is to just let it rain. Without rain, there would be no life in this world.

Short Rainy Weather Captions

All is wet. Always dress for the rain. Bed weather. Blessings from above. Busy counting raindrops. Cloudy and drizzly. Cold and gray. Come rain, come shine. Cuddle weather. Drenched in love. Drip, drip, drop. Droplets of grace. Embrace your life’s storms. Everything flows. Food, love, and rain. Gray today, blue tomorrow. Hello, moisture. It’s cold out there. It’s raining men, hallelujah! Kiss me like rain. Let’s cuddle and watch movies. Love me like lightning. Loving rainy days. Missing the sun. My kind of weather. Needed some watering. No rain, no flowers. On cloud nine. Peace of mind. Rain on me. Rain, rain, go away! Ramen weather. Singing in the rain. Solitude in the rain. Sky is sad. Vibing with the raindrops Wet and wild. When it rains, it pours. Without rain, nothing grows. Wrapped in warm blankets. Yeah, I’m not going out.

Funny and Witty Rain Captions

A tad bit of rain. A tad bit of coffee. And a whole lot of you! Are people trying to rain on your parade? Stab them with your umbrella. Be a rainbow in someone’s rainy day. Can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, right? Cold + Rain + Night = Good Sleep! Currently watching raindrops sliding down the window and pretending it’s a race. Do you want a rainbow? Then deal with it! Every falling raindrop is a cloud heartbeat. Falling rain reminds me of you. You’re falling hard, and I am too. Feeling stabby-stabby with my umbrella. Getting drenched alone is a bit lonely. But getting drenched with a good friend? Now that’s a wet and wild adventure! Guess I’m a pluviophile! Halt whatever you’re doing, and meet me in the pouring rain. Hey rain, you’re not going to stop me from shopping! Hmmm… Rain noises would probably make a great soundtrack! I set fire to the rain, baby! If only it rained gumballs instead. Instead of feeling like a main character while walking under the rain, I felt like a wet dog. It feels so safe to do absolutely nothing while it’s raining. Keep calm and dance in the rain. Kissing in the rain sounds romantic, until you wake up the next day with cold and a runny nose. Let’s exchange body heat? Let’s kiss and get twice as wet. Like a pig playing in the mud. Listen carefully, the rain drops are telling you secrets. Looking for sunshine? Here I am! Losing grip, I slip away in the rain. Motivated to do absolutely nothing today! My cute rain boots say hi! My smile is my umbrella during rainy days. My weapon of choice is the umbrella. Never go against the rain. Just get a better umbrella. Oh, it’s raining. Let’s play in the puddles. Okay, okay, I’ll water the plants. OOTD: A matching raincoat and umbrella! Praying for sunshine. Put your head out and drink up all the rain. Rain, coffee, and you. Raindrop, droptop, stressin’ over life nonstop! Save a sweetheart for a rainy day. And another, if the rain doesn’t push through. Shhh… Listen to the rain. Smell the rain and improve your mood. The sky is telling me to take a bath. Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening me. Unpopular Opinion: The sound of rain is extremely annoying! Wet hair, don’t care. When it’s raining, I’m twice as lazy. Why are you sad, sky? Or are those tears of joy? Why would I come out? I ain’t a frog. Yay, confetti from the sky! You simply walk in the rain. I jump in water puddles. We are not the same.

Sentimental Captions for Rainy Moments

Alas, no one can see me crying. All the clouds in me are raining. Any day without you feels like a rainless year. Blessed by the heavens. Clouds look down, just like me. Craving for some delicious coffee-flavored loneliness. Don’t be afraid to get a little wet. Even the sky cries sometimes. Feeling down and moody. From sunshine to rain, from friends to strangers. Giving my tears back to the rain. How much of life do we actually miss just by waiting for the rain to pass? I told the raindrops about you. In my heart, it’s always raining. Is it raining, or is it just me…crying? It’s okay… Just cry it out. Just or unjust, the rain falls on everyone. Lately, the rain has been inspiring me. My soul awakens whenever I catch the scent of rain. Nothing like staying warm and fuzzy at home on a rainy day. Of raindrops and teardrops. Oh sky, why do you cry? Is it because I can’t cry myself? Perhaps it was all about learning how to love the rain. Rain or shine, I feel the same. Showers of sorrow, begone! Through the rain, and through the pain. Where did all the yellow go? With every drop that falls, let every worry drift away. You don’t need to cry alone when it’s raining. You know it’s real love when it has already survived a thousand pouring rains.

Even More Rain Quotes and Captions

A diary, a cup of coffee, and the heavy rain gives me strength to pen down my pain. All is silent, save the dripping rain. Although it’s raining, you’re still my sunshine. Bad weather doesn’t mean bad photos. Be like rain and fall for me. Coffee + Rain = Happiness! Come listen to the rain with me. Don’t stay out in the rain too long. You’ll catch a cold! Find someone who is willing to dance with you in the rain. Hey, what’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? I’d make you a cup of coffee. Just another rainy day. Let the rain lull you to sleep. Let’s dance in the rain. My favorite kind of people are those who smile when it’s raining. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can rain on my parade today. Not even the rain! Open your mouth and drink the rain. Please don’t pray for rain if you’re just going to end up hating it. Rain makes everything clean again. Rain, rain, don’t go away. The sun will come back another day. Rainy days were made for drinking insert your favorite hot drink here. Stay warm and stay safe! There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a nice view on a rainy day. These rainy days will eventually bring growth. Wake me up when the rain is over. Wish you were here with me. Yes, I love the sound of rain. It’s soothing. You think sunshine brings happiness? Wait till you experience dancing in the rain. 150  Rain Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 33150  Rain Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 43150  Rain Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 98150  Rain Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 42