Cody Chan via Unsplash; Canva To honor ramen, people often take snapshots, and share them online. It’s amazing because there’s an infinite amount of aesthetic possibilities for just a bowl of ramen. All that remains afterward is affixing a caption or two. If you love taking photos of ramen, then you’re sure to find this collection of captions and quotes really useful.

The Best Ramen Captions

Add water, boil it for 3-5 minutes, and you’re done! Anytime, anywhere—perfect to have as a meal or a snack! Are you having a rough day? Eat ramen. Broth, egg, pork belly and all—I love ramen! But first, ramen. Call me ramen-sensei! Chopsticks away! Do it for the noodles. Eat. Sleep. Ramen. Repeat. Extra broth, please! Finally, some ramen. Cravings satisfied! Great taste in every drop. Heat it and eat it. Heavenly taste in every slurp. How festive this bowl looks! I cherish ramen and maybe like 2 people. I drink a fair amount of ramen broth. I might have a ramen problem. I spilled ramen on myself and screamed: “But it wasn’t even hot.” I’m the senpai everyone was talking about. I’ve got 99 problems and ramen can solve them all. If I get hospitalized for any reason, I want an ramen IV drip. It’s a noodle kind of night! Just a simple human who loves anime and ramen. Keep calm and eat ramen. Less people, more ramen. Let’s ramen and chill? Miso, shoyu, shio, tonkotsu—I love them all! My body runs on ramen. My taste buds are lighting up like fireworks No matter how famished I get, ramen is what I crave. Nothing can beat this taste! One day, I will become the Hokage! Oodles of noodles for me. Perfect for the cold weather. Proud member of the ramen lovers club. Ramen makes me happy. You, not so much. Reach for the ramen. Slurping away like I don’t care. So many flavors in one bowl. Yummy! Sold my soul for a flavorful bowl of ramen. Sometimes, I wonder if ramen thinks about me too. The only men I like is ramen. Try it once, you get hooked for life. What a massive noodle bowl! When life gives you ramen, you slurp it. Wipe your tears and have a bowl of ramen instead.

Short Captions for Ramen

10% noodles, 90% love. A bowl of happiness. A festival of flavors. Big fan of ramen. Craving noodles. For hungry people like me. Fueled by ramen. Full of awesomeness. Glorious noodles. Happiness in a cup. Happy and contented. Hearty and delicious. Instant breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Invigorating! It’s ramen weather! Itadakimasu! Just noodling around. Kawaii noodles. Looks like a winner! Love at first slurp. Makes my tummy happy. Mmmmm! More noodles, please. Nani?! No ramen, no life. Noodles forever! Noodles with love. Powered by noodles. Ramen lover. Ramen? Ramen! Rich and flavorful. Shining, shimmering, splendid. Slurp, slurp! So much flavor! Snuggling with noodles. Think noodles. Totally worth it! Want some? Get some.

The Hottest Ramen Quotes

A cup of instant ramen can keep the blues away. A life without purpose is like ramen without noodles. A warm bowl of ramen is all we need. All men do is lie. Ramen doesn’t. Anything can wait but ramen. Couples that eat ramen together stay together. Cravings can never be stopped without ramen. Egg, chashu, and spring onions on top, and that’s it. Everybody loves ramen. Everyone has tried “instant noodle diet” at least once in their life. Fantastic days usually begin with ramen. Good food always brings good mood. Happiness is when you eat ramen after feeling absolutely famished. If you put together good flavors, ramen turns into an orchestra. Indeed, ramen is a labor of love and hard work. Never have anyone said “no” to a bowl of ramen. No one hates noodles. Nothing is better than a bowl of hot ramen. Peace will come when the world has enough noodles to eat. Quit, don’t quit. Noodle, don’t noodles. Ramen fuels the genius. Ramen is there to cheer you up on a rainy day. Ramen will always have your back. The more noise you make while eating ramen, the more delicious it becomes. The search for one’s life purpose begins with a cup of instant noodles. There’s no such thing as instant regret when it comes to instant ramen. Unconditional love is difficult to find. Good ramen is even more difficult. When you have a bowl of ramen, you flaunt it. Without noodles, there is no peace. You only live once, so finish the bowl.

Slurp-Worthy Ramen Puns

Amen? Ramen. Do you want to see my noods? Fell in love in an INSTANT! Forever and ever, ramen. Have a souper day! How ramentic! I can shoyu the world. I’m a hopeless ramentic. Just wanted to shoyu how much I love ramen. Let me shoyu my ramen. Life is ramen and I’m a pair of chopsticks. Literally no without the men. I mean ramen! Miso happy! Miso hungry. My favorite font: Times New Ramen! Not souprised that this is so good! Oh, the possi-bowl-ities! Please ramen-ber me. RAM actually stands for “Ramen Access Memory.” Rame ‘N’ Roll! Ramen is my souperhero! Ramen on the way. Send noods. Showing you my noods. Souper duper! With ramen, anything is possi-bowl! You make miso happy!

More Ramen Catchphrases and Taglines

90% of the effort is in the broth. Ask me about my food. Behold, the deliciousness of ramen! Born to eat ramen. Bowl looking like an ocean of flavors. Cup ramen is a real lifesaver. Do you want something delicious, but you’re too lazy to cook? Instant ramen to the rescue! Don’t waste your day. Eat ramen! Eating noodles for long life. Enjoying every last strand and drop. Filling my tummy with delicious. Here’s a delightful bowl of smiles. Hot damn, this looks great! How many days straight can I eat this without dying? Hungry? Why wait? Grab a cup of noodles. I think, therefore noodles. I would eat ramen every day if it were up to me. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for instant noodles. I’m on a Naruto diet. In the mood for noodles. Jam-packed with tasty ingredients! Just add water. Keep calm and slurp ramen noodles. Looking for hot men? Have a ramen. Melt-in-your-mouth chashu is the best! My needs are simple. Noodles make me happy. Nothing comes between me and my bowl of ramen. Perks of dating me: I’ll make you ramen! Ramen is my religion. Sometimes, I’m hungry. Other times, I’m asleep. Sorry, I didn’t catch what you said. I was thinking about ramen. Super bowl is all about noodles. This whole bowl is crazy sexy! Use your noodles, make some ramen! When in doubt, add seasonings. Whoever invented cup ramen is a genius! With plenty of green onions and minced garlic. You better believe it! You just can’t stop after starting. 150  Ramen Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 72150  Ramen Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 35150  Ramen Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 49150  Ramen Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 48150  Ramen Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 59150  Ramen Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 20