Dino Reichmuth, CC0, via Unsplash One way of enjoying road trips is by taking snippets of the little moments that come along the way. These little moments could be anything. The revving of the engine, the howling of the wind, the passage of time, the protraction of the winding road, the reverberation of radio music, the expansion of the majestic world—name it! In the end, road trips are what we make of them. If you ever decide to take snippets of your road adventures, it would be wise to caption them appropriately. A quote or two would probably do trick, and lucky for you—there’s a lot of them here! You take the road trip photo, and this collection shall handle the rest.

The Best Road Trip Captions

All I need is one wheel in hand and four wheels on the road. Any road will take you wherever you want to go. Just pick one and go. Arriving isn’t everything. It’s the wild stuff that happens along the way that makes up everything. Better to travel than to arrive. Choose the scenic route. Come along and take a ride. Communing with the open road. It listens, feels, and understands. Drifting on the road is my favorite mood. Driving on the highway, listening to the radio, rolling the windows down, and breathing the wild air. What a great time to be alive! Escape the ordinary and breathe the fresh air of unfamiliar places. Every now and then, I take to the road looking for adventure. Extraordinary things happen when you don’t know where you’re going. Get in the car! Going places that I’ve never been. Hit the road! I’ve always wanted to see what’s at the end of the road. It is actually the interruptions that happen along the way that makes up the whole journey. It may be a long journey, but it will take you to freedom. Keep moving forward and don’t look back. Keeping the windows down and letting the wind blow my worries away. Leave everything behind and just go ahead the road. Learning as I ride and go. Let’s begin the journey. Life is fleeting, and so is time. Take that spontaneous road trip while you still can. Look at life through a windshield, not through the rear view mirror. Making memories one road trip at a time. My real home is on the road. Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me. As ever is so on the road. On the road is my happy place. Racing with the wind. Roaming the roads of lands remote. Somewhere along the road, I’ve discovered how beautiful life is indeed. The road is a great listener. There’s this thing about road trips that throws our sense of time out of the window. Travel with curiosity. Turns out, I just needed a day off and a dirt road. Ultimately, every road leads to the whole world. Wanderlust and highway dust. Windows down, music up. Without hesitation, I’m on my way to everywhere. Your life, your ride.

Adventurous Quotes About Road Trips

A bad attitude is akin to a flat tire. Unless you change it, there’s no way you’re going anywhere. A great road adventure is measured in friends rather than kilometers. Be the thing that makes a driver tighten their grip on the wheel. Driving during nighttime is about connecting and communicating with the lights. Exits aren’t just exits. They are entryways to all the other places. Family road trips are special in the sense that everyone can spend time annoying one another in various different places. Great companions on the road make trips seem shorter. Hard roads require a will of steel. If you’re planning take the risk, do it now. It is usually the rough roads that lead to the peak of greatness. Just like roads, life has roadblocks. The only way to reach your destination is to adapt to the situation by going around them and looking for other paths. Many times, it is rewarding to take the road less traveled. It is, after all, less traveled for a reason. Marvelous destinations usually come after the longest of road trips. Only those who willingly take the risk of going too far can hope to discover just how far they can go. People frequently lose themselves in open roads. After all, open roads are venturesome pathways that beckons unceasingly. Roads are a record of those who have gone before. Roads were made for journeys, not destinations. Some pathways are only open to adventurous people who are prepared to get lost. Take good care of your vehicle in the garage, and it will take good care of you on the road. There’s something about open roads that bellows freedom. They are beguiling, fortuitous, and absolutely liberating. The world is round for a reason. It’s so that we would never be able to see too far down the road. Unintended detours have been known to take people to the most scenic roads in life. We often forget that the road trip itself is a big part of the adventure. You are the driver of your own life. Roads will always be there. It’s all just a matter of when you’re going to take them.

Humorous and Witty Road Trip Captions

A travel addict on the road of recovery. Ironic, isn’t it? Age doesn’t matter when you’re buying snacks for a road trip. You should always look like you’re an unsupervised kid who was given a load of cash. All I need is chips, sweets, drinks, and a road trip. Are we there yet? How far is it? Baby, you got the keys. Now shut up and drive! Being zen-like while driving doesn’t mean I’ve stopped hating every jerk on the road. However, it keeps my road rage at bay by making me more passive and less aggressive about most roadblocks. Can’t chat. Gotta run. Bye! Drive it like you stole it! Driving ain’t dangerous. Crashing is! Every time I go on extended road trips, I get emotionally attached to the cars ahead of me. Followed my heart and it made me follow the road. Gone in sixty seconds, and be back never! Handling your own on the road can be easy if you have a believable grin and common sense. Happiness is going on a road trip and blasting good music. Hey GPS, show me today’s most scenic route. Let’s take that! Hit nothing but the road. I just came across a fork on the road, and I took it. If it was a spoon, I would have taken it as well. I’ve always been on the road since the zombie outbreak. If a police car isn’t after you, you’re not doing it right. It takes a lot of skill to keep a vehicle from crashing especially during fits of rage and hysteria. It’s a road trip, and it’s about adventure! Just drive! But don’t forget to say a little prayer. Kilometers are shorter than miles. Thus, you should always take your trips in kilometers. It saves a lot of gas! Math is dangerous, so don’t drink and derive! Never underestimate the healing power of driving with really loud music on the highway. Nothing like avoiding everything by being on the road at all times. Perhaps I’m going nowhere, but still—what a ride! Pleasant road trips require yummy snacks, good music, fun chatter, and oh—reliable directions! Road trips would be a lot better if they paid my bills. Rolling my car window down, and my eyes. Run like the roadrunner and never look down. Sometimes, the best therapy is a long drive with good car music. Texting while driving? Oh, cell no! The destination isn’t actually the best part of a road trip. It’s the fast food pit stops along the way! There’s really nowhere to go but everywhere! While on the road, I discovered that mountains aren’t just funny. They’re hill areas! You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise. You’ve got two options when you need to pee while on a road trip: public restrooms or the wilderness. I chose the wilderness and my dogs nodded in solidarity.

More Road Trip Captions

A journey that leads to freedom. Asphalt roads keep me grounded. Being on the road is bliss. I love traveling from city to city, chilling out, and moving on to the next destination. Daring and optimistic, I take to the open road. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Every day is a winding road. Focus on the road ahead of you. Going where the streets have no name. Have the guts to get in the car. I don’t really identify with one place in particular. I need the curving, winding, twisting dusty path to nowhere I see the road, but I don’t know where it leads. Onward to a new adventure! I’ll meet you when the road decides that it’s time for our paths to cross again. I’m in the mood for a road trip. Jump in and let’s go! Let’s go on a road trip. Let’s lie on the ground and write songs about nature all day. Let’s take it one mile at a time. Living life by the steering wheel. Living easy, living free. May the road rise with you. My dreams are ready to take the road. Not knowing where a road leads is what inspires me to go for it. Nothing fixes cabin fever like the open road. Nothing like good music on the road. On your mark, get set, go! Out of mind, out of town. Pay no mind to the potholes and bumps on the road. Focus on enjoying the trip. Putting a little gravel in my travel. Riding until I can’t no more. Roads are never-ending. That’s why the party also never ends. Sometimes, all you need is a vehicle and a tank of gas. Speeding into a new sunrise. Strangely, I’m on the road yet I feel at home. Take only memories, leave only skid marks. Taking the road to success. The road ahead is as long as you make it. These are the days when anything goes. There are no wrong turns. To stay on the road is a massive achievement. Traveling the extra mile. Traveling where the wind will take me. We’re almost there, but nowhere near it. All that matters is that we’re going. Yeah, I’m chilling on a dirt road. Yes, road trips can be costly. But, they do pay dividends. 150  Road Trip Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 39150  Road Trip Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 30150  Road Trip Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 79150  Road Trip Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 8150  Road Trip Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 58