Hussan Amir via Unsplash; Canva You know what to do. Trust your instincts and do whatever makes your soul happy! But wait… With all the heat and all the sunny vibes, it’s best that you come prepared with a handy collection of summer captions and quotes, for quick reference and use. This is it! This is the said collection! Take whatever you need here and go enjoy the summer that you rightly deserve!

The Best Summer Captions

A summer to remember with dear loved ones. All you need is ice cream. As expected, things are going swimmingly. Blue skies, high tides, and good vibes. Can’t find sunshine? Then be the sunshine. Cool life by the pool. Countdown to beach time! Dear Summer, please don’t leave me. Don’t disturb me, I’m on vacation! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Endless sun. Endless fun. Endless summer. Everything’s fine when there’s sunshine. Feeling alive while I float in the summer breeze. Find me under the trees. Go outside and bathe in sunshine. Gone to the beach. Be back never. Good company & summer nights. Good and sunny vibes only. Happiness can’t be purchased. But you sure can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing. Here comes the sun. Hope you’re staying cool this summer. I live for summer days. I never want summer to end. I’m multi-slacking today. I’m walking on sunshine. It’s SUMMAAA time! Keep calm and enjoy the sun. Laughs, bonfires, and lots of adventures. Like a warm blanket, the sunny season wrapped itself around me. Lost in the thrill of it all. Mood is light, sun is bright, and the greatest summer hits are playing. More summer days like this, please. No need for an excuse for being lazy. It’s summer time! Nothing but blue skies. Over the sea and under the sky. Palm trees, ocean breeze. Relax, unwind, and get in a flip-flop state of mind. Remember, always wear sunscreen. Soak up in the sun. Summer state of mind. Summer lovin’, it happens so fast! Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Sun, summer, and self-care. Sunshine is the best medicine. The beach is always a good idea. These are the days I live for. This calls for a glass of lemonade! Try smiling like the sun. Vacation, sun, and smiles. Warm breeze, no worries. When all else fails, take a vacation. You’ll find me chasing the sun.

The Hottest Summer Quotes

A loveless life is akin to a summer-less year. A sunny state of mind is the best state of mind. Afraid of shadows? Keep your face towards the sun. Bathe in sunshine. Drink the rivers. Breathe in the wild air. Be thankful for great friends, warm sun, and fresh water. Before it even starts, summer always ends. At least that’s how it feels to me. Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet. Celebrate good times, come on! Cherish your friends for they are the sunshine of life. Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine. Dreams are made of sand and sun. Each summer day means more light to read. Everything is fine when there is sunshine. Follow the sun. It leads only to paradise. Good things come to those who swim. Happiness is air-conditioning on a hot summer night. Happy times and good sunshine. I see skies of blue, and clouds of white. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Just a little bit of summer is enough to make one content for the whole year. Keep calm and lay in the sun. Let’s have some fun in the sun! Life isn’t perfect, but your summer outfit can be. Make the sun jealous. Shine even brighter than it! May the waves take you on an adventure, and then bring you back home. My kind of summer vacation is one where I nothing to do and all day to do it in. Never stop chasing your summer. Ocean breeze puts the mind at ease. Pineapples, not apples, keep worries away during summer. Salt water heals all wounds. Swim your worries away. Tans fade, but memories are forever! There is something about summer that makes me moody. Those extra hours of sunlight—make the most out of them! Under the boardwalk, down by the sea, on a blanket with my baby is where I’ll be. You can make your own sunshine if you really want to. You’ll get up off the ground ‘cause morning rolls around and it’s another day of sun.

Short Summer Captions

A ray of sunshine. About time! Anchors away! Be cool and wear sunglasses. Beach bum. Best. Summer. Ever. Bring on the heat! Certified heliophile. Chasing summer. Choose to shine. Clear skies. Denim shorts, salty tan. Dog days. Drenched in sweat. Endless summer. Every summer has a story. Extra tan, please. Golden days. Good times ahead. Hakuna matata! Happy and tanned. Hello, grill season! Hi, sunshine! Jolly vibes today. Keepin’ it reel. Kick back and relax. Midsummer madness! My happy season. Out and about. Pool time! Sandy toes, anything goes. Sea you soon. Shine like the sun. Shorts season! Summer is officially here! Summer lover. Sun and sand. Sun-kissed. Sunshine and moonshine. Sweet and salty. Vacay all day! Walk on the sunny side. Wild, barefoot, and free.

Aesthetic Captions for Summer Photos

Add a bit of sun to it and it’ll taste amazing. All the wild summer is in my gaze. Catch you on the next wave. Cheers to more summer memories! Deck docks and flip flops. Find me under the palms. Freedom and summer breeze. Got that sunshine in my pocket. Happiness comes in waves. Have a cup of happiness, warmth, and lots of sunshine. How effervescent and free we all are feeling this summer. I was made for sunny days. If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed. In between the clouds, wind, and sunshine. Kissed by the summer sun. Life is good under the sun. Little things? Little moments? They’re actually not little at all! Matchy matchy with the sunny weather. Never stop having sun. Running down to the riptide. Saving some of this summer sunshine for winter. Summer is feeling the wind through your hair. Sunshine always has a fresh flavor during summer. Sunshine on my mind. Take me where the summer season never ends. The sun is high, but my heart is higher. The sun is scorching, but I’m hotter. Tripping on skies, sipping waterfalls. Warm days, good vibes.

Funny and Witty Summer Captions

90% happy, 10% sunburnt. Aloha, beaches! Block them on social media and enjoy your summer. Burn, baby, burn! Chlorine is my perfume. Come on everyone, click your flip flops three times! Dear Sun, chill out a bit please! Drink triple, see double, and act single. Ah, summer! Due to recent setbacks, my summer body will be postponed another year. Eat, tan, sleep, repeat. Feeling a bit salty. Fun and sun sound awfully similar. Coincidence? I think not. Happiness is flip-floppin’ down the beach. I ain’t sweating! I’m sparkling. I’ll be by the grill if you need me. If there are spring rolls, then there should also be summer rolls! If there’s a will, there’s a wave. If you need to reach me, call me on my shell. In a relationship with air conditioner. It’s so hot I could cook bacon and eggs on the pavement. Keep palm and carry on. Less Mondays, more summer. Lord, whatever you’re baking outside, it’s done. My drink’s out, and the sun’s out. Namast’ay at the beach. Pool hair, don’t care. Practice self-care like a cactus. Bask in the sunshine and stab anyone who tries to touch you. Quitting everything to be a mermaid. Reading and sunbathing make you well-red. Summer should get a speeding ticket! Sun of a beach! Sun’s out, buns out. Sun-kissed? More like sun-smacked! The heat index is between OMG and WTF! This summer heat has made me realize I need to get my shit together as I cannot go to hell. Tropic like it’s hot! Water you doing? Welcome to the hot mess express! Where’s the ice cream though? Winter who? Yeah buoy, that’s what I’m talking about! Yes, it’s hot. And it’s because of me. You like Sundays. I like SUN DAYS! We are not the same.

Even More Summer Quotes and Captions

A smile? A kiss? A sip of wine? No, it’s summertime! And the forecast says that tomorrow will likely even be better than today. Basking in the sun and the fun. Be more open, explore, and do things out of your comfort zone. Catching some rays, some waves, and some favs. Chillin’, breezin’, sippin’, singin’. Clearly enjoying summer. Does anyone know where I can find more vacation days? Drink in my hand all summer long. Drop it like it’s hot! Eat, drink, and be sweaty. Everyone, enjoy your summer break! Feeling hot, hot, hot! Golden state of mind. Good times, tan lines. Great weather on a great day. Hair up. Sunnies on. World off. Happiness is wherever the sun shines. Here’s my warm-weather look. How about some fun in the sun? I live for the summer nights. I look hot today, and you’re missing out. I’m not sun-kissed. I kissed the sun. If you need me, I’ll be by the pool. It’s time for ice cream! Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long? Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Let’s get lost under the sun. Looking for paradise. Mentally on the beach. Outdoors is the only medicine I need. Right now, summer is the only thing that’s getting me through life. Rolling into the best days of summer. So much sunshine in every nook and cranny. Summer nights and city lights. Sweet summertime. The scent of summer on my skin. The summer night is fragrant. Vacation mood on! Wanna bike ride with me? What time is it? It’s summer time! Why can’t every day be just this good? You, my friend, are my new fun thing—my summer fling. 150  Summer Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 37150  Summer Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 99150  Summer Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 45150  Summer Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 53