Adrien King via Unsplash Webcams offer people with big personalities an opportunity to connect with others internationally. People seek company and people seek conversation, and for this reason, the industry is booming. So, consider these tips for picking the perfect name and check out these 200+ memorable names to help develop your alter ego.

Camboy Name Ideas and Name Generator

Before we begin, here are some important tips when creating or choosing a name of your own:

Pick something that rhymes: Names that rhyme are memorable and easily marketed. Heard it before? Ditch it: If the name sounds common or familiar, it won’t do you any good. Next name, please. Stay true to yourself: Pick a name that resonates with your personality and the person you want to be on-cam. Love it? Trademark it: If you find a name you absolutely love, you’ll want to consider trademarking it.

Creative Names

Cute Names

Strong Names

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Hip Names

Trendy Names

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