Paul Hanaoka via Unsplash; Canva Pssst! Look over here, human! Cats rule the world, okay? That said, you better start getting the word out there that you’re a loyal cat servant. And be sure to make it snappy, will ya! Here, take this meowtastic collection of cat captions and quotes with you. I’m sure it’ll help you grab success quicker on your noble quest. So, delay no more, and get the (fur) ball rolling! Show the world how undeniably glorious cats and kitties really are. Nyaa!

The Best Cat Captions

A cat sleeping on my lap is my definition of heaven. All you need is love. And a kitten. Or two or a dozen. Always meow proudly! Because the path to heaven is full with paw-prints! Being purr-fect ain’t easy. Cat hair, don’t care. Cats, naps, and snacks. Come to think of it, I’ve never stepped on cat shit. It’s probably why I like cats more than dogs. Crazy cat human, present! Cuteness overload! Did you know that “meow” means “woof” in cat. Eat, sleep, pet cats, repeat. Enjoying my life of servitude to this cat. Feeling tense is unimaginable when you’re looking at a sleeping cat. Felines are connoisseurs of comfort. Fluffy, but also sharp. Folks of the mysterious kind (a.k.a. cats) are my kind of folks. Grateful my cat’s paws. They’re always there when I need a hand. Happy Caturday! Here, kitty, kitty. Hold on to that feline. Home is where the cat is. Humans? Whatever. Cats? Forever! I look normal, but believe me when I say I talk to cats. I’ve got a funny feline about this. If people were more like cats, I’d probably like them even more. In case of emergency, cuddle with the cat. Just like all pure creatures, cats are practical. Keep calm and love cats. Keeping a serious face in the presence of one or more kittens is practically impossible. Kitten power! Life without cats? I don’t think so! Listen to that purr engine go. That’s one happy kitty. Looking for a good therapist? Just find one with fur and four legs. Meow and fur-ever, I’ll love you always. Meow! Meow! Meow! My cat was right about you. No can do. I have plans with my cat. Nothing cheers me up more than a cat deciding to sit on my lap on its own volition. Nyan, nyan, nyan! One cat always leads to another. Our ancient ancestors worshipped cats profusely. And to this day, cats haven’t forgotten. Perhaps I’m a crazy person who loves cats. But at least I’m not an insane freak who hates them. Precious little mittens. Pspspspspspsps. Purr more, hiss less. Soft fur, warm nuzzles, and deep purrs fill my soul with happiness. Spending time with cats is a good use of time. Swswswswswswsw. That adorable face right there. That’s how they get ya! The fluff never bothered me anyway. To pet all of the cats is my real quest. Undeniably, the best kind of people are cats. Wait a meow-ment! Wanna hear the sound of love? Listen to a kitten’s purr. You’ve got no choice; cats will do whatever they want to do.

Cat Quotes for Cat Lovers

A cat is, to put it simply, an attitude covered with fur. A simple way to measure the purity of a human’s heart is to check how they treat cats. A sock in the mouth is worth two birds in the bush. Behind every awesome human, there is an even more awesome cat. Being chosen by a cat feels really good. Cats are designated friends. Cats choose us; we don’t own them. Dare I say, the best gift is the unconditional love of a critter. Deep inside, we’re all guided by the same impulses. Cats live by those impulses proudly. Dogs think of themselves as human. Cats, on the other hand, thinks of themselves as God. Don’t even bother threatening a cat. They’re impervious to it, and they just don’t care. Each and every cat in the world needs someone to wait on them and give them a place to lay about in. Every home deserves to experience the delight of having a cat. Eye contact with a kitten is really dangerous. Once you do it, it’s almost impossible to go home alone. Falling asleep to the sound of a cat’s mellow purring is pure bliss. Felines come and go without ever leaving. Generally speaking, cats are never wrong about humans. Happiness is a bundle of fluff sleeping on your lap. How to happy and content? Ask a cat. They are geniuses in that respect. If dogs are like kids, then cats are like roommates. If it knows you’re not capable of loving it, then a cat won’t even consider making you its friend. It’s so nice of cats to adopt humans. Looking for a sanctuary that is free from the miseries of life? Go where the cats are. More often than not, the littlest of things occupies the most space in your heart. Need protection from ghosts, and safeguarding from negative vibes? Get a cat. Not everything in this world needs to work, and cats are great teachers of that. One little kitty totally changes the definition of coming home. Only cats (among pets) can toilet train themselves and do a good job of it. Patience is the key to a successful human-cat relationship. People who love cats have some of the brightest souls around. Purring is, most likely, the sound of peace. Strut…pause…strut…pause. Lick my tail, and…POSE! They can acquire food without working for it. They can find shelter without being confined by it. They can love without any chance of getting hurt. Truly, cats are awesome creatures. To catch a big cat, you need a fish. Truly, cats live in the present. They only care about what’s happening in the moment. Wherever someone feeds them is considered home by cats. You know you’ve done something right if you’ve been loved by a cat.

Purrfect Captions for Selfies with Cats

A purrfect day with my cat! Besties for life! Cats rule the world. Check out my meowgical cat. Extra squishes for this fluff ball. Everything is pawsible with a cat best friend. Feline good together. Feline lucky to have this one as a companion. Happiness is having a cat buddy. Here, the cat is in charge. We just pay the rent and utilities. I work twice as hard so my cat can live in luxury. Little fella’s got cat-titude! Look at my cat! My cat kneads me. Negotiating with a cat is a complete waste of time. No meowtain is high enough to keep me away from you. Now is the purrfect time for a nap! Only cats can be narcissists. There’s no room for others. Purr-haps we can cuddle later? Rawr, this cat is a fur-midable! Relieved that cats can’t talk. Mine knows too much! Say fish! Selfies are always better with cats in them. Thanks for making me smile today. The cat’s very pleased that he taught me a new trick today. They say cats picks you. This one always lets me know that I’m its human. This fine little cat deserves all the love in the world. Ugh, this feline friend of mine needs a serious cat-titude adjustment. Used to prefer dogs—until I discovered cats. Waaah! Too precious! We are litter-ally the cutest right now. We both love selfies. Do you see the resemblance? We’re a purrfect match! You always seem to know exactly what I knead.

Funny and Creative Cat Captions

A meow massages the heart. All guests must secure permission from the kitty. Am I single? No, I have a cat. Are utility bills getting you down? Try cats instead. Are you saying that cats don’t exist in heaven? Okay fine, I’m not going then! Born to walk the catwalk. Cat me if you can! Check out this purr machine! Don’t be silly, it’s never too early to feed the cat. Earth ain’t flat, ‘coz if it was, cats would have pushed everything off already. Finally, a fur-midable opponent! From their perspective, everything belongs to cats. Hey cat, can you feel the love? No. I cat even! I didn’t adopt this cat. The cat adopted me. I knead attention. If only cats grew into kittens. It’s cats or indoor plants. You can’t have both. Let the staring contest begin! Live long and paws-per! Looking good, feline good. Maximum happiness, meow-nimum effort. Meow is the time to worship me. Most of the Zen masters I know are cats. Nine lives, baby! Once they make eye contact with you, you’re toast! People who dislike cats were probably rats in their past life. Putting the fur in furniture. Stardenburdenhardenbart! The angriest little cat in hisstory. The feline is mutual. The title “man’s best friend” is actually for cats. Cats just wouldn’t admit it though. Wonder who’s in charge here? Ask the cat. You go, kitty. Zero fluffs given.

Zany Cat Point-of-View Captions

Adopted? Me? But we look so much alike! Arrr, I’m gonna be the king of purrates! Begging for food isn’t my style. I just wait patiently until you decide to do the right thing. Belly rubs, hooman? Blocking the view? Me? Actually, I’m the view. Can you bring me some treats? Do it. I dare you. Pet my belly. Effin’ adorable, I am! Excuse me, I’m an aristocat. Fluffy belly trap activated. Those fools will be my servants, it is their destiny. For God’s sake, I’m a cat! We don’t need to make sense. Free hugs? Go hug a cactus. From time to time, I like to paws and relax for several hours. Give me some tuna and no one gets hurt. Got to sleep for only 15 hours today. So yeah, I’m feeling grumpy. Hello human, you’ve been chosen. Hooman, bring me tuna! I heard you the first time. Didn’t you hear me ignoring you? I went outside today and there were so many people. I do not recommend it. Stay inside. I won’t smile, you can’t make me. I’m not kitten around. If I fits, I sits! Just purring my way into and out of everything. Keep it down, will ya? I’m trying to nap! Kiss my fluffy belly! Let’s check how much I care about you. Oh, zero. Let’s get the pawty started. Look here hooman, I own this house and I own you. Meow, where’s my treat? My dear human, food will not serve itself. Okay, time to put the fur in furniture. Peasant, you haven’t fed me yet! Perfection has never been this purr-fect! Rub me if you can! See these fangs? They’re going to get you. Sir/Ma’am, I adopted you. Don’t fool yourself. The heck you lookin’ at?! The hooman made me take this picture. Up for some mischief? Wait, you’re allergic to cats? Great! I’m allergic to idiots. What are you eating, and how can I be of assistance? Yeah, I’m having a cat nap! You gotta problem with that?! You can look. You can admire. But you cannot touch. You may look at the tums, but do not touch the tums.

Even More Cat Quotes and Captions

A cat will be your friend, but never your servant. A wild cat appeared! Admiration, endless sleep, and company by their own choice—cats do have everything! All cat poses are photogenic. All cats are beautiful. Awesome cat parent here! Blessed is the home with at least one kitty. Can’t do anything with a cat sitting on your lap, huh? Cats are actually little people in fur coats. Cats warm our hearts. Clueless are people who irresponsibly say “it’s just a cat.” Cutest kitty of the year! Damnit, I feel aggressively affectionate right now! Fluffy little thing! Fur real though? Given the chance to talk, cats probably won’t take it. Go get ‘em tiger! Happy to be a dear friend to a dear cat. Hello, may I interest you with a cat? Hnnggghh, my heart! I can’t handle the cuteness! I’m so fur-tunate. If cats can do it, then why not humans? If someone asks you what is love, then go show them this picture. It’s foolish to try to explain the worth of cats to those who don’t appreciate them. It’s mouse hunting season. Just a cute little snuggle junkie. Kittens are angels with whiskers and fur. Lifehack: Just purr loud enough, and you’ll get whatever you want. May everyone have a meowy day! Meow chika meow meow. My cat stares at me as if I’m not aware. My life is cats and paws. No scenery is more tranquil than the sight of a snoozing cat. Obsessed with cats. Oh wow. Look at that little critter! Those little feet. That happy face! Philosophers got nothing on cats. The wisdom of cats is substantially superior. Real angels have whiskers, fur, and a tail. Sleepy cat time. Smitten kitten. Stray cats go where they are fed. Don’t let that go over your head. There are no ordinary cats. This cat is disappointed in your life choices. Warning: The cat is not in the mood. It will slap annoying people. What a cat-astrophe! What? Cat got your tongue? You had me at meow. 250  Cat Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 97250  Cat Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 39250  Cat Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 5250  Cat Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 11