Hannah Lim via Unsplash; Canva It looks like you’re in for a real treat because this article is a collection of captions and quotes that are fittingly dog-related and whatnot. Are you a dog lover? Do you fancy shooting photos of friendly canines? How about taking selfies with your pup/s? Is there anything that can actually stop you from posting anything on the subject of borks and woofers? Well, the floor (yard) is all yours! Get a load of this dog caption collection and show the world how proud you are of doggos and puppers. Arf!

The Best Dog Captions

All about the doggo vibe. And thus, the snuggling and petting began! Arf! Arf! Arf! Beware of dog! It likes to cuddle. Check out the décor of my house! It’s mostly made of dog hair. Come on, let’s lay on the floor the whole day! Contrary to popular belief, you can choose your own family and relatives. It’s as simple as getting a dog. Do not disturb the cuteness. Dogs will be in heaven, I assure you. In fact, they’ll be there way ahead of any of us. Easily sidetracked by dogs. Fear the fuzzy! Feeling down? Just get the music started and dance with your dog. Few things in life are exactly what they are. Dogs, being one of them. For the love of dogs! Glitter? Who needs that when you can have dog hair on you instead? Hello, doggy-dog world! Here are the two things that I can’t resist no matter what: (1) my dog and (2) my other dog. How blessed I must be to have you as a friend. I would 100% rather be home with my dog. I’ll love you fur-ever. It’s kind of an open secret that the greatest therapists in the world have fur and four legs. Just so you know, I was looking at your dog, not you. Keep calm and bark on. King of the house! Let’s face it; dogs rule the world! Live like someone left the gate wide open. Live long and slobber! Love is a cold nose. Love is a sloppy kiss. Love is a wagging tail. Motivated by canines and caffeine. My favorite people? Dogs! My true love has four paws. Need a friend? Get a dog. Nope, dogs never just wake up and decide they don’t like you anymore. Nothing like a dog that loves you dearly putting a smile on your face. Oh my, what a cute pupperino! Pawprints on my heart. Peace, love, and a cute puppy. Resting bark face. Seriously, you had me at woof. Sloppy dog kisses are the best! Sometimes, I just need to spend the day alone with my dog. Stay pawsititve! Stop, drop, and roll over. Talk to your dog as if you’re going to get a reply. Thanks fur all the memories. The dog father. The thing about happiness is that it begins with a wet nose and then ends with a tail. Thug life, dog life, puppy life. Today’s good mood is brought to you by—my lovely dog! Unleash the furry! Warning: cuteness overload. Whenever a dog wags its tail, it does so with its heart. Why do I work hard? It’s so my dog can live in luxury. Without ever speaking a word, dogs know how to fix a weary heart. Woof! Woof! Woof! You have the best dog. I have the best dog. Everyone has the best dog. None of us are wrong.

Dog Quotes for Dog Lovers

A bundle of joy, wrapped in fur—dogs, in a nutshell. A dog will warm your soul when life grows cold. All dogs go to heaven. All dogs in this world are actually therapy dogs. Most of them are just freelancing. Be the kind of human your dog thinks you are. Dog kisses heal everything. Dogs can fill a human’s heart with love and warmth. And they don’t even break a sweat. For some reason, dogs can sniff their way to people who need them. History has more stories about the fidelity of dogs than that of humans. How a person treats animals tells a lot about what kind of person they are. I learned from dogs that the more naps I take, the better. It’s almost impossible to feel sad when a pupper is licking your tears away. Just follow the paw prints. They all lead to happiness. Look at your dog, and you’ll see the greatness of your soul. No matter what your wealth status is, having a dog makes you rich. Only love can make a dog wag its tail. Some angels choose fur instead of wings. Studies say that the average dog is a way nicer person than the average human. To be absolutely loved and adored by your dog—that is pure bliss! To become a dog’s best friend, a human must be properly trained. Unconditional love is one of the many things humans can learn from dogs. Once you learn it, things won’t be too bad in life anymore. Walk the walk and bark the bark. Wander with a dog, and you’ll never feel lost. What a finer world we would all be living in if everyone knew how to love as unconditionally as a dog. You can’t call a house a home if there’s no dog. Your dog, perhaps, loves you more than it loves itself.

The Finest Captions for Selfies With Dogs

A caption isn’t needed here. Just take in the delightful doggy vibes. All my kids have paws. At least my dog thinks I’m awesome. Born to pet this adorable dog all day. Cooler than you. Cuteness overload! Does my dog even dream of me? During our walks together, we often paws and reflect. Even if my life isn’t perfect, I know that my dog is. Everything is paw-sible with a dog as a friend. Fur-iends through thick and thin. Grateful that I found your paw when I needed a hand. Happiness happens when I hug my dog. Hello everyone, meet my therapist! Hold on, I absolutely must pet this dog! Hugging my dog is my kind of self-care. I will always pet any dog that comes my way. I’m actually kind of a big deal to my dog. If the nicest living creatures were rewarded with longevity, then dogs would practically be immortals. Innocence in those eyes is something you just can’t ignore. Just a human and a dog taking a nap. My dog is my plus 1. My dog really gets me. My heart melts whenever I make eye contact with this floof. No one understands me better than my doggo. Our friendship is fur real! Personal space? Nuh-uh, it doesn’t exist when you have a dog. Play, play, play is what this doggo wants to do all day. Proud owner of a very spoiled dog. Some things just fill your heart effortlessly. Sometimes, all you need is good company. Stress seeps away when I snuggle with my dog. The dog must approve all the visitors. To my bone-afied best friend! We are each other’s happy place. Weekend Plans: Hang out with my dog! What’s up, dawg? Who’s a good boy/girl? Both of us! You are pawfection! You are what happened when I wished upon a star. Yup, I’m easily distracted by my dog.

Funny and Creative Dog Captions

A dog craves affection more than food. Well…almost! A little dog is simply a heartbeat at thy feet. Are you a dog person? Yes? Then welcome to my tribe! Being this cute is actually freaking ruff. Best friends come in all hairy. Cold nose, warm heart—nothing beats this combo! Dogs are pawesome! Don’t know what soap tastes like? You probably never washed a dog then. First, they come stealing your heart. Then, they start stealing your bed. Fur all over my clothes. God said, I’ll send dogs without wings so no one figures out that they’re actually angels. Hear me out, dog is actually god spelled backward. I’d be millionaire if I got a dollar for every time that my dog made me smile. I’m not single; I have a dog. If you’re not covered in dog hair, then what are you even doing with your life? Is this place the dog’s house? Yes, and I pay the bills. Job Title: Full-Time Dog Servant. Just paws and reflect. Let’s raise the woof! Meow…errr…I mean, woof! My dog ain’t spoiled! I’m just well-trained. My dog thinks it’s always on vacation. Okay, I’m guilty as charged. I let the dogs out. On some days, the slobber is worth it. Pawsitive vibes only. Pee on everything to assert dominance! Spread love like dog hair. Stop hounding me! Sure, you have a lot of money. But does it wiggle its butt whenever it sees you? The snuggle is real! To err is human—to forgive, canine. VIP means “Very Important Puppy!” Who let the dog/s out? Me! Yes, I have a type. Adorable, fuzzy, and happy to see me. You know a dog more adorable than mine? Im-paw-sible! Yup, dogs are awesome. But, they’re also famous for missing the point. Zero fluffs given.

Dorky Dog Point-of-View Captions

An enjoyable day out with my hooman. Am I shedding hair? Of course not; I’m just emitting magical fibers of joy and love. Bad to the bone! Being a good boy/girl is hard work. Belly rubs made this adorable face of mine possible. Bet you can’t see me. Can I get a little woof-woof? Did someone say dinner? Do you know why I chew up all your footwear? It’s so that you can never leave me again. Do you love my self-pawtrait? Eating makes me happy, so there. Feeling quite fetching today. Felt cute and fluffy. Might delete later. Fetch ain’t going to happen. Give up! Happiness is chasing a stick. Henlo, hooman! Here I am! Time to renegotiate the terms of my leash. Hmmm, I should be getting a treat right about now. I licked it, so it’s mine now. I will always woof you. I’m available for pets. I’m just a little bundle of joy. In my defense, I was left unsupervised. Just can’t escape the pup-arazzi. Let’s be buddies! Life’s a ball, so go fetch. Live, love, bark. Most awesome canine in the world, reporting for duty! News Flash: I’m a very good boy/girl! Nothing better than walking outside with my bestie. On energy-saving mode. I’m not lazy! Paw Patrol, reporting for duty! Pet me! Pet me! Pet me! Pup-arazzi caught me doing my thing again! Ready to paw-ty! Rub my belly… 7,000 more times. Sleep solves everything. Stop flattering yourself, I was staring at you because you have food. Take me on a walk, will ya? You could use the exercise. We should be friends. Who wants to go on an adventure? Raise your paw. Why don’t you ever lick me back? It hurts my feelings, you know. Will work for treats! Yes, this is my paw-fect form.

Even More Dog Quotes and Captions

Ah, this feeling! It must be puppy love! Ain’t a home with no dog present. All it takes is one look at my dog to know that good still exists in this world. At least I have a dog. Blessed and dog-obsessed. Dogs are our link to heaven. Don’t stop retrieving. Even if dogs don’t speak, their eyes tell everything. Every dog must have its day. Finding hope in my dog’s eyes. Hey there, fur baby! I wonder what my dog named me. I’m here to pet all the dogs. If my dog trusts you, then I trust you. It’s never “just a dog.” Kiss your dog good night—always! Life happens; dogs help. Life is never boring with a dog around. Lifeguard on duty! Love to see dogs smile. My sunshine comes not from the sky but from my dog’s eyes. No dogs in heaven, you say? Then I don’t want to go! Oh, how we all wished we had a tail to wag whenever we’re happy. Pal, always watch over me. Pizza, Netflix, and dog cuddles. Remember, when all is said and done, your dog still loves you. Spending the day with my favorite doggo. They know but never tell. Dogs are great! Wag more, bark less. When all else fails, pet your dog. When I look into my dog’s eyes, I see trust, loyalty, and honesty. Without dog hair, this home would be incomplete. You need my approval? Okay, ask my dog first. You’re paw-some! 250  Dog Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 99250  Dog Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 51250  Dog Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 76250  Dog Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram - 44