Finding cool space emoji doesn’t have to be difficult, as we’ll be exploring a lot of these in this article. Some of the categories we’ll be covering include cosmic emoji, those of the night sky as well as moon emoji too. Let’s get started!


There are plenty of cosmic emoji to check out, including those of planets, shooting stars and comets too! These would look cool in so many various contexts and would look amazing when combined with stars and sparkles also. You’ll find a lot of these in the “Nature” category on your smartphone, in case you’re looking for them! They can also be copied and pasted from emoji finder sites, also. You can see many examples of these in the image below, which showcases a selection of cosmic emoji. It includes a lot of the most popular space-themed ones, from telescopes to satellites and sparkling stars and galaxies.

Moon Emoji

There are lots of moon emoji available, from phases of the moon to those of the night sky and lots more. These are great for including in statuses, especially if you’re interested in all things celestial, or astrology too! You could also combine these with purple emoji for a lovely effect overall. Moon emoji and the purple aesthetic work beautifully together and complement each other very well. If you’re hoping to emulate the purple aesthetic in your statuses, bios or usernames, you could include some moon emoji also, if you think it would work well! I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the various emoji below, and seeing if you’d like to make use of any. The graphic below also includes crescent moons, with cute smiley faces also! These could be super cute in bios, for instance, and could be combined with purple aesthetic emoji too.


There are a great variety of stars and sparkles emoji available, which add a glorious touch to usernames, texts, bios or status updates! I’d definitely recommend these if you’d like to add a touch of magic to text, as sparkles can look amazing in combination with the text. You could also combine these with cute and aesthetic text symbols, also, such as degree symbols, asterisks and other kaomoji in order to recreate a sequence of sparkles. You could also include these in Discord channel names, too! Lots of aesthetic servers include stars and sparkles in their channel names also. Overall, star emoji look amazing in so many contexts and can add a lovely sparkle to messages and statuses. You’ll find lots of examples in the image below, which features a whole array of sparkles and star emoji!

Night Sky

There are lots of super aesthetic night sky emoji available too. These would look amazing in a variety of contexts and would add a cute and aesthetic touch to status updates, bios and so much more. From city skylines to sunsets and so much more, there are plenty of emoji available with amazing skies. Lots of the emoji in this category also have either the sun or moon, which look amazing above the skyscrapers! If you’re making use of space emoji in statuses, bios or usernames, did you know you can apply aesthetic fonts to your text also? There are a plethora of cute and aesthetic fonts you can apply to text, from monospaced fonts to cursive fonts and everything in between. These can work amazingly well with space emoji such as those of the moon and stars. I’d definitely recommend looking through the options available to see if there are any you’d be interested in! Some of my personal favourites include the city skyline at night, with the crescent moon shining above the skyscrapers, as well as the galaxy emoji also.

Space Emoji

Hopefully, You’ve Found Some Cool Space Emoji!

Thanks so much for reading; hopefully, you’ve found some cool space emoji to make use of! We’ve taken a look at quite a selection of categories, from stars and sparkles to galaxies and planetary emoji. Hopefully, these will inspire you, and you now have some ideas on what space emoji you’d like to make use of! If you’re hoping to recreate a particular aesthetic, then space emoji can definitely help you out! If you’d like to emulate the purple aesthetic in your bio, for instance, you could include space emoji and this would be an amazing combination overall. Or if you’d like to recreate the space aesthetic, then including emoji of the moon and stars would be a great choice. If you’d like to discover more aesthetic emoji, I’d recommend an article I wrote on cute, aesthetic emoji! What are your favorite types of space emoji? Make sure to let me know down in the comments section below, as I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite space emoji! If you have other ideas that you’d like to recommend, make sure to let me know down in the comments section below, as I’d always love to hear about the latest new emoji! Thanks again, and wishing you the best with your space emoji search! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2021 Susan W

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