Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash Not only are these alternate identities almost a necessity for social media, but they come in very handy when you want to keep your real name a secret; after all, anonymity is one of the great things about the internet (just don’t abuse it, please). Picking a good online chat name to use in message boards, fan forums, chat rooms, blogs, and even online gaming is not as easy as some may think. While the list of suggestions below may not be “end-all and be-all” of cool social media nicknames, it’s a good place to start to inspire some creativity. I hope you find it useful in discovering your online identity. Good luck.

Tips and Tricks When Talking in Chat

Keep in mind that many times, others will shorten your chat username for you, especially if you’re the only one that goes by that name. This seems more common on platforms like live-streaming sites (like Twitch, etc.), but can happen anywhere. Shorter usernames are often preferable, even if you have to follow or precede them with several numbers because someone else has already used them. Just be prepared to have others shorten it for you in chat (example… Conan 745 becomes Conan). After all, no one really wants to type out extremely long nicknames, do they? The benefits of a good username that is well-thought-out are that it looks nice on profiles and people can easily remember it. It can also be used on multiple websites so that you are more recognizable to a larger amount of viewers. Don’t you just love social media? When visiting dedicated online chat room sites, you’ll often be given the choice to participate in a group chat or one-to-one chat. One-to-one chats, while more personal, can literally go in any direction depending on what is talked about. Group chats are usually about a certain topic.

Chat Etiquette

The video above is about Twitch etiquette and things viewers do during interactive chat that streamers hate. If the trend of live streaming keeps to grow, so too will the importance of chat room etiquette. Every chat room often has unspoken rules which others will hold you to. These rules are often as simple as treating others with respect and courtesy. Learning these guidelines will keep you from getting kicked out and not being able to participate. It’s always wise to “lurk” in chat a while to get the feel of it before jumping all in.

Cool Chat Room Name Ideas for Everyone

More Cool Usernames for Your Online World

The video above shows an example of a chat room conversation gone bad. Remember, you should always try to treat others with respect, even when chatting online. While there is a certain amount of anonymity when on the internet, there is always the possibility that someone has the skills and motivation to find out who you are…no matter where you live. Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash It’s no fun being at the mercy of such an individual, especially if your own skills are not up to snuff for a proper defense, where the only chance you have is to be as humble and honest as you can and hope the person on the opposite end is merciful. You have been warned.

Cool Group Chat Room Names or Team Names

Chat Room Nicknames That Require Some Explanation

Bonce: a British word for “head” Moloch: a demonic character from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show that influenced others through the internet Noctor: a nurse that acts a lot like a doctor or at the very least a nurse that has a lot of knowledge and leeway to make decisions

Being successful on platforms that rely heavily on chat rooms really does require you to interact with the people in chat as much as you can. This can be hard to do if you have a lot of followers. — John Jay Chapman My friends that do this tell me that you shouldn’t try to answer everyone’s question, as you’ll never be able to do that. If you see a question that interests you, answer it and then move on to another.

Funny Username Ideas to Make Others Laugh Out Loud

The Wild West Days of Chat

The early years of internet chat rooms can never really be understood by those who never experienced it. There was virtually no kind of moderation, except for one or two people who could kick you out of chat for whatever reason they deemed necessary. Anonymity was pretty much set in stone, so you could pretty much do anything you wanted as long as the moderators allowed it. This led to some truly enlightening conversations, as well as some truly terrifying ones. Chat rooms back then were incredible, scary and fun all in one; those who didn’t experience it will probably never understand the rush you got when striking up whatever conversations you wanted with strangers with pretty much no repercussions. Random and open chat rooms rocked! The young internet was like the wild, wild West and it was great.

More Awesome Chat Room Names

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