Pixabay Over the months of looking through various recommended videos produced by YouTube’s algorithm, I’ve seen some things that are, well, I don’t even know how to describe them. But there are videos out there that are captivating and entertaining and educational enough to keep my eyes glued on the screen to watch the whole thing until it is finished. YouTube, just like any other information/social media-like website/application, is often filled with content that should be sitting in a trash heap, but there are often riches hidden in those putrid garbage piles. This is why I engrossed myself in digging like the maniac I am through the forests of millions, even billions, of videos to find those riches that are good enough to be featured in this article. If you would want to watch things that may educate you, change your life, and entertain you, then this list will feature 32 more YouTube channels I’ve found that are worth your subscription. You can also tap on the “bell” icon should you choose to watch more of the channel’s content in the future.

1. Alexa Donne

If you’re a book nerd or a reader who wants to write an idea that suddenly popped out of nowhere, but you don’t know where, what, and when to start, then this channel is for you. I may or may not describe some of these channels properly; some of them are known, growing, and new figures in YouTube, and most of the words I’ve written are either taken from their YouTube’s “About” section or through thorough research using the internet. Please forgive me if I worded some or most of them wrongly. Alexa Donne is a traditional young adult author who provides insights into writing. Most of the content is harsh advice that you either take to mind or not, book recommendations to read for your future writing, book writing advice, magnifying the publishing industry on a writer’s eye, and much more.

2. Anthony Youn, MD

You may have seen him in TikTok videos circulating the web, popping breast implants while giving expert and factual information about them, which went viral like wildfire. Yes, that’s him. Anthony Youn M.D. F.A.C.S, known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon, is a nationally recognized and board-certified plastic surgeon who helps health-conscious men and women over 30 look their best by teaching them a holistic approach to beauty. His videos include reactions to shows and movies with clinical and aesthetic plastic surgeries, giving skincare tips, as well as free online video consultations about correcting body deformities, body beauty and aesthetics, and more.

3. Babish Culinary Universe

Picture yourself sitting on a couch or laying on your bed when the show or advertisement you’re watching suddenly shows really good food you want to have as a meal. But the problem is, looking for its recipe, mostly online, can be so tiresome that you’ll just accept the fact that it’s going to stay as an imaginary dish served on your table. What if there’s a way? What if there’s a channel out there where these recipes are recreated almost perfectly? What if the recipes for these are given out so you could try them yourself? Babish Culinary Universe is the channel you may want to keep an eye out for. Babish Culinary Universe is a YouTube cooking channel created by American filmmaker Andrew Rea, alias Oliver Babish, which recreates recipes featured in film, television, and video games in the Binging with Babish series, as well as more traditional recipes in the Basics with Babish series. This channel merges Andrew’s love for cooking and filming, as well as the fun that goes along in the process.

4. Bernadette Banner

From the garments of the Victorian Era to the dresses worn during the pre-wars, her videos feature a wide array of historical dresses from different times. Bernadette Banner also offers critiques on historically accurate costumes in media, as well as a glimpse on her day-to-day hand-sewing of dresses, gowns, garments, you name it. She talks about busting historical myths about clothes, visits historical sites, and investigates dress-related concepts all while introducing to a range of experts who continue traditional crafts.

5. Caitlin Doughty — Ask a Mortician

It’s general knowledge that humans are fragile beings, literally and figuratively. Very fragile. We know what happens before, during, and after an individual passes on, but there are some questions about mortality that are both intriguing and scary and interesting at the same time where one’s curiosity wants more answers, especially from those who typically handle the bodies in the morgues. If you have a thing for death, macabre, mystery, paranormal, and everything else in between, then this channel is for you. Caitlin Doughty — Ask a Mortician has videos for those willing to educate themselves about anything about mortality. She is a mortician in Los Angeles, California, who answers questions about death, cremation, cemeteries, and many more.

6. Chunk the Groundhog

There’s nothing like a soothing visit to a small garden: the tomatoes on the right side, the assorted vegetables on the left side, and a groundhog eating on a piece of corn like it’s one of the foods served in a buffet. Wait a minute, a groundhog? Yes, you read that right! This channel is dedicated to the ASMR and almost daily videos of Chunk the groundhog. Jeff Permar, the owner of the gardens for his own produce and the groundhogs, started this channel when he watched one particular fella chewing on vegetables in front of the surveillance cameras he had placed. He believes that his part of land is their land as well, so he made a separate garden, seemingly portraying as a picnic ground, for Chunk and his family. You can learn more about their relationship in The Dodo channel to understand why he did this, of course. But one thing’s for sure, it’s cute to watch cute, fluffy, cuddly groundhogs consuming hand-picked produce than any other ASMR video. Plus, you get a glimpse of humans and nature living together in sweetness and harmony.

7. Doctor Mike

Mikhail Varshavski, D.O., commonly known as Mike Varshavski or Doctor Mike, is a Russian-born American internet celebrity family medicine doctor. His Instagram account went “viral” after he was featured in Buzzfeed and in People magazine’s 2015 issue of The Sexiest Doctor Alive. Most of his content on YouTube includes reactions to hospital scenes from shows or movies, educational collaborations with other doctors and people, debunking medical myths and giving medical and technical information about them, and meme reviews where even non-medical professionals and practitioners can have a laugh with.

8. Eater

Sick of the same old dish every day? This channel is for you. For those food, cuisine, and restaurant-obsessed people out there, Eater features videos about immersive cultures about food, the process of food, and exclusive access to all-around-the-world dining. This is a go-to resource where you’ll discover various food, dishes, chefs, producers, and restaurants you’ve never even heard of before, along with food experts and informative culinary masters that are very passionate about food, cuisine, and their craft.

9. emmymade

Itadakimasu! Emmy Cho, better known online as emmymadeinjapan, is a Chinese-American YouTuber born in California, and now living in Rhode Island. On her channel, she is known for her cooking videos and taste tests on a variety of food from different countries. You can also view her videos on Facebook and Instagram. Most of her content includes trying various food and cuisines you have never heard of before. And of course, if you have doubts, she’ll do it for you in front of a camera so you don’t have to. She explains their recipes and ingredients thoroughly and in great detail. If you want to follow a sweet, lovely, and informative lady with a cooking channel on YouTube, or follow new recipes so you could do it at your own home, then this one is for you.

10. English Heritage

English Heritage is a charity and a company registered in England that cares and protects artifacts and historic sites that span over six millennia. Their channel on YouTube provides insightful videos about the history of England, from the middle-ages to the Tudors and the Victorians. One particular well-known series of theirs is a segment of cooking in a Victorian household played by the glamorous Mrs. Crocombe. This channel will suit you best if you want to learn and glimpse some or most of England’s history from behind walls and normal people to grandiose historical sites and castles.

11. EVNautilus

Fear of the unknown is the feeling we get when we think of the depths that lurks below them. But this channel, however, implies that the deep ocean and all its inhabitants are as beautiful as those who walk above. EVNautilus is a channel that offers live feeds of real-time ocean exploration by teams of marine biologists and scientists alike. There are also snippets of what they have found below the oceans, along with informative and, rather, interesting discussions of the scientists about what they had found. Exploring the ocean along with these experts will feel as if you’re exploring the space of Earth with them as they discover new things from the ocean that you may have never known before.

12. Fredrik Knudsen

Since the dawn of the internet, information has been rampantly broadcasting to anyone who can reach it. But sometimes, there as some things hidden within the depths of the internet, some may not even have traces left, that featuring and explaining them to the world is nearly impossible. Yet, there are some things that are found by the sharpest of internet detectives, some things you may not even know or heard of before. Even our histories have become more and more surfaced or distorted from the heap load of information submerging in the webspace, histories that are kept hidden but are still found like treasures inside a huge pyramid. This channel’s videos are all about going down the rabbit hole. And as the name implies, it’s the dissemination of information about the internet weirdness or mysteries and/or absurd historical accounts that may or may not be even written on paper. For those interested in detective-style yet educational content, this channel is for you.

13. Game Maker’s Toolkit

What makes a game good? What creates a game to be captivating? How can a game fail? More and more questions about games you never even thought of until it piques your interest to have answers. Here’s good news for those who are gamers, game nerds, game geeks, game developers, and people who are just merely interested in gaming altogether. Game Maker’s Toolkit uploads videos about game design, level design, and game production as well as answering questions and curiosities about gaming and how it lives. The proliferation of games in the digital world is much, much bigger than you thought, so if you’re interested in educational and informative videos about games, then this channel is the right one for you.

14. Gamology

Ever thought of how experts would react to how games portray their expertise in front of no-brainers like us? Their reactions would be pretty interesting, if I do say so myself. Gamology offers videos mostly about all-around playing games and enjoying them, as well as inviting experts to give off experiences and expertise from the games they are being shown. Their reactions are pretty priceless, but their informative and knowledgeable scrutiny of the games will make you say “Oh!” and nod in approval. Their videos provide both smarts and enjoyment, even to those who know nothing about games or specific expertise.

15. GQ

Want to watch Keanu Reeves flex his motorcycles and cars? I know you do. GQ has been the premier men’s magazine that covers style, culture, politics, and more. And by more, I mean there are sports and entertainment, as well, of course. But just because it’s a men’s magazine, it’s for men only. Women are also featured in their videos—celebrities, professionals, and normal people alike. If you want to watch magazine-like videos of your favorite personality or have educational insights into how experts do their job, then this one is for you.

16. Haru the Shiba Inu

Have you ever watched a video and went “awwwww” and ended up replaying the whole thing over, and over, and over again? Haru is a Shiba Inu. She is calm, light-hearted, sweet, and a very good girl. She rarely barks and is occupied all day. And with the videos featuring her, you’ll most likely watch most of them. Because all you want is to pet the goodest girl and boop the boopest snoot.

17. How to Cook That

The internet is filled with hacks and tips and tricks, but the main question is: Do they really work? Some do, some don’t, some are surprisingly helpful, and some are just purely dangerous to even try. How to Cook That is a website and YouTube baking channel that provides video recipes on baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations and other confectionery. Ann Reardon’s contents mostly contain recipes for mouth-watering desserts for those with the sweetest of teeth. She also publishes debunking videos where she debunks popular videos by focusing on their misinformation and disinformation tactics whilst trying the supposed “hacks” herself.

18. Jake Colvin

Me: Ew, disgusting! My brain: Keep watching. Jake Colvin is an all-around good guy that removes parasites from endangered mud and sand shrimps, saving them from the horrid infestation they have cost in the shores. He also introduces sea life found on the shores and seas. He garnered most of the public’s interest by publishing TikTok videos of him saving shrimps from parasitic isopods. He also gives our informational and educational bits about them and tips on how to care for ocean life.

19. Joe Hisaishi Official

Let’s say you’re in one of your panic or anxiety attacks, and all you really want to have is soothing, classical, nostalgic music. Mamoru Fujisawa, known professionally as Joe Hisaishi, is a Japanese composer and musical director known for over 100 film scores and solo albums dating back to 1981. You may have seen his name, heard of him, or know him from Studio Ghibli’s cult classics Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s the music, I tell you. It’s the embodiment of life whenever you hear his pieces, those that are worth the full capacity of our ears and our hearts.

20. Jubilee

In a world amidst chaos, understanding, communicating, and loving each other becomes harder and harder. But a company, with empathy with its vision, somehow blurs the visions until it becomes more and more visible and comprehensible; by seeing the world and people through uncluttered visions. In 2010, Jubilee started with a single video of the CEO of Jubilee busking at a New York subway stop to raise money for charity. Nine years later, the channel has been creating weekly videos for our beautiful 5M+ community all around the world. It all started with a single idea: to create a movement for human good. It’s a simple goal, but one that’s had an awe-inspiring domino effect over time. People want to connect on a deeper level, be challenged, empathize with one another and share vulnerably; and they want to do it in an engaging way. Sometimes it feels like the world is becoming more divided, chaotic, and cluttered. But if the company had learned anything in the time growing Jubilee, it’s this: we are all inextricably linked and want to live for something deeper. Living for empathy and human good is a resilient vision and one that is worthy of pursuit.

21. LegalEagle

Devin James Stone, better known online as LegalEagle, is an American lawyer and YouTuber best known for his application of law experience to entertainment and pop culture. Want to know things if it is legal or illegal within the American jurisdiction? This may be the channel for you. You’ll learn things about the American justice system that even normal people can get because of the instructive details he gives throughout his videos. LegalEagle is all about giving you an insider’s view of the legal system. Have some fun and learn to think like a lawyer.

22. Lessons From the Screenplay

Great products of entertainment often come from great writers, and raising a bar or keeping a high bar of quality for storytelling is a must for everyone to further enjoy the culture and art that surrounds it, leaving audiences enamored and enthralled for a long, long time. Part educational series and part love letter, Lessons From the Screenplay gives an analysis of films and movies from the scripts to production and offers reasons why they are good at telling their stories. Learn about telling and showing stories in a fun way by dissecting the intricate techniques and beauty of your favorite films.

23. Meat Canyon

Early YouTube is years that are gone and done, and most of the absurd and weird and uncanny had mostly passed old age. But there are still some hidden gems out there worth watching, like the animations created in Meat Canyon. Most of the channel’s content is eerily creepy and entertaining at the same time that you may have to think if they were canon enough or not. If you enjoy the unnatural, even diving below the tip of the weirdness iceberg, then this channel is for you.

24. melodysheep

Of stars, cosmos, and universe, there’s nothing like having to be stumbled upon a hidden gem on the ocean of floating rocks and gassy stars. Have you ever stumbled upon a YouTube channel so beautiful that you thought it deserves to be recognised and supported by YouTube itself to be put up on a premium mode? This is just one of those channels out there. melodysheep is a channel created by John D. Boswell, a Washington-based musician and filmmaker, where most of his content includes musical remixes of famous, mainstream films and movies as well as videos of the universe. Oh, and make sure that you watch with full screen and headphones on to fully digest the immersive experience.

25. Nerdwriter1

Ideas often start with questions that are further stretched until they become comprehensive and complex. Some ideas, the mysterious or the normal, may still even have questions hiding underneath them worth writing an essay answer. This channel is a collection of things you wouldn’t expect to ask yourself at night while thinking too much. They revolve around anything to everything, to science, politics, religion, entertainment, art, and more.

26. Novympia

In a world where everything is going downhill, there’s nothing like having a little smile to videos of personalities and people having enough clout to be parodied by drag queens in comedic, witty, and appreciative videos filled with love and adoration. Hosted by UK-based drag queens Nova and Olympia, this channel will offer you VLogs, sketches, music, parodies, and just the all-around general nonsense.

27. ProZD

SungWon Cho, also known as ProZD, is a Korean American actor, voice actor, sketch comedian, and YouTuber. He voiced characters in video games and even animations. He creates funny and relatable skits and compilations on YouTube, as well as videos of him trying different kinds of food and their variations while giving reviews. He also reviews board games. If you want to have a short and good laugh for your day, his videos are the key.

28. Rousseau

Wanting to find some melodic classical piano music by Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Debussy, Chopin, and many more? Trying to sleep on a cold night underneath a warm blanket surrounded by puffy clouds of pillows whilst listening to classical piano pieces? This channel has them for you. You can also watch the notes drop from above as the keyboards sing and dance from every note. Using reactive visualizers, you can also view pop and mainstream music turned into dazzling and mesmerizing piano covers. They may surely help you with whatever you are doing, or help you find new classical favorites.

29. Screamfest

Here’s to all horror and thriller fanatics and maniacs: more short movies online that you can watch for free! Screamfest Horror Film Festival is an organization that supports independent horror filmmakers and screenwriters by making sure their products of fear are emanated through a medium worth following. The channel features short films and trailers of the horror genre for those not to the faint of heart. Blood, gore, creepy, scary, and everything in between are found in their artistic films that will surely keep you awake at night.

30. Tech Rules

We sometimes know how digital things come to be, but do we really know the whole picture of them? Tech Rules features mostly intricate mechanisms of how digital things and how their programming works, which of most are made for entertainment purposes like video games. By looking into their inner workings you never really cared about in the first place, Tech Rules makes sure that every particle of the digitized product is reviewed, analyzed, and disassembled to give you a fun and educational experience to the wonderful and complex world for hardware and software.

31. TED

TED Talks offer video conferences from thinkers, influences, and doers where anything under the sun is an appropriate subject. Some you may have learned from school, others still unanswered by your interpersonal self, and most are the wisdom you can carry for a long time. Their subjects may include businesses, human life and emotion, entertainment, and more coming out from individuals who are willing to share their knowledge in such medium.

32. Wish 107.5

Nothing like upbeat, interesting, and emotional music from live performances of artists on a bus. Yes, they are performing their pieces on a bus. The Wish Bus sometimes drives by the roads of Manila, Philippines, while someone or somebody is performing inside. Oftentimes, the bus stays on location for live audiences to enjoy live music performances from the bus. Artists perform their music in English and Filipino, a good way for someone trying to learn the language or trying to find new artists. There’s also a Wish Bus in America located in California, doing the same thing, where artists are brought to the spotlight to sing and perform.

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