These will consist of hearts, music notes and so many more aesthetic symbols. We’ll be looking at lots of different categories so that you can find the right text symbol for your blog posts on Tumblr. Let’s get started!


The first category we’re going to be taking a look at is the flower category! There are lots of floral text symbols available for you to take a look at or copy and paste directly into your posts. Flowers would combine beautifully with other sparkles, as well as hearts and stars too. These text symbols would look amazing in lots of contexts on Tumblr, whether it’s your bio or for a blog post. Let’s take a look at them; you’ll find them below!

Floral: Here are some examples of floral text symbols in a variety of styles: ❀ ❁ ✿ Asterisks: There are lots of decorative floral-shaped symbols available as asterisks also, such as: ❇ ❉ ✽ ✻ ꕤ

If there are any text symbols which you’d like to include in your posts from the above lists, then just copy the symbol by highlighting it, then right-clicking to display the menu and then clicking the copy button. You can then paste this into your Tumblr post, and the text symbol will now be visible!


The next category that we’ll be looking at consists of hearts! These would be super cute when added to a Tumblr blog post, for instance. You could also use these hearts for status updates, or you could create lists using the hearts, by prepending each list item with a heart! That way, you can create super cute bullet points. Here are some examples to inspire you. Be sure to copy and paste them if you’d like to make use of them!

Hearts: These are some examples of some super cool heart symbols, and would add such a pretty decoration to Tumblr posts: ♥ ♡ ❥ ❣

The last symbol in the list above would be fantastic as an exclamation point and would look super cute as a replacement. Of course, you could also combine these with super cute emoji also! For a list of aesthetic emoji, be sure to check out my guide to pretty emoji! There are lots to choose from in that guide, which would work beautifully overall with the various heart text symbols above.

Stars and Sparkles

There are a great variety of star text symbols, which are just stunning, especially when combined with other sparkle-shaped text symbols also! These star-shaped text symbols are available in a variety of designs, as you’ll see in the examples shown below! You could also use these as bullet points, instead of the standard bullet points used, you could add a star to mark the beginning of a list for instance. Here are some examples: ★ ✪ ✯ ✧ ✩ You could combine these together with punctuation such as full stops and semi-colons in order to create a trail of pretty sparkles, for instance: :・゚.✧:・゚.✧ As you can see, this contains some beautiful stars, along with the degree symbol and colons plus asterisks included too, for a lovely combination overall! It would add a soft and sparkly aesthetic to any blog post!


Kaomoji are super cute emoticons, which would work beautifully in so many posts! They can also be excellent for conveying a particular emotion you wish to express, from happiness to the infamous “shrug” emoticon and so much more. You’ll find lots of examples in the below image, which includes a super cute polar bear emoticon (the very first one displayed), as well as many more! Here are some other examples:

▼・ᴥ・▼ (◠‿◠✿) (◔◡◔✿) ◠‿◠ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

You’ll also find more examples in the list below, which are super adorable and would make for lovely additions to Tumblr posts and so forth.


To recreate the lofi aesthetic, music notes and cloud text symbols are very popular. These symbols would add a lovely aesthetic touch to any Tumblr post, and I would definitely recommend trying them out! Here are some examples:

Music notes: These include a variety of musical notation, such as the bass clef, treble clef and notes too: ♬ ♩ ♭ ♯ Weather symbols: The cloud text symbol is very popular in a lot of posts, and helps to add a lovely aesthetic decoration to text. ☁️ ☼ ☂ ☃ ❆

You could mix and match some of these symbols with stars and sparkles for a sparkling touch overall. Sparkles when combined with music notes or the cloud symbol would look incredibly aesthetic overall.

Tumblr Text Symbols

Hopefully, You’ve Discovered Lots of Tumblr Symbols!

Thanks so much for reading; hopefully, you’ve discovered lots of Tumblr symbols to decorate and embellish your blog posts! These are great for recreating various aesthetics, or you could combine them with emoji also. For example, you could combine the stars and sparkles shown above with the sparkles emoji. If you’re looking for other cute emoji to combine with text symbols, I’d recommend my guide to pretty emoji! You can also make use of kaomoji in your blog posts too, which are super cute text emoticons that would add a lovely touch to any piece of text. Sparkles are a very popular text embellishment, which add a lovely, sparkling touch to text. Thanks again for reading, and wishing you the very best with your Tumblr text symbol search!

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