You will find that many students are using it not only to keep their class schedule in check but also for note-taking. Learning a language on Notion is no different. There is a range of specialist language Notion templates out there designed specifically to help you pick up the language. Here, I will explore a range of top templates that you can check out to see what aspects you like from them, whether they are worth downloading yourself, from which you can then use them as a foundation to evolve them further. Here are the five Notion language learning templates are I will break down and discuss in detail:

1. Language Learning Hub

This is an excellent template that I actually found via Linkedin Pulse and was published by Damien Constantin, who is a translator who has built this template to help his students as well as those who are interested in learning a language via Notion. The template is free to duplicate and copy into your work set-up. As he explains, the template is set up with several main segments. The first is set of templates that correspond to databases for those who are needing to read blog articles, language galleries and much more. The next section is the weekly agenda and calendar-based set-up to help you structure your learning around lessons, exams and tests. Then finally, there is the file holder to keep hold of recommended reading as well as the notebook for you to make passing notes on, to keep hold of reminders and what you have learned. This doesn’t just have to be text but can also be videos and audio recordings as well. This is a fantastic template that I fully recommend that you check out as well as the accompanying post as well to see how to best interact with it. It’s a blank canvas, so it is up to you to build on it, and of course, as you do so, you get to learn the language too.

2. Linguistics Hub

There are a lot of self-built templates that you can find on social media sites, such as Reddit, where users have shared different templates that you can be used for learning any language. One of my favorite templates is the “Linguistics template” which aims to capture not just the language learning itself but also the culture within it. You can make use of a certain conversational passage that might happen with the vocabulary you are using through the use of YouTube videos as well as podcasts to help you learn it more coherently and realistically.

3. Language Study Dashboard

This is a language learning template that has been built on Notion specifically for students, where you can also plan out lessons and what those lessons are actually about, then build off that. It’s a fairly simple template that should really be used as an organisational structure for language lessons rather than learning within Notion as a tool itself. However, it is a feature and template that you might want to have quick and easy access to. You can find it on the site Ko-Fi under the “Language Study Dashboard”.

4. A Language Learning Template

You can copy this template by duplicating it directly from Red Gregory. What’s unique about this template is that it takes into account that learning a language is very different from other subjects; as such, the template reflects this. It is a template built to help you frequent it with continuous repetition. It’s split up to help you learn the grammatical structure, improve your range of vocabulary, learn the rules and when they contradict one another as well as create ‘word families’ all within a tagged and organised manner.

5. Language Learning Notion Template

This is a great structured template by NotionbyCam that you can pick up through Etsy and offers a Language Learning Notion Template that has an aesthetic appearance and is a great template for learning a language through Notion in terms of the overall layout and structure. They have specifically broken down the way in which you study via various timelines with a calendar view as well as a dedicated timeline aspect so you can see the various tasks that should be completed to keep up with your learning. This is particularly useful if you’re learning the language in a structured and ‘class’ orientated manner rather than for your own personal learning. Hopefully, from the range of language learning Notion templates, you have found a template that you actually like the look of that you can incorporate into your studies. Even if one of the templates has given you a certain angle that you haven’t thought of before and you think might be useful, if you can incorporate into your very own templates that you have built for Notion, that’s definitely a win. If there are other templates out there that you think should be included on this list, please let me know down in the comments section just below. All the best in your language learning studies. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 Hugo Totty

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