The aesthetic body is a dream of every man and girl and it becomes way more easier when the key for it comes in your smart phone. I will show you the top 5 Health and Fitness apps for android that will help you to do a decent amount of workout everyday which will result in your good physique and healthy lifestyle. You can pick up any app you like or more from the list below of top 5 Health and Fitness apps for android. So let’s start to take a look at  some of the best fitness and health apps for your android phone. Getting in Shape and be healthy is almost everyone’s desire and Technology has made every thing easy for us. There are many health and fitness apps for our phones that help us to be healthy and in shape. Today I will list down the best and most popular Health/Fitness apps for android that will help with your healthy lifestyle.

#1) 7 Min Workout

First in top Health and Fitness Apps for Android is 7 Min workout. 7 Min Workout App is great and very popular health and fitness app for your phone. It is prefect for beginners and those who don’t have much time. The app is very useful for those who want a very quick workout. As the name indicates, it gives you the 7 Minutes workout which helps in loosing weight and increase your metabolism and strengthen your muscles. 7 Minute workout gives you a very simple set of exercises that you have to complete in 7 minutes. In, short it is a very good, efficient and most useful fitness app for your android phone that has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play.

#2) Google Fit

Google Fit is an official Google’s App that was developed for Android Wear but also integrated to the Phones. It is an amazing app with many tips and exercises for fitness weight loss. The app is full of features and has a wide range of fitness statistics. You can set daily tasks and get an alert when you have fulfill them. The app is simple but full of many features. The rating for Google Fit on Play Store is 4.0.

#3) Runtastic – For Runners

Third one on our list of top Health and Fitness apps for android is Runtastic. The app is best for runners and it is on of the oldest and most reputable app on Google Play. Running is best for losing weight and it keeps the health and heart in good condition so, that is why Runtastic is listed here. Runtastic uses GPS to track your sport activities like, duration, distance, calories burnt etc. Some other features include automated real voice coach to motivate and a personal workout diary. The rating is 4.5 on Google Play for this app.

#4) RunKeeper

RunKeeper is another good health and fitness app for android. It is also meant for runners but is way more functional and power. It features and awesome interface and also works with Google Fit and Apple Health. You can monitor your runs on Maps, distance covered and also your indoor activities. The app can also track cycling and workout in gym. So, it is an all in one app. The rating on Google Play store is 4.4.

#5) Calorie Counter

Last but not least in our list of Most Useful Health and Fitness Apps for Android is Calorie Counter. Calorie counter is a perfect fitness coach. All you need to do is to put your information and calorie counter will make especial diet and exercise program for you which you will need you follow. You can keep track of your diet and exercise using Calorie Counter. In, short the Calorie Counter is a great and super cool health and fitness app for android. The rating is 4.6 in Google Play which is good from all the above apps. So guys hope you like our list of 5 most useful Health and Fitness Apps for Android. Now you can tell us about your favorite health app in the comments below. Also share this article to your friends on Facebook, twitter. Please Like, Share and Subscribe. Comment to share your views.