1) Share Content

Make sure your social media content is shareable. Offer compelling text and images that are interesting to look at, easy to read and take into account your audience’s preferences for design layout. Having multiple ways for people to share and engage with your content is key for you to generate brand awareness, spur consumer action and keep them coming back for more. Make sharing as easy as possible through posting images with links back to full posts, creating unique hashtag campaigns that let people easily find other users tweeting about similar topics or offering contests where users can like a post on Facebook or retweet on Twitter in order to qualify to win a prize such as a T-shirt or ticket vouchers.

2) Use Hashtags

Hashtags allow you to target customers based on their interests and location. With hashtags, you can reach out to groups of people who may not be familiar with your brand, but who share your values or concerns. By using a few carefully selected hashtags related to your product or business, you can create one post that’s easily discoverable by a large audience on multiple social media platforms. For example, if you’re launching a new clothing line, consider including relevant hashtags like #organic and #free-trade in every post promoting that line to reach customers looking for organic clothing made with fair labor practices. The key is to think about which hashtag will help more people find your content. Then include it!

3) Engage With Influencers

It can be difficult to cut through all of the noise on social media. Influencers can help you achieve your goals by leveraging their audience’s trust and connections to get your message across. If an influencer is already associated with your industry, ask them for a shoutout, or ask them to review and discuss one of your products. For example, if you’re launching a fitness app, ask fitness bloggers for feedback or coverage. As long as it aligns with their target audience, most influencers are happy to cooperate. It’s also important that you offer something in return for their time and promotion efforts; after all, they have a business model to uphold too!

4) Post High-Quality Photos

Posts with professional, high-quality images get more engagement than those with low-quality images. That is why it’s important to have a stock of engaging images you can use whenever you’re sharing content on social media. When you find an image that works for your brand, save it as a template in your photo-editing software so that in future when you’re sharing similar content, you can simply add text or other visual effects. Or create a whole new account on your favorite platform where all you share are professional photos of your products or services.

5) Run Contest

Contests have quickly become a popular way for companies to grow their social media presence and engage with customers, but not all contests are created equal. If you want to create an effective contest, consider:


Whether your marketing plan is a one-off campaign or part of an ongoing digital strategy, staying in touch with customers using social media is important. These five strategies are designed to help you attract and keep new clients, which ultimately helps boost your business. © 2022 Patrick M

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