Finding the right emoji to use doesn’t have to be too difficult, as we’ll be looking at the best types and categories available for your use case. We’ll be exploring a great range of super cute and aesthetic emojis, so there’ll be a great variety overall! Let’s get started!


If you’re looking for some aesthetic emoji to make use of rather than recreate a particular aesthetic, then we’ll be taking a look at these in this section. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the categories below and see if there are any that inspire you!

Pastel: These items have a slight pastel tint to them, which makes them super aesthetic overall. They include the green tea emoji, iced coffee, and the pink book emoji also! Space: Moon phases, galactic emoji and emoji of the night sky are always super aesthetic overall! Sparkles: For a lovely, sparkling touch, why not include some sparkles? They would work exceptionally well with star emojis too! Nature: From the cloud emoji to those of the sun and landscapes, there are tons of nature emoji to choose from! Some of my favourites include those of the beach and city skylines, to name but a few!

If you’d rather emulate a particular aesthetic, or are looking for emoji within your favourite aesthetic, make sure to take a look at the sections below! We’ll be taking a look at a wide variety of aesthetics, including the purple and pink aesthetics, as well as many others!

Purple Aesthetic

If you’re a fan of the purple aesthetic, then there are a variety of emoji categories out there to help you choose violet-tinted emoji!

Space emoji: These are quite popular in the purple aesthetic due to how they work so beautifully with purple emoji in general. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the milky way emoji, planetary emoji, and many others! Phases of the moon also look great in combination with purple aesthetic emoji. Purple items: Make sure to explore the full range of emoji available in order to discover more purple-tinted emoji which can be used! Sparkles: These also work very well too, and even better when combined with other emoji from this aesthetic.

Pink Aesthetic

If you’re hoping to recreate the pink aesthetic through emoji, whether for a custom status, bio or username, I’d definitely recommend incorporating pink-tinted emoji and combining these with sparkles and stars, or flowers too! They work beautifully together overall and would create such a gorgeous aesthetic. Here are some emoji categories which work well in this aesthetic:

Flowers: The sakura cherry blossom emoji is a popular choice for this aesthetic! Other flowers could work wonderfully too, such as the hibiscus flower emoji and tulips. Hearts: There are lots of hearts to choose from also, including pink-tinted and red hearts also, plus those with sparkles. These would look great for emulating the pink aesthetic!

You’ll find lots of examples in the image below, in case you’d like some inspiration!

Soft/Pastel Aesthetic

The soft or pastel aesthetic is characterised by gentle colors, such as meringue pinks, sky blues, and gentle green colors. Try making use of emoji that have a pastel tone to them in order to recreate this aesthetic.

Hearts: The heart emoji are available in a wide range of colors and have a pastel color too! You could try combining your favourites from those available for a cool effect. Flowers: Cherry blossoms and other flowers are perfect for this aesthetic since there are many with pastel tones, such as the hibiscus emoji and the cherry blossom emoji. Pastel items: Other pastel objects and items are also available, such as green tea, ice cream and so much more. You could try mixing and matching these together for an aesthetic touch to statuses and bios.


The space aesthetic could be recreated through the use of star and galactic emoji, night sky symbols and so much more. Try mixing and matching some of the emoji ideas from the categories below for a great combination!

Night Sky: You could incorporate some of the sky emoji together, for instance. Moon Phases: These are also a popular set of emoji you could take a look at and can add a lovely touch to statuses and bios, especially if you’re interested in astrology or astronomy! Galactic: There is a whole range of galactic and cosmic emoji available, from comets to planets and so much more. You’ll find plenty of examples in the image below, to help inspire you.


The café aesthetic can be emulated through the use of the green tea emoji, iced coffee and so much more. This can be fantastic if you’re hoping to create a chill or lo-fi Discord server since you can insert some of the emoji ideas below into the channel names for a cool look! Or, if you’re a fan of reading and want to emulate the café aesthetic in your social media bios, you could insert some of the emojis below too!

Coffee/Tea: Hot beverages are classics when it comes to recreating the café aesthetic, such as the iced coffee emoji, the green tea and so many more! Books: Since people may love to read books in a cozy café, book emoji could also be a great choice. Sparkles: These would look great in conjunction with some of the ideas above!

Aesthetic Emoji

Hopefully, You’ve Found Some Aesthetic Emoji!

Thanks so much for reading this guide; hopefully, you’ve discovered some super aesthetic emoji to help you when crafting bios, statuses and so much more. When creating statuses and bios, you can also make use of aesthetic text fonts. When combined with emoji, they can work very well together. For instance, a monospaced font in conjunction with some sparkles or cute kaomoji could go great together! I’ve written this article on creating aesthetic text fonts if you’re interested! What are your favourite aesthetics listed here? Would you like to share other aesthetic emoji? Make sure to let me know in the comments section below, as I’m always on the lookout for new aesthetic emoji! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2021 Susan W

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