We’ll also be taking a look at lots of cute custom emotes too, plus the servers that offer these also. Let’s get started!

Celestial Emoji

Celestial emoji make for stunning emoji overall and are available in a lot of categories, from those of the moon to galaxies and stars. I’d definitely recommend taking a look through some of these, as they’d make for lovely embellishments to messages and would add a celestial touch overall. In the image below, you’ll find lots of examples of glorious moon emoji, which are shown in lots of various moon phases. You could also combine these with stars and sparkles emoji also for a magical effect! These would also work beautifully with the space aesthetic too, so if you’re hoping to add some space emoji, you should definitely try out some of the emoji ideas below!

Cute Pink Emoji

If you’re on the lookout for cute emoji to make use of in your Discord messages, then look no further than those that embody the pink aesthetic! From ice-cream emoji to flowers and so much more, there are lots shown below which would add a lovely touch of pink to any message. I’m a huge fan of these, including the cherry blossom and tulip emoji! These also pair well with sparkles and hearts also, plus stars! Of course, if you’re a fan of other aesthetics too, then you could emulate these in your statuses and so forth by choosing emoji which embody the aesthetic. For example, the galaxy emoji, purple hearts and squares would look great as part of the purple aesthetic.

Milk & Mocha Emotes

If you’re a fan of the Milk & Mocha series, then you’ll absolutely love the emotes provided by the Milk & Mocha server! If you have Discord Nitro, you can also make use of custom emoji too! Be sure to take a look through those available by using the emoji picker. Or you could browse server listings for other custom emoji servers to join also, in order to add more to your collection. This Discord server provides an excellent range of custom emoji, which are just absolutely adorable overall, and fantastic if you’re a fan of these adorable characters. I’ve found these to be super cute overall, and are just perfect for custom statuses, as well as messages too. I’d recommend taking a look through those available to see if there are any which pique your interest. They’re also great if you’re running an aesthetic Discord server too since they provide a fantastic variety of emoji to take a look at and make use of in your announcement messages or for reactions to server messages too.

Nature Emoji

There are lots of stunning nature emoji available also, so be sure to peruse through the list of these too! From celestial emoji to those of beautiful landscapes and the night sky, there’s sure to be an emoji which would look fantastic in custom statuses and messages. I’m a huge fan of the night sky emoji in general, plus the celestial ones too! These look magnificent when paired with purple aesthetic emoji also. Other beautiful nature emoji include those of flowers, such as the sunflower, tulip and cherry blossom. These would pair amazingly with some of the landscape emoji provided also. To get some inspiration, take a look through the nature-related emoji below and see if there are any which take your interest!

Nine Clouds Emoji

If you have Discord Nitro and would like to add some cute custom emoji to your collection of emoji that you can add to messages and statuses, then I’d recommend taking a look at the Nine Clouds server. They have a fantastic range of custom emotes available, with over 200 super cute emotes available for you to make use of. I’ve found some truly amazing emotes from this server, and would definitely recommend taking a look at it! Of course, they also have a super welcoming community overall, so if you’d like a new server and community to join, then I’d also recommend this server for that, too, as they have lots of fun events and are super welcoming to newcomers. If you’d like to discover more custom emote servers, then be sure to take a look at another guide I wrote on 10 Discord emoji servers to check out!

Cute Discord Emoji

Hopefully, You’ve Discovered Some Super Cute Discord Emoji!

Thanks so much for reading; hopefully, you’ve discovered some adorable and cute Discord emoji in this guide! These would be fantastic in a variety of contexts, from messages to status updates and announcement messages. You could also combine them with cute text symbols for a lovely effect overall too! What were your favourite categories in this list? Do you have other emoji that you’d like to recommend? Make sure to let me know down in the comments below, as I’m always on the lookout for new emoji! Thanks again for reading, and wishing you the very best with your emoji search!

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