There are so many categories available, such as hearts, flowers and so much more. We’ll be taking a look at a great variety of them, which are perfect for lots of aesthetics, such as the cottagecore and café aesthetics.

Cute Hearts

Some of the cutest Twitter text symbols consist of adorable hearts, which would make for lovely additions to tweets and bios! If you’d like to decorate your tweet or append a cute symbol to it, then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the selection of hearts available, such as those provided in the list below. These would work beautifully in combination with floral symbols or sparkles too, so be sure to mix and match various symbols together to create some lovely text decorations for tweets or bios. Here are some examples:

Hearts: There are a variety of hearts available to copy and paste, including the following: ♥ ♡ ❥ Exclamation point heart: The exclamation point heart in the list above would look super cute as a replacement for an exclamation point, for instance! Here it is: ❣

Next up, we’re going to be taking a look at some gorgeous floral symbols that would combine beautifully with the heart symbol ideas shown above, or you could use them on their own!

Floral Symbols

There are lots of super cute floral symbols available, including asterisks and flower text symbols. These would work beautifully with a variety of tweets and could be a gorgeous decoration overall. If you’re a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic, you could also include some flowers to enhance the aesthetic. I’d definitely recommend trying out a variety of ideas to see which work best overall. You’ll find lots of examples of flower text symbols in the list below:

Flowers: Some examples of gorgeous floral text symbols include: ❀ ❁ ✿ Asterisks: If you’re looking for asterisks, then here they are: ✽ ✾ ✾ ❉

Those are some examples of floral-themed symbols, and you’ll see that asterisks were included too, as these do indeed also have a floral look to them! Hopefully, they helped inspire you, but if you’re looking for more Twitter symbols, we’ll be covering stars and sparkles in the next section!


What better way to decorate your Tweets than with embellishments such as stars or sparkles? It could be a fantastic way to add that extra decorative touch to a Tweet, and since there are so many to choose from, I’d definitely recommend trying out the different text symbols available. Text symbols make for a glorious addition to tweets. You could prepend them before the contents of the tweet and also add them at the end. Or you could include them after particular words, for a decorative touch. Another place where you could include text symbols is your bio, which supports the use of text symbols also. You’ll find lots of examples of stars to add below:

Stars: From outlined stars to encircled stars, there are lots of varying symbols that would make for wonderful embellishments to tweets. Here they are: ✪ ✯ ★ ❁ ✰

Hopefully, you’ve discovered some super cool star symbols in this section. Next up, we’re going to be taking a look at other aesthetic symbols!


If you’re looking for dividers to add to your bio, then we’ll be covering these in this section. Dividers can be great for when you want to include your interests or hobbies and wish to divide them so that they are organized. Here are some divider text symbols:

Brackets: These are an excellent way to decorate your bio; you could enclose a word within the brackets, for instance, or if you want to enclose a phrase within brackets, you could use these. Here are some examples: 〛〚 Rectangular dividers: These text symbols work fantastically if you want to separate your interests, for example: ❘ ❙ ❚ ▐

Those are some examples of cool divider text symbols here, and to make use of them, simply copy and paste the symbols you’d like to include in your bio. Of course, you could also try them out in tweets too!

Other Aesthetic Symbols

If you’re looking for other aesthetic symbols, then I’d recommend looking through the symbols in this section, as we’ll be exploring lots of different text symbols here, from music notes to café aesthetic symbols. These are great general-purpose decorations for updates and tweets and are fantastic for recreating various aesthetics too.

Music notes: There are lots of text symbols that would add an aesthetic addition to any tweet, and if you’re looking for music notes, there are plenty available! Here are some examples: ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ Café aesthetic: If you’re a fan of the café aesthetic in general, then I’d recommend including some of the music notes shown above in your Tweet. You could also include other music notation symbols, such as: ♮ ♯ ♭ Weather symbols: Clouds are a popular aesthetic text symbol, which are available also. Here are some examples: ☁ ☀ ☂ ☼ Moon symbols: Did you know that moon symbols are available also? These would be great for celestial-themed tweets. Here they are, along with some star symbols: ☽ ⭒✧✭ ⭒ There also exists another moon symbol in the opposite direction, too: ☾

Twitter Symbols

Hopefully, You’ve Discovered Some Super Aesthetic Twitter Symbols!

Thanks so much for reading this ultimate list of Twitter symbols; hopefully, you’ve found some super cute and aesthetic symbols in this guide! We’ve taken a look at a lot of categories, from hearts to flowers to music notes and so much more. These can be used in so many contexts, from Twitter bios to tweets. Other ways to decorate your tweets could be through the use of emoji. For instance, these would combine beautifully with some of the text symbols shown above. If you’d like some examples, I’d recommend taking a look at my guide to pretty emoji, if you’re interested! Another way to decorate your tweets could be through the use of aesthetic fonts, which include handwriting or cursive fonts, as well as monospaced fonts. I’d definitely recommend trying those out, too, as they can be a fun and cool way to decorate your tweets.

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