Most of of the programmers and apps developer are quite familiar with what hacking is and some may know how to do this. Ethical hacking is only certified hacking used for the capturing the flaws in online systems, servers or any software engine. Otherwise back hacking is illegal and is a crime. However today we will show you some best Hacking apps for Android.

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If  you want to enter into the world of smartphones and want to become a hacker then these below best hacking apps for android will help you make familiar in hacking ethics. Have a look at them. These are apps that can assist you with security, penetration testing, scanning, performing exploits etc. All the apps below can be downloaded from Google Playstore easily for free. NOTE: We warn you not to use these apps for any wrong purposes but for educational purposes only.


ZANTI is a penetration testing and security testing hacking toolkit. You will find many security tools in this app, it enables complex audits and provides cloud-based reporting, ZANTI is an amazing and useful Android hacking app.

Shark For Root

This Android hacking app is traffic sniffer works with Wireshark or similar software. If you are aware of Wireshark software then you may know dump files. The dump Files come from Wi-Fi sniffing and to open them you will require Wireshark on PC or you can read this data on phone using Shark reader.

WPS Connect

As the name shows it is related to wi-fi hacking, yes you can hack Wi-Fi password using WPS connect. In fact you will not need any password WPS Connect has master key Routers collection and it runs on WPS security only. So using this app you can connect your device to any Wi-Fi network which runs on WPS security. It is on of the best Hacking apps for android wifi.


dSploit is a hacking android app useful for IT security Experts as it is an Android network analysis and penetration toolkit. Using dSploit you can perform all network security assessments on your Android device.

APK Inspector

As the name suggests APK Inspector, It is a very useful tool for analysts to analyze Android applications. It is powerful GUI tool and can be used by reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android apks and DEX codes.


Las but not least in the our list of top 6 hacking apps for android we have Hackode. Hackode is a useful hacking tool to perform scanning and reconnaissance. it is very useful for Ethical hackers, IT administrators and penetration testers. Its various tools work to support entire testing. That is it guys. Hope you like my list of best Hacking Apps for Android. Comment below to share your views. Please share it and subscribe to our blog for more. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.