There are a lot of different Notion templates out there specifically for writing that are coming in a range of various styles. Here, we will go through some of the very best that you can use as a base from which to customise to your specific workflow. Here, we are going to discuss the following Notion writing templates:

1. Blogger Template

This is a template that I use myself. From the template, I can essentially work out the next blog post that I am going to work on, how it fits in with the other blog posts from a topical nature, the keyword that I am targeting as well as the structure that I can implement into the blog post that makes sure to try to best serve the user intent.

2. Book Drafting Template

The “Book Drafting” template is obviously for those thinking about planning a book and need a template to provide structure and host notes about what’s going into that template to create an area to host all your ideas. You can find the drafting template by simply heading to the Notion site and searching for “Book Drafting” under templates. There, you will come across the kanban board where you can see it is structured in a way where drafts and feedback are laid out, where you can delve into character profiles, environments and settings. Of course, you will want to organise it in a way that best suits your book and your overall writing process as well.

3. Ali’s Book Notes & Resonance Calendar

Ali Abdaal is one of the leading Notion influencers, and the resonance calendar is a great template that he has coined that helps capture your readings in a more structured and relatable way that provides context. Essentially, it allows you to read something, and once you have forgotten all about it, you can check the resonance calendar again and remember why it ‘resonated’ with you and which part of that book or article you thought was ‘apt’ to your circumstances. The video above shows you exactly how to set up and use the template.

4. Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are a great way to keep track of different projects as well as to infuse some writing flare. You can find a whole range of slightly different bullet journal writing templates on Notion, but if you search for “Bullet Journal” on the Notion site, you will find a minimalist one that does exactly what you want it to do. It provides an overview of the highlights of your core goals are for the year, whether it be books, reading, writing or the health elements. Then, there’s a weekly agenda page so you know what you should be doing each day and what you need to be aware of. There’s also a future log section, which is an area that I particularly like, as it provides a clean setup for future tasks that you might forget all about.

5. Reading Templates

For those who are not only writing but doing a lot of reading and want to keep track of the books and articles that they have read, using a template that keeps track of that is useful, especially if they are considering writing about in it a blog post or essay later on. One of my favorite templates from there is the simple reading list template, which you can find on Notion by searching for “reading list”; you can watch a video on this above.

6. Thesis Writing Template

For those on the side of academic writing, you will be glad to know there is a range of thesis writing Notion templates. The most obvious one is the “Thesis Planning” template that you can find on the Notion site. The template breaks down a table into a timeline format where you need to implement different aspects of the thesis and how it can all fit together. You will know where to edit it to suit your needs; however, working it into smaller, bite-sized chunks can make the whole process feel more manageable, especially with links to everything just where you need it. You can add specific pages for your reading list (as mentioned above) to see how that integrates into your resources and notes. Hopefully, from the above array of Notion writing templates, you have found some inspiration for ways you can use Notion to organise your research and structure your thesis, novels and articles. However, you can also use it as a hub to serve as inspiration, and as you can see from other templates and specifically dashboards, some Notion users utilize it to create the zone and ‘atmosphere’ they need to settle down and get writing. I’m not sure about you, but I like to use Notion as my main text editor when I am making notes or working on an essay. Notion provides the unique ability to embed different aspects and images, then neatly organise it so that it makes more and more sense. Plus, I like the minimalist feel that it has that other text editors like Google Docs and Microsoft Word can’t offer. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2021 Russel Garret

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