While the creators covered in this article all put out content that adults can enjoy, the majority of their content is also family-friendly and safe for work. They just don’t cater exclusively to children and teenagers. So if you’re an adult who wants to enhance your Minecraft skills without being endlessly annoyed, these are 7 Minecraft YouTubers for Adult Players.

7. Wattles

Wattles posts a wide range of Minecraft videos, on a near-daily basis. His series include over 150 episodes of “The Minecraft Guide,” Lucky Mob Survival, and his current Let’s Play series “Minecraft Survival.” Wattles also posts videos recapping Minecraft Snapshots, Minecraft mods, and other informative content that will teach the ins-and-outs of the game to new and experienced players, alike. Clearly a fan of Minecraft YouTube himself, Wattles is a highly-relatable content creator who I would recommend to anybody trying to learn more about the game.

6. BDoubleO100

BDoubleO100, or “B-Dubs” as he is known by fans, has been around on YouTube for years providing quality content with his own series, such as “Building with BDoubleO100,” and as a member of Survival Multiplayer (SMP) series including Mindcrack and Hermitcraft. His content is mostly based around building guides, but he also dabbles in redstone occasionally. With a goofy personality and voice made for broadcasting, B-Dubs’ content is enjoyable for people of all ages.

5. AntVenom

AntVenom is a content creator whose videos lean more toward the technical side of Minecraft. Using his vast knowledge of this side of the game, AntVenom posts many videos detailing techniques to “break” the game, by pushing the limits of the game’s very code. If you’re interested in Minecraft’s many glitches, bugs, and exploits, AntVenom will be right up your alley. Detailing the history of these bugs, different mods, and even digging into urban legends within the game, AntVenom’s videos are interesting and highly informative.

4. Mumbo Jumbo

If you’ve ever searched for a Minecraft redstone tutorial, chances are you’ve come across the mustachioed Mumbo Jumbo at some point. With over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, Mumbo is a highly successful content creator. While his expertise lies in redstone engineering, Mumbo Jumbo has also proven himself to be a talented builder and entertaining personality. A member of the Hermitcraft SMP, Mumbo Jumbo is one of the most well-rounded Minecraft players on YouTube. Even if you don’t understand redstone and have no interest in watching tutorials, Mumbo’s personality tends to shine through in his videos. This has led to Mumbo finding success as a cinematographer in the real world. Mumbo’s content is family-friendly, engaging, and informative, placing him among the world’s top Minecraft YouTubers.

3. PearlescentMoon

One of the newest members of the Hermitcraft SMP, PearlescentMoon has long been among the top Minecraft builders in the world. Mostly known for her work on massive, organic sculptures, Pearl’s abilities are mind-blowing. She doesn’t have a huge subscriber base on YouTube, but has been featured on Grian’s (a highly popular Minecraft builder) channel for several years now, and had a Minecraft RTX map (“Color, Light, and Shadow”) showcased on the Bedrock platform of the game. I would recommend PearlescentMoon to anybody who is interested in Minecraft as an art-form.

2. GoodTimesWithScar

Yet another member of the Hermitcraft SMP, GoodTimesWithScar is among the best Minecraft builders in the world. For those interested in implementing real-world techniques such as forced perspective, gradients, and terraforming to create stunning builds, Scar is the one to watch. He may not be great at other aspects of Minecraft, but his builds out-class just about anybody else. Interestingly, Scar’s real life cat, Jellie, was used as inspiration for one of the cat variants in the game; being voted into the game by a fan poll in 2019.

1. IBXToyCat

The least family-friendly YouTuber on this list, Toycat posts an eclectic mix of videos; discussing everything from politics and religion, to relatively more trivial topics like speed running and interesting seeds, all utilizing Minecraft as a backdrop to the discussion. Toycat’s specialty, however, would be undertaking absurdly massive and time-consuming projects. It isn’t uncommon for Toycat to do things like draining an ocean, covering the End in glass, or replacing all of the sand in a desert with torches. Toycat posts videos almost daily, with weekly series including “Seed Sunday,” “Q&A Saturday,” and his “Let’s Play” series, which has continued in the same world for over 9 years. Toycat’s dedication to Minecraft is only matched by the sheer scale of many of the projects he has completed over the years.

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