Without further ado, let us dive into the detail about each of these apps and how writers can benefit.

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator helps writers and digital marketers generate new content ideas when they encounter writer’s block. It is a reliable web app that uses artificial intelligence abilities to give blog topic suggestions. The app allows you to input three nouns about your business and gives you topic suggestions that can cover you for weeks. The Blog Ideas Generator makes it easier for content marketers to have readily available blog topics for content marketing strategy and SEO optimization.


Canva is one of the most important apps that all writers should have. You need quality images to use alongside your written content. Whether you need a graphic to promote your social media page, a photo to use on your blog post, or any other type of image, Canva is the go-to app. The app will assist you in creating powerful, unique, and beautiful pictures without stress. Canva also comes with a content planner, which means you can schedule posts for platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, it makes work easier for writers who like sharing on social media.


LibreOffice is a fantastic word processor, a free alternative to MS Office. It is an ideal software for writers looking for free word processors, particularly one they can use to edit and format their work. With LibreOffice, writers can create memos and write long-form prose, such as books, using the online editor. Several features are included in the app: a clean and user-friendly layout that supports several file formats. If you are looking for a word processor that comes for free and can be used in different writing settings and configurations, LibreOffice is the right app for you.


FocusWriter is a writing app available for free designed to maximize productivity. The application gives a clean interface by blocking notifications from apps and sites on your computer. It helps writers who want to focus on their craft without distractions. FocusWriter presents your work on a clean screen with zero distractions. So, you focus on writing without being concerned about the clutter on your home screen. It is an excellent tool for writing the first draft, but editing to be done on another app.


Evernote is a reliable note-taking app from anywhere on your computer. It comes with synced browser addons, making it easier to gather notes. Evernote helps prepare to-do lists and checklists. The app can also capture receipts and track business expenses. If you are a freelance writer, this app helps with self-organization. With its free plan, you have up to 60MB of storage space, which is much if you use text only. If you need extra storage, you can subscribe at a smaller fee.


Writing life needs daily and frequent reminders. You need somewhere to record notes and set reminders to make your life easier. Diaro helps you remember all the events in your life. The app acts like a diary and enables you to journal about essential things. Your thoughts and memories will be organized and documented in a single place. Diaro is also unique because you can attach photos or locations alongside the entries on the app. Another benefit is that it is password protected, ensuring your ideas remain private. Diaro makes your writing life easy and organized without much fuss.


Todoist helps writers who want to prioritize specific tasks and organize their work: an effective task management app helping prepare to-do lists and customized writing schedules. By using Todoist, you become effective and productive in writing. The app allows you to create daily reminders, helping you achieve your writing goals. Get Todoist and stop worrying about missing a critical schedule or deadline. Your writing life will be organized and relatively easy to manage. These apps are intended to make your writing life easy and manageable. Get organized and remain on top of things, no matter what happens with apps like Todoist. Apps like Diaro give deadline and schedule reminders, while LibreOffice offers a complete word processor at zero cost. You cannot go wrong by choosing any of these apps. These benefits affirm why every writer should consider getting any of these apps as part of their writing tools. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 Donald Ngonyo

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