We’ll also provide some advice on what to do if a particular username is already taken on TikTok! Let’s get started!

Create Usernames Tailored to Your Account’s Niche

If you’re hoping to create a TikTok account that focuses on a specific niche, then it can definitely be helpful to include terms related to this niche within your username. If you’re hoping to create a TikTok username, then it can definitely help to know which aesthetics you’d like to emulate in your username. There’s a great variety from the soft aesthetic to dark academia and so much more. Some examples and categories are shown below to illustrate this and maybe help you out if they match the aesthetic that you’re hoping to emulate! For example, if you’re hoping to start a writing or reading account, where you provide advice related to reading or studying, then you could emulate a dark academia aesthetic in your username by including terms such as:

Academie Gothic Literary Scribe

Latin words could also work well too such as:

Astra Vita Diem Cogito

By combining some of the words together, you’ll have a variety of new usernames to try out, and at least, if a particular username is taken, you’ll have plenty of others to try out also. It can definitely help to include terms or aesthetics related to your account’s niche in the username, as it effectively advertises your account’s niche to potential viewers and they might be more likely to check out your account if they see that the username reflects the interests they are in. If you are just creating a personal account which isn’t about any niche in particular, then this may not apply.

Purple/Pink Aesthetic

If you’re a fan of the pink or purple aesthetics, then you could try to emulate these in your username. I’ve provided some examples below to help you get started. Simply choose your favourite words from the list below and combine them together! You can create different variations too by swapping out the ordering of the words or replacing letters with numbers. Some words that would work well include:

Neon Gloss Diamond City Nova Glitter Rose Peony

Pink and purple color names could work beautifully too, especially when combined with some of the nouns above. You could try a combination consisting of a color name and then followed by a noun, or even try out alliteration, where both words start with the same first letter. Here are some color names to get you started:

Coral Fuchsia Blue-violet Heather Pink Iris Orchid Mauve Lavender Violette Magenta

Aesthetic Word Ideas to Combine

There are some words out there that are just too aesthetic to be ignored! These have a particular ethereal quality about them and would definitely enhance the aesthetic of a username. Try adding some of these to your brainstormed ideas, or you could combine them with nouns, too, for added effect. Some examples of super aesthetic words include:

Aesthete Ethereal Eunoia Flaneur Elysian Iridescent Acqua Limerence Ephemeral

These are simply so radiant and would be absolutely amazing in usernames, so I’d definitely recommend trying them out for sure!

Pastel Aesthetic

The pastel aesthetic focuses on soft and pastel-toned items and ethereal-sounding words. If you’re hoping to create a soft aesthetic username, I’d definitely recommend creating a username using pastel color shades and other such words. You could also swap out some of the letters for a cute effect too! Some pastel aesthetic words include:

Taffy Blossom Oceanic Bubblegum Ambient Rose Light Cloud Ephemera

As you can see from the listed words above, they truly emulate the soft aesthetic and are absolutely perfect for it! Make sure to note this list down if you’re hoping to make other soft aesthetic usernames in the future.

Some Extra Ideas to Get You Started

If you’re looking for some more aesthetic words, I’d recommend looking at some of the words below. By simply combining two or three of your favourite words below, you’ll have some great usernames to try out! Some cute words include:

Boba Almond Epoch Bubbles Pastel Dewdrop

Celestial words and terms often work great also, from names of constellations to astrological terms and everything-in-between. These can certainly add a magical twist to usernames, so I’d definitely recommend trying some variations with celestial words too! Here are some example words to help you get started:

Moon Galaxy Starry Supernova Cosmic Celestial Intergalactic Dream Night sky

Color Shade and Noun Combination

Why not combine color shade names and nouns together for an effective twist? They work super well together overall and could lead to some great-sounding usernames! I’d definitely recommend trying this technique out! It was briefly mentioned in the pink/purple aesthetic section above, but I’ve provided even more color shades here which work beautifully when combined with nouns. Some colors could include:

Burgundy Lapis Lilac Berry Lemon Cerulean Aegean Teal Indigo

Creating TikTok Usernames

Hopefully, You’ve Found Some Aesthetic TikTok Usernames!

Thanks so much for reading, hopefully you’ve discovered some aesthetic usernames for TikTok in this guide! While many guides often include specific usernames, due to past readers finding usernames, a lot of usernames will be taken by the time other readers see the article. This is why I preferred to include aesthetic words and categories, plus some techniques for generating usernames so that you’re more likely to create usernames which aren’t taken yet. If you’d like to read more about creating an aesthetic TikTok account, I’d also recommend this guide on creating aesthetic TikTok names, which focuses on applying cute and cool fonts to your names and TikTok bios. I’ve also written another guide on creating aesthetic videos for TikTok too, which you may be interested in also! What are your favourite ideas from the list above? What techniques do you find to be the most effective to create aesthetic TikTok usernames? Make sure to let me know down in the comments section below, as I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best ways to create usernames! Thanks again for reading, and wishing you all the very best in your TikTok username search!

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