Server templates are effectively blueprints of Discord servers and can be used many times by others to create their own servers. Let’s get started!

1. Streamer or Community Server Template

This template allows you to create your own community server, complete with a welcome and verification channel, voice channels for both bots and users, and so much more. It’s also tailored towards streamers, so if you’re a streamer or have your own Twitch channel and want to create a Discord community around your channel, you can do so with this template. Building a Discord server for your fans, followers and stream viewers is essential, as it’ll help build your brand and allow your fans to get to know each other too, which is always great!

2. Bot Support

If you’re a bot developer, like myself, it’s great to set up a server where you can support users, answer their questions, and respond to feature requests. By creating a dedicated support server, your bot is likely to grow and become more popular since users are more likely to recommend your bot to their friends if they have their questions answered and are supported through the server. Great customer support goes a long way! To help you with this, the following bot support template helps you set up your own server specifically for bot support!

3. Starter Server Template With No Frills Attached

If you’re just looking for a server template without any major, overly complex bells and whistles, then this server template is for you! I can understand that some server templates may contain too many channels, complex permissions or too many bells and whistles overall, which can make the server hard to manage. If you just want a server for playing games with your friends, or just a simple server that just fulfills its purpose, then this template is great for that! I’ve used this template several times when wanting to just create a simple server with the right amount of channels and permissions, just enough so I can get started quickly, but with not so many permissions that I don’t know where to begin!

4. Aesthetic Server

If you want a Discord server that’s quite simply put, aesthetic, then this is definitely the server template for you! It includes channel names in a variety of aesthetic fonts, and also has the usual server must-haves, including roles too, each with cute emoji and kaomoji too! For example, it features cute stars amongst other kaomoji. These are essential to any burgeoning aesthetic server, that is for sure! For examples of cute kaomoji, you may find in the channel and role names, take a look at the image below. Of course, if you’d like to generate your own channel names using aesthetic fonts (such as the font above!), then you can learn how to create cool Discord text fonts here. The channel names featured in the template also have aesthetic kaomoji appended to them, which is a lovely touch too! There are templates for various aesthetics too, such as the purple and soft aesthetics. These can be great if you’d like to create an amazing atmosphere in your server! If you’re looking for templates that emulate various types of aesthetics, I’ve also written an article on some of the most aesthetic Discord server templates out there!

Aesthetic Kaomoji Examples

5. Creator and Hobbyists

Discord themselves have also provided their very own official templates, so these are Discord approved! One of my favourite templates provided by Discord is a specific template for creators and hobbyists who wish to set up a Discord community. If you have an online platform, for example, and want your fans and followers to get to know each other, then this can be a great way to do so! To get started, simply scroll through the list of templates, where each one is given its own dedicated section. Scroll down to the Creator & Hobbies section, then simply click the button with a border and right arrow, and you’ll be starting your own server in no time!

Various Types of Discord Server Templates

6. Study Group Template

Discord also provide a study groups template, which is great if you’re hoping to setup a server for your study group! Or if you have a group of friends and you’re all hoping to setup a server, this can be another alternative template too. This server is great for hosting Go Live events too, which can make teaching and studying that bit easier! To get started, all you need to do is visit Discord’s template page and scroll down to the Study Groups section. You can also take a look at the other templates while you’re there too! There are some fantastic templates available. From templates for local communities to study groups, there’s sure to be a template which will match what you’re looking for. What I also love about each template, is that it includes some great testimonials from other users who have used the template, so you’ll get a feel for the results of using each template as well as the benefits of getting started with that particular template.

7. Aesthetic Gaming Server

Following in a similar thread to the previously featured aesthetic server, this is also a popular template which is great for gaming servers that want a more aesthetic feel! It includes a great set of versatile roles, and the roles even have kaomoji appended to them. This can add a lovely touch to the role names, I must say! The channels are divided into groups, such as a welcome group, and a support centre group. This logical grouping can really add great organisation to the server overall. One aspect that I really adore about this template are the interests-related channels, which include so many types of interests from music to kpop to fashion. If you’re hoping to create your own aesthetic server and want more tips, make sure to check out my article on creating an aesthetic Discord server.

8. Templates From Discord Style

Make sure to check out Discord Style for even more server templates! They have a streamlined user interface, allowing you to discover so many different types of server templates. I’d definitely recommend visiting it for more! You can filter templates so that only the most popular templates are shown. You can also filter by various categories from gaming to development to art. You’re sure to find a template which suits you, so make sure to browse the templates on offer! If you haven’t found a template listed above which matches what you’re looking for then you’re likely to find what you’re looking for on Discord Style instead.

Other Sites

While Discord Style is perhaps one of my favourite Discord server template sites, there are many others too! With a small amount of research, you’re sure to find the right server template directory for you! Other directories include:

The r/discordapp subreddit: In the community for Discord on Reddit, many users post new server templates regularly, plus the added benefit is that they get voted on too! If users deem the templates to be good, they’re sure to get tons of upvotes and great comments also. You can see which templates other users found most useful in this manner. That said, the other directories mentioned also have a voting system, but the communities on those sites are much smaller, given that the sites have just been built recently and are still growing. Discord servers dedicated to templates: You could also take a look at promotion servers, which are dedicated to helping you find the best server templates around. Many of these servers curate and collect the most useful server templates they find and add them to the server, so you can also find new ones there too!


Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully, you’ve found some server template sites that you’ll find useful while setting up your server. Thanks to templates, creating Discord servers is now a whole lot easier! You’ll also learn a lot about how typical servers are structured, as well as the types of channels you need and so forth. It can be a great learning experience for the future too. After you’ve set up your server, you may wonder what’s next. You’ll need to get users and promote your server, so I’ve written an article to help you advertise your server and gain more members. By working on this, you’ll soon start seeing some members joining your server, hopefully! If you just create the server with a template and wait for users to join, you might be disappointed, so make sure to start promoting your server as soon as you can! You’ll also need to ensure that you keep the server active too, as a server without any activity won’t thrive, so I’ve also supplied some tips in the previously linked article too. Do you have other server templates you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below, as well as any other questions, thoughts or suggestions you’d like to share. Thanks again for reading, and wishing you the best in setting up a Discord server! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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