These animations can also be used as backgrounds for signup screens, landing pages and many other contexts. Or you could include these as part of loading screens too! Let’s get started!

1. Bubbles

One of the coolest particle animation effects out there is the bubble effect, where the particles rise up slowly. A cool blue and purple gradient background is also added as the backdrop. The background is available as part of Isotope UI’s background pack, along with many other backgrounds. The first four backgrounds in this list, as well as the seventh, are available as part of the pack too! It’s a fantastic resource if you’re looking for particle effects, and I’ve been making use of the library for my own web projects. You could also add some fun SVG waves to the end of the screen, where the particles rise up from a series of waves. This particle effect is available as part of Isotope UI’s background pack,

2. Squares

This super cool animation showcases squares rising up slowly. It’s quite a serene background and the subtle animated effect would be a great way to add a dynamic touch to landing hero sections, banners and more. Isotope UI I’d definitely recommend checking out this background if you want to include a gradient backdrop plus some animated shapes, too. The animation can help boost time spent on-site too, and it will add a professional look to any web page!

3. Flickering Particles

This background showcases a series of flickering particles, where the opacity of each particle changes slowly to produce a cool effect that looks as if the particles are moving in and out of view. Isotope UI This background is also available as part of Isotope UI’s background pack (linked above), and uses the TsParticles library. However you can also use it with Particles.js, except the linear gradient background must be set via CSS rather than through the particle configuration. The example below also has a series of SVG waves, which is also included with the background available. The SVG waves add a page divider effect, which can be useful for landing pages or sections.

4. Constellations

The official Particles.js demo site also has a wonderful range of demos you should take a look at too, including a super cool animation of constellations! You’ll see an example of this in the demo below, where the particles are linked together with lines, to create a super amazing animation! Isotope UI Be sure to experiment with the background image of each particle animation, through changing the gradient, or the particle shapes. You can create a lot of cool variations this way! As part of the demo, you can also adjust the background color or image, as well as the properties of the particles. You can then export the config once you have a particle background you would like to include on your own website. You could also create a variation on this background by editing the background color from red to a linear gradient. Or you could try a dark blue background too! The possibilities are endless, so be sure to try updating the background and link colors.

5. Snow

If you’d like to add a seasonal, wintery touch to your website, why not include a snow particle animation? This is available as part of the Particles.js official demo site (linked above), and you can make use of the endless configuration options too, such as updating the background color. I’ve chosen a nice blue color for the animation in the GIF below, as it highlights the snow beautifully. But be sure to try out lots of variations too. For instance, you could update the background image so that it has an image of pine trees and the night sky behind. The snow would look glorious overlayed onto this image!

6. Moving Shapes

Another popular type of background involves moving shapes, which move in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal direction. This background is available as part of Particles.js’ official site, and just like the others mentioned above, you can also update the background color or image too as well as all the properties for the particles. For this particular type of background, why not include a linear gradient backdrop, and some semi-opaque hexagons? It could make for a cool variation!

This super cool background features line-linked particles, along with dots in a variety of colors, including fuschia and sky blue. This would make a fantastic backdrop for a login form or signup screen. For instance, you could add the form in the centre of the page and have the backdrop behind. Or you could use it for a loading screen too! There are so many possible use cases for this overall, so be sure to try it out in different contexts to see where it would work best.

Best Particles.js Examples

8. Gradient Background

If you’d like to create a super aesthetic background, why not incorporate a gradient to the backdrop? I’d definitely recommend trying out a variety of gradients for your backgrounds in order to create cool variants. From deep blues and rich purples, to bright pinks and oranges, there are so many possibilities. You can add gradients through CSS and editing the background-image property if you’re using Particles.js. Or if you’re using TsParticles, you can directly set the background image in the particle’s configuration instead, rather than setting it externally in the CSS. If you want to generate linear gradients, I’ve written a guide to the best CSS gradient generator tools here.

Hopefully You’ve Discovered Some Great Particles.js Examples!

Thanks very much for reading, hopefully you’ve discovered some excellent Particles.js examples in this list! The configurations can also be used for tsParticles too, and I’d recommend using this library if you’d like to add particle effects to your React, Vue, Angular or JS projects. There are specific components available for JS frameworks too, so that you can quickly add these effects with just a single component. Particle animations can be a wonderful way to help engage visitors to your site, and also increase time spent on-site too. These can be used in a whole range of contexts, from signup screens to landing heros and so much more. I’ve always been a huge fan of particle effects, they can add such a lovely addition to any site! Thanks again for reading, and wishing you the very best with adding a particle animation to your website or project! This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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