Caleb Melvern But Kahoot is not the only app that offers such interactive learning facilities by playing games. Many apps similar to Kahoot offer fun games that allow you to teach students complicated lessons easily. The objective of all these apps is the same—to make learning an enjoyable experience and compel students to learn as they play. If you have already used Kahoot in multiple classes, the following alternatives will enable you to try something new.

Apps Like “Kahoot”

1. Poll Everywhere

Kids love it when they voice out their opinions and listen to them. It’s like treating them as adults. And that’s what Poll Everywhere tries to do. Like Kahoot, you can ask questions to students, but instead of taking direct answers, you create a poll. Give the students some time to think which the correct answer is. This type of interactive learning doesn’t require you to collect answer sheets from all the students one by one. You know collectively who is giving the right answer and who isn’t. You can increase the difficulty level of the game by adding more options in the poll. For example, instead of two answers, you provide four answers. It creates a healthy learning experience for students, as the game encourages them to answer correctly every time.

2. Seesaw

Ever felt tired of collecting assignments from your students one by one? Almost every teacher goes through this painstaking experience as they not only need to collect the assignments physically but also take them home to correct everything. Seesaw makes everything digital. You not only interact with students with the touch of a button but also collect assignments from them digitally. Plus, Seesaw is more than just an assignment collector. Each button in this app has a different function, such as inserting pictures, capturing videos, and joining a class. And when it comes to collecting assignments, you don’t need to sort them manually into classes and sections. It does all that automatically. If you loved Kahoot due to its gameplay, you should also try Seesaw for its teaching flexibility. Students also find this app helpful as they can learn digitally instead of going through textbooks.

3. BookWidgets

If you want to create a fun environment in your class for students to settle down quickly, use BookWidgets. This app allows you to create entertaining and interactive activities for students using a library of information. You can create different formats to start your lesson. From polls to quizzes, BookWidgets provides you ample options to start a chapter. But what’s the takeaway for students? Well, students can complete their homework using this app. In addition to creating exercises and fun lessons, you can also provide homework using this app, something that makes BookWidgets resemble Kahoot. All you need to do is select a format in which you want to provide the questions and then share the same with your students. The animated characters, numbers, and letters make learning fun for everyone. Plus, it is a massive help for teachers as they can diversify their teaching methods using only one app.

4. Aurasma

Students are glued to their smartphone screens these days. As a teacher, you can make the most of this opportunity by using Aurasma, an excellent augmented reality app that almost matches all the features of Kahoot. Honestly, it is an app for the students. You may have to do very little to get students up to speed with this app. It practically converts your phone into a virtual scanner using which you can scan your surroundings and gather hidden information. You can pick up a random object and scan it using Aurasma. Next, you can attach the picture and assign it to your class. For example, you can scan a duster or a pencil and then attach a text along with it. Students will need to find a duster or a pencil around them using their smartphones. This is one of the most innovative ways to proceed with interactive lessons. Plus, you can assign homework from your home. Apart from attaching images, you can also send funny clips to make the lessons more interesting. The more you involve students, the quicker they learn.

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is almost a replica of Kahoot, especially when you see the type of questions and user-interface. But the main difference is the way it approaches every lesson. Like polls, quizzes also create enthusiasm among students. Plus, Quizlet allows you to change the patterns of quizzes according to different chapters. Unlike the one-word MCQ quizzes, this app lets you make your own quiz. You can add interactive sessions after every question, add pictorial quizzes, introduce videos and then ask questions to students, and also provide general MCQs. Students only need to login to the app and search the quiz you have sent them. It is an effective way to create enthusiasm among students to complete their homework. The learning model in this app allows teachers to provide answer cards and notes. This enables students to read the answers after they finish answering all the questions. It becomes a self-explanatory lesson for them.

6. Photomath

Math is a nightmare for many students. The moment you start a chapter on mathematics, students start feeling feverish. At least that’s how they usually react in every math class. And while a few students may love this subject, many would say they could use some help to complete their lessons. And that’s what Photomath offers. A help in need, so that students can understand the mathematical problems step by step. It is sometimes challenging for many students to understand different math problems in class. And you can allow them to address those problems using Photomath. This is an excellent mathematical app that solves math questions as soon as you scan the problem on your phone. If you want your lesson to be interactive, you can use some technology to explain a chapter to your students. Students these days understand questions whenever there is a touch of technology. With Photomath, you can show them how to derive at an answer step by step. This is beneficial both for you and your students. On the one hand, you don’t need to write the steps on a blackboard. On the other hand, students can find out the answer if they get stuck on a question.

7. Google Classroom

Every teacher tries to organize his/her class so that there is no clutter around. Google Classroom aims to do just that but only digitally. It is almost a successor of Kahoot because it not only organizes your class but also allows you to make lessons interactive and fun with question cards, innovative answers, and quick quizzes. You can add informational notes and even share assignments from other apps directly on Google Classroom. That means, if you use Kahoot, BookWidgets, or any of the apps mentioned above, you can share the lessons on Google Classroom. Experts suggest that teachers should use this app along with other educational apps so that they can keep things organized.

8. Explain Everything

If you have to teach the same chapter to a lot of students, you should use Explain Everything. This app allows you to create innovative presentations within a few taps, something that you will find similar to Kahoot. Apart from creating presentations, this app lets you add images, videos, and even audio clips to make your lessons enjoyable. In addition to unique presentations, this app understands gestures. For example, while explaining how muscles work, the app will record your gestures so that you don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over.

Make Learning Fun With These Interactive Learning Platforms

With so many games like Kahoot, teaching and learning will become a lot easier. Students will love the concept of studying outside their textbooks. If technology can help them learn things faster, why not use them to the best of your ability and share the same with your students?

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