What happens next is a bit bizarre. Watch the TikTok video submitted by @seriouslywtf_fam to see what happens.


“Can’t understand drivers that clearly at fault but find fault in the other guys instead of himself,” writes a commenter. Another agrees: “He is literally on the wrong side of the road and he’s the one getting mad he should be holding his hands up and apologizing.” “Some people have never experienced a broken jaw at it shows,” remarks a viewer of the video. “Why are men so emotional?” quips one. “And they still don’t think they’ve done anything wrong,” another says. One enjoys a fact at his expense: “I like how he ended up at the end of the queue anyway.” “Sad part is he probably didn’t even reflect that he was wrong and could’ve caused so much damage and accidents…,” writes another commenter. A tad ironically, one reader says, “Bless him, he got out for a chat.” Some people’s behavior, especially on the roads, is difficult to comprehend. Recommended For You

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