In this article, we will discuss how to create automated backups for your MongoDB databases using a simple Shell script.

Shell Script for MongoDB Backup

The shell script for MongoDB database backup is available on Github. You can use the below link to get access of the shell script. Alternatively, You can copy the below script and save it on your Linux system.

Run Script Manually

Save the above script in a file with .sh extension. I want to save all the backups under /the backup directory. So placed the shell script in the same directory. Then set the execute permission on the script. Run the shell script as below:

Schedule MongoDB Backup Script

You can easily schedule this script under crontab to backup databases regularly. To edit the crontab, run crontab -e command and append the below code:

Wrap Up

In this tutorial, we have discussed a shell script that helps to backup MongoDB databases manually. Also, you can schedule scripts to backup databases on regular basis.