In this video, we see nothing but smoke pouring out of a small garage that dissipates just enough to reveal that it is a Tesla. The car appears to have caught fire while charging with an outlet. No one gets hurt here, but just wait until you see how the TikTok legions react.


Posted by an account known as Sukullar-qeresh, the video is quite short, but it doesn’t need to be much longer. Now, we don’t know much of the specifics around this video, but this Tesla looks pretty much like a smoking gun here. “That’s strange, my truck has never spontaneously caught fire when fueling,” one commenter joked. “Look how green the smoke … isn’t,” another chimed in with a laughing emoji. “My RC car batteries are way smaller than a real car, and I have to keep them in a fire-proof container so this doesn’t happen,” a commenter pointed out. “And people are charging these in their garages at home,” said another viewer. And finally, this viewer brings in a healthy dose of reality with, “Plenty of car fires on the daily — not just some Teslas.” It’s a great point, but we would refute that most of those car fires happen while the car is engaged, not spontaneously. Also, you don’t refuel your car at home, which can be a risk, in the same way many charge their Teslas at home.