Well, it’s actually from a 2018 narrative adventure game called “Detroit: Become Human,” and somehow the game’s animators managed to coincidentally make a doppelgänger of someone on TikTok. Check out just how similar this game character looks to this woman on TikTok — it’s a pretty incredible coincidence.


Of course, the makeup that TikToker Valerie Cecile applied to make her look even more like this character certainly helps. However, she has another video in which her face is not completely made up, and it’s still uncanny. What’s funny is that there is a term known as “The Uncanny Valley” in computer animation, which means that there is a figurative valley between what is currently possible in computer animation and whether human eyes will believe it’s real. The concept goes on to predict that no matter how close computer animation or robotics gets to replicating the looks, sounds, and feelings of a human being, they will be that much further away from believability. The human eye and brain will always detect something that isn’t quite right about what it’s seeing, hence the Uncanny Valley. Despite this, the similarity between this real person and this digital creation are, fittingly put, uncanny.