Prepare to Use Your Wait Time Efficiently

Put the call on speaker. There is no reason why you should not have your hands free while you take advantage of the time to do something else. Alternatively, you can wear wireless headphones while you are waiting for your call.

Decide How You Want to Use Your Time

There are many activities that you can do while you wait on the phone. The trick is to decide what you wish to do, and then put your phone and any paperwork you will need for the phone call nearby. Here is a brief list of possibilities:

General Household Chores Leisure Activities Outdoor Activities Educational Activities

General Household Activities

Whether you plan to clean or do other household chores, these activities are perfect for a phone conversation that requires paperwork. It is easy to keep your materials at hand, and you will probably be engaged in an activity that is simple to stop when your call is finally answered.

Leisure Activities

Enjoying a leisure activity can be a wonderful way to stay calm while you are wasting your time waiting for someone to help you. Fortunately, if you are near a computer, television, or book, your activities are accessible.

Outdoor Activities

You can utilize your time outside, but outdoor activities are probably best for conversations that do not require you to refer to paperwork. Necessary papers can blow away or get dirty if they are outside.

Educational Activities

Often people put off learning something new because of time constraints. Waiting on hold can be the perfect time to take advantage of a free online class. You can always pause the video if you get off hold. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2020 Abby Slutsky


Abby Slutsky (author) from America on July 14, 2020: Thanks for reading. Alyssa from Ohio on July 14, 2020: This is genius! I agree with you, why not get something done while you wait? I will typically switch the laundry over, put dishes away, or browse social media while I wait. I had to chuckle at your family not knowing where the dishwasher is. haha! I feel like that about cups and game console accessories. Great tips!

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