Uploaded by TikTok user @thetalkingdogofficial, the clip elicits some reactions from viewers. “He’s not just using the buttons,” suggests viewer @drhertz7. “He’s building sentences. “It’s all fun and games,” writes @lord_sandal. “Until Kenny starts asking existential questions.” User @calpiv riffs on this idea, suggesting that the pup might ask things like, “Why Kenny trapped in painful mortal existence?” And then, “What Kenny purpose?” User @avakuri28 is impressed with “the fact that this dog has the common sense to do a little research on the treat before forming an opinion. And so many people don’t.” “My dog would just take both and run away,” writes @lilyoharris. “I’m so confused,” summarizes @yellowlabmarine. “But so impressed.” “Button communication, a form of assistive language technology, can give your companion a voice and a way for them to understand you better too,” explains the Website “Button communication opens up new avenues of conversation and empathy, whether your learner wants to alert you to their needs or simply show you their love.” Recommended For You

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